Who do you support in this upcoming M...

Who do you support in this upcoming Mayor's race?

Created by Winston on Jul 3, 2011

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Carlo DeMaria Jr.

Peter A. Napolitano

Joseph Santagate Sr.

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no interest

Brookline, MA

#1 Jul 3, 2011
vote for whitey bulger he will do a great job

Everett, MA

#2 Jul 3, 2011
I am sick and tired of that bully. Donut boy has to go. Go Pete!

San Jose, CA

#3 Jul 3, 2011
That poll is bad news for Peter since anyone who polls the most votes on this site loses their election.
polls mean nothin

Medford, MA

#4 Jul 3, 2011
Bull wrote:
That poll is bad news for Peter since anyone who polls the most votes on this site loses their election.
A poll on a blog means nothing to either candidate. If anyone really cares, they will learn facts. Lets not be naive about pretty flowers on rotaries either. Sure we have pretty flowers on the islands but look at who's NAME is all over it too. Realize that is WHY we have pretty flowers. If Carlo's name was not all over it, the flowers would be gone. Lets not kid ourselves about why that work was done.

Facts are we have the second highest commercial tax rate in the city at $43.74 per $1,000. We have an economy where people are barley getting by living week by week but we just keep spending in this city. The spending is all to look good. We have too many useless projects in the budget and a true leader would be tough and just say no to some, and yes to the taxpayer. Sadly, that is not happening and we will soon add to the cause of the next economic crash, which is coming soon.
Ear to the Ground

Everett, MA

#6 Jul 3, 2011
I noticed Carlo was going up to everyone Napolitano talked to at Glendale Park when he first got there. Peter had a bunch of workers & his family with him in campaign t-shirts. Looked very professional & they gave away free bottles of water. Kid seems to be creating a buzz. I'm going to be watching him. It's time for a change.
zerotwoonefourni ne

Wayland, MA

#7 Jul 3, 2011
We thought we would get a change with our current administration, but sadly, it did not happen. Change is good so let's try again. Maybe someone else will get it right!!

Milan, Italy

#8 Jul 5, 2011
Everett taxpayer

Everett, MA

#9 Jul 6, 2011
Read the Independent today. I really liked Napolitano's reply to last week's Mayor Race editorial. Yay Underdog. Go Pete go!
Drake Burroughs

Everett, MA

#10 Jul 7, 2011
Posting basically the same message on both boards at approximately the same time and being phony about isn't the way to go IMHO.

That said, thought the reply was fine but the Independent tried to submarine it by running an enhanced version of last week's "coronation" editorial on the front page. No matter what anybody says, the playing field is not going to level in that paper; probably not the Advocate either. And the L-H is probably too lazy to even get involved until the election is upon us. DTA.
worth a shot

Caldwell, NJ

#11 Jul 7, 2011
Its a long shot but Pete should go for it.. he's a real solid guy who's not corrupted like the rest of them. If elected he would be a solid mayor
Old Everettite

Everett, MA

#12 Jul 8, 2011
The more I see Peter on the CC and what he has to say, I'm presently leaned towards him as a viable candidate. I think he has a good shot of being our next mayor!
No Thanks

Medford, MA

#13 Jul 8, 2011
Old Everettite wrote:
The more I see Peter on the CC and what he has to say, I'm presently leaned towards him as a viable candidate. I think he has a good shot of being our next mayor!
I'm less concerned about what he has to say and more concerned with what he doesnt say. What he doesn't say is how he plans to solve the problems. He talks about high taxes. He doesnt talk about what he has to do to lower them. He doesn't want us to know that in order to lower the taxes, he has to put the lives of our friends and families at risk by cutting staff in both the police and fire department. He doesn't want to tell you that he plans on cutting the city services budget so that playground equipment isnt maintained. He doesn't want to tell you that streets and sidewalks won't get repaired. After all, if he told you all of that, some intelligent voter might connect the dots and realize that in his vision, a child can go down the park, fall off a broken slide into a disgusting sand box, get stuck with a dirty needle and get rewarded with a bumpy ride in an ambulance. All of which could have been prevented if there were a few more cops keeping the scumbags out of the parks, a few more dollars to keep the playground equipment repaired and few more qualified department heads looking for creative ways to pay for street and sidewalk repair.

Sorry Pete, I'd vote for you as my councilor....but never my Mayor.
Old Everettite

Everett, MA

#14 Jul 8, 2011
To No Thanks: I did read your comment and gave it some thought. However, as I see it, Carlo has inflated the budget, my real estate taxes are up. I think because he has so much money he cannot fathom the regular working gal or guy who has a family to support. I voted for him in the past, I remember his words, "Gone are the days" .... that it would be most qualified to get the jobs - even if it meant passing over family and friends. That did not happen, did it? The payroll has been increased by I don't know how many numbers of people. These people, IMHO, especially department heads are overpaid for the jobs they do. When you add in their benefits package(s), it comes to a hefty sum per person, probably 33 to 35% over their base pay. I believe from heresay that Carlo wanted a clause in the new charter to have a mayor (any mayor) elected for a four year term. That is not in the citizens' best interests, again IMHO. Get elected, learn the job in six months - or less - have a year to prove yourself and that gives you time to campaign for another term. If that elected mayor does a good job, then by all means give him another two years. If he (or SHE) doesn't perform well in two years, elect someone else. Yea, no one says we have to have a MALE mayor, it's just always been that way. For this one reason of a four year term for any elected mayor in the new charter, I will (as well as my family) vote this down; this is not acceptable...
No Thanks

Medford, MA

#15 Jul 8, 2011
So, which positions should he cut and how much would it save?
Where to start

Medford, MA

#16 Jul 8, 2011
He should start by firing all the people he hired because they worked for his campaign. I know of at least one person hired who had no experience doing anything and now has a nice job working for the city. She said all along she was promised a job if he was elected. That was one campaign promise he kept.
Wait a Minute

Boston, MA

#17 Jul 9, 2011
Every new mayor hires his own. Ragucci made the Boston news papers for this kind of thing. I remember them calling the city of Everett an "employment agency for his family and friends", or similar wording. So did Hanlon, McCarthy and probably others before. It is part of the political "game".

Since: Jul 08

Location hidden

#18 Jul 9, 2011
This could end up a lot closer than people think. The voter turnout should be large due to it being a mayors race and the charter reform. Many of the people I speak to are against the 4 year term for mayor and feel that was put into the reform due to the influence of Mayor DeMaria. That will not help him in November. If the former Ragucci, Hanlon and McGonagle supporters get out and vote for Peter Napolitano this could become a horse race.

As for previous mayors hiring their own supporters, you are right. It is done by most mayors. The only difference with Mayor DeMaria are his famous words, "Gone are the days..." The others never promised not to hire supporters like this mayor did.

I also think spending can be cut without cutting fire and police. We have department heads at city hall who were given hefty raises due to job consolidations. When the State ruled these consolidations could not happen, these department heads kept their raises. IMHO, that should not of happened. The taxpayer has to bear that on their backs. I am sure there are other places to cut too.

It should be an interesting election. People are not happy and are having a difficult time making ends meet. The one place they have a voice is in the voting booth.
Wait a Minute

Boston, MA

#19 Jul 9, 2011
The former mayors made inuendos, like Carlo. I remember also, one of them taking out a broom and sweeping the stage of "all the old" mayors policies. As far as consolodating jobs and giving raises to department heads,,,just ask who is REALLY doing the jobs of those who have been ousted. The department heads are merely delegators. Those who are "the workers" take on the burden of a missing job while the biggies get the money for it.
Old Everettite

Everett, MA

#20 Jul 9, 2011
In every workplace (private or public), you have the 'queen bees' and the 'worker bees'.... Only at the city hall we have too many 'queens'- they need to go and fast ...

Everett02149 is correct: When the proposed 'consolidation' was to be put in place, dept. heads received huge raises... BUT (here's the kicker), consolidation never happened but the huge raises were never downgraded....

As for as "No Thanks" reply about broken playground equipment, laying off fire and police, I consider them scare tactics - plain and simple. There are so many many places to cut (stop hiring would be a good beginning).

With the new trash system coming (one container per household is free and you have to pay $150 annually for another one -- how is that going to set with people on a fixed income or working two jobs trying to make ends meet with our already increased residential real estate taxes????

I think if Peter N. really gets out there, delivers facts on what his plans are to reduce spending, he has a really good shot at being our next mayor.

I think people are not comfortable passing the charter reform due to the clause of a four year term for mayor (any mayor)...At least the people I speak too are not happy with this one issue that was put in...
Wait a Minute

Boston, MA

#21 Jul 9, 2011
I have to say that I am in no way endorcing the current administration. I am all for a change for this next election. I am just stating that the same ole crap happens with every new administration. They all "talk the talk" and never "walk the walk". I wish there was a way to hold the politicians accountable to there promisses. They ALL say what we want to hear. They all "get greases" and then owe favors.

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