Evansville, IN

#82 Apr 20, 2013
Wow! How does this fat dude do what he does? The chick before this one fell for the same stuff... He's such a lame! Hell your fat ass is still wit him
alishia hyneman

United States

#83 Apr 21, 2013
Number one ha your the lame,whoever you are. Fatass! Fu##you and if you know so much you would know that i under 200lbs so you sound so stupid!!! Don't be another coward if you know me say this shit to my face. I'M WAITING?? HELLO,didn't think so cause none of you on this forum have any backbone if you did you would spare me the bullshit. I have never bothered anyone for all this shit to be said to me and no one has enough respect to come to me personally. I definitely don't deserve to be bullied by people that i don't know and that don't know me. All i need is for someone to come to my face and tell me. If any of you have a beef with him that has nothing to do with me. So i just wanna know what everyone's angle is? I mean what's the point of putting all of this on topix and not telling me straight out? What do any of you stand to gain from me being humiliated for all the world to read? What the hell did i do to deserve any of this? I have no one to even ask if its crazy or not but him and he is denying it to the fullest. I don't talk to anyone or have any friends it's just me him and our kids so if i could get just one person to come to me then i will believe it for certain bit until then i'm not gonna leave him. If everyone wants to dog me for that,then come on with it i'm waiting but if not then leave me and my family alone please. BE THE BIGGER PERSON AND COME TO ME HELL IT CAN EVEN BE A SECRET I JUST GOTTA KNOW FROM AN ACTUAL PERSON AND NOT ON THE INTERNET!!!

Evansville, IN

#84 Apr 22, 2013
Joe is the police and his momma too! I was there when the cops came to the door saying they had a wire buy and nothing happened! Hes a snitch! Joe is a fat ass! I've seen him cheat many of times and YOU THINK YOUR FIRST ON HIS LIST, TRY AHAIN! he alway worried about himself what makes his day better if you were so special why your family living with his mom? Your only special enough for one room! Ya the jokes on you. Stay with him, I dont care I find it funny everytime I see him with you! If chick told you she ucked your man then whatever. I don't care you just give me something to laugh at wit your ass on backwards! Lmao!
alishia hyneman

United States

#85 Apr 24, 2013
"With my ass on backwards" what does that even mean? My belly don't look like my ass,there is not even a scar that is up and down so um......? So if im such a joke and you know so much give me the names of them girls,or how about if you think he is such a snitch then why not bust him out right in front of him? Why not,cause your a scary ass punk [email protected]#% that don't have enough balls to come to me face to face. Why is that hum is it cause your the fake one your probably in his face everyday and then running your mouth on topix for real. I am a good person i have never bothered anyone,i am an innocent person in this whole situation but i get the bullshit and i have NEVER EVER done anything like that to anyone so why are y'all dogging me for his bullshit? Damn pls spare me the embarrassment and lets talk i really need this you just don't even know. If he did snitch who was it on and for what? Whoever you are pls find it in your heart to reason with me,if you have facts pls share them i really need to hear it from a person and not on a post. Hell anyone can change their name on here and this town is really full haters but i don't know what the case is here,because i don't know anyone in this town and none of these so called"real friends" will be honest with me. I am just looking for one"down ass person ' that isn't afraid of telling me face to face. Or that is actually gonna sit back and watch a good like me get ran through the mud when they could have helped prevent all of the pain and humiliation it's causing.

Indianapolis, IN

#86 Apr 24, 2013
Ok well first off Bitch ass iknowfacts, tell us who u are, IM Brandon Michael White, his mf guy, and that girl u talking shit too, Alisha, that be off limits on any shit talking, cause I got my Biggs back to the fullest, and I bet a rack cash money, u won't tell me who u are and come see me, Bitch ass computer gangster, $1000 cash says u ain't shut.
alishia hyneman

United States

#87 Apr 25, 2013
Thankyou. B. Man that's all i've been saying this whole time. If you have enough balls to come on here and tell me this shit but you don't have balls to come to me face to face. I just want to know why now? Why would anyone want to do that to someone? If it was you,it would be eating you alive just like it is me. I wish that someone,anyone would show me the respect and descency that I have shown to everyone and come to me. I won't get mad at you i won't throw you under the bus i won't say a peep,i just gotta hear it with my ears and not on an unreliable comments website!!!!

Columbus, IN

#88 Apr 25, 2013
Girl u can ask Joe bout me, I'm one of the realest people u will ever meet, and as for u hoe ass bitch cowards who hide behind fake names, show urselves and come get some, $1000 cash says ill stomp ur asses, one. By one and the one who. Earns it and wins gets that cash, any takers, I'm dead serious, ask bout me ima beast and I got that cash, hoe ass computer gangsters. Brandon mf white remember who talking real its me, and don't say pple are snitches unless u got documents.
B Easy 05

United States

#89 Apr 26, 2013
I like it in the butt hehe
Jennyfromthebloc k

United States

#90 Apr 26, 2013
Huh I didn't know Brandon white was gay???

Franklin, IN

#91 Apr 26, 2013
Now we got hackers, on my shit huh, see back to starting shit while in hiding. H ass pple, lol.

Murray, KY

#92 Apr 26, 2013
no hes not police really he just him self ppl just hait him and trying start shit grow up ppl dam

Evansville, IN

#93 Apr 27, 2013
First off anybody can go downtown and see WHO the police is....he was caught with pills and they threw the case out and WHO geta pulled over 100 times n never goes to jail? Dont believe the police came to his door ask CDRO dude was there. They tols him they had a wire by and he was on papr andthey could make it all go away and if he screwed with the undercover cop Then he would come back and charge him with dealing.....ummm he has no charges for about the Chick he snitched on for all her pills pissy chrissy is what they called her.....Then his momma and nikki WHO they call each other brother and sister and have [email protected]#ked snitched the night he got caught with a q.p his momma rolled on the 2 balls. If u so smartthen ass This up ALISHIA MARIE HYNEMAN REAL LAST NAME SHARP! I KNOW MY FACTS BUT YOU CLErly dont know yo Man! Laughing in yo face. I used to be family and know my facts.

Florence, KY

#94 Apr 28, 2013
Until today I have never been on this lame ass site nut i know facts, while you on here talking shit, come to me. I aint never been a part of no fake ass snitch shit, ask anybody in these streets I took a case for mine and have done time with him twice, so bitch come to me and run your dicksucker. I couldnt give a fuck less what gets ran on this bitch ass site where everybody hiding behind a screen name, but be careful who the fucks name you run because some people aint about to play about it or take it lightly, and if you know so much then you know my husand is not playing, there will bill no rap! and if you know so much post your name BITCH!

Evansville, IN

#95 Apr 28, 2013
Its facts hes the police. But trust him and down the road once he gets caught wit you bet you wish you listened.
alishia hyneman

United States

#96 Apr 29, 2013
As for(i know my facts)i don't mind you telling my last name SHARP because unlike you I'm not scared to put my name on here. Grow some balls and say it to my face bi#%! Bet you won't! For Brandon white i guess he seems to like you so your ok dude so don't trip. Draywifey,what are you talking about? This is about me and my man not you and yours ok. Ok iknowfacts why won't you come to me instead of on here like? What did i do to you for you to want me walking around town looking very stupid? I don't bother any of you fuckin people grow the fuck up for real!!!!!! But just like any [email protected]!#\ ass motherfxxxxx your gonna continue to hide but I will figure it out. Tell me how to catch him red handed. And just to let all you bitches know that there isn't anything that you can say about me that is gonna surprise or hurt me so the only thing that it's doing is making all of you the most poorest excuses for humans ever,to be so hurtful and to keep something like this from someone is beyond me i mean seriously damn wtf did i do to you dude???

Evansville, IN

#97 May 2, 2013
These ppl whoever they are dont owe u or him nothing. Get ovet it but I do knoe time to get off the dope you looking bad.
alishia hyneman

United States

#98 May 3, 2013
Sorry. Sweetpea you got the wrong gal,cause i can and i have passed any and every drop that i've had can you? I only lost 20lbs if it's any of your business and all you have to do is get off your lazy ass and move around. If you knew me then you would know that as soon as it gets warm outside i start loosing weight fast so before you say i'm strung out do your homework because you sound stupid. I find it rather odd that none of you pussies have enough balls to say anything to my face. I wish a bitch would!!!!! Let's all be grown up's here if you have something,anything at all to say to me or about me please say it to my face!?!!!!!!!!

Evansville, IN

#99 May 5, 2013
Last year during the summer you didnt lose anything besides the crumbs to your sandwich. Come on. Everyone knows what Joe is doing and you all of a sudden lose the lbs.....come on! Sorry but my name dont matter at this point. Lets just say all them peeps around you guys weren't there last year when you guys had nothing....hell you worked a full time job and he did nothing besides stay of these days you will see the joke is you...
I forgot

Temperance, MI

#100 May 6, 2013
Magilicutty the 14th
alishia hyneman

United States

#101 May 9, 2013
Still you don't know what your talking about can and will pass ur screening's,i like the 10 panel one's better. Remember that stuff is public knowledge right? What's your angle SMH? I don't get it what did i do to you? You say the joke is me,how is that amusing at all? Please tell me what i need to know to make him the joke! Where does he go and who is he with? I know you don't owe me shit but if I have never done anything to you or said anything out of line then why won't you help me pls . Oh yeah whenever your ready i will piss in your cup ok? Make sure it's a good one ok. Xoxoxoxo.

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