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Whitewater, WI

#43 Jan 17, 2013
patient x wrote:
I know from personal experience that ETC and methadone programs do work if the person truly wants to get better. None of the people that are trash talking ETC are the people that were addicts themselves. They are all people that knew someone that went there or had a friend or family member that went there. Well I went there and it 100% saved my life!!! The program works exactly like its supposed to if you truly want to get clean and sober. Oh and by the way, they do NOT force you to increase your dosage, they do NOT allow you to just keep increasing your doseage at your own free will either. The first 4 days you can increase your doseage by 5mgs per day. After that you must fill out a doseage increase form and explain to them why you think you need to be on a higher dose and explain in detail what type of withdraw symptoms you are having. After the doctor looks over your paperwork they may or may not increase your dose. Which is only a 10% increase maximum every time.(Ex. If you are on 40mgs and they accept your request for a doseage increase, your new dose will go up to 44mgs) I am not someone who is speaking about something that I have only heard about or knew someone that did it. I am speaking from personal experience and I also have referred at least 15 of my friends and family members to get help at ETC. Of the 15 people that I referred, 12 of them have completed the program successfully and are still clean and sober, 2 of them are still attending ETC and are doing well and 1 only stayed with the program for 3 months and left because he was unable to do the required meetings and groups and pass all the random drug tests. And of course myself who like I said before was saved by ETC.
That's great news. My boyfriend is treated there and it really pisses me off to hear and know how many people stereotype the place and assume all ppl that r there r trash addicts who r going nowhere, etc. but we never let it get us done. So much truth to it being said there are haters everywhere ya know. Anyways congrats on succeeding stay strong.

Indianapolis, IN

#44 May 12, 2013
Evansville treatment center has been life changing for me. I tried everything else and I kept relapsing. Call it what u want but I have lived a drug free life for almost 3 years now and I'm very happy! I've made drug free friends and my soon to be husband has never touched drugs his whole life...but I would like to make one comment. The nurses at EVTC truley want to help their patients. Everyone of their hearts are truley into their work. Especially the head nurse. They don't act like they are better than the patients. They are not there to judge you or criticize you. Their not at all fake. I wish I could say the same for the councilors. Everyone of them are fake as hell. And don't let them fool you. They could care less about your progress. They don't want to help you. They are only in it for the money. They treat you as if they were your probation officer.

United States

#45 May 12, 2013
I hv to disagree i hv an awesome counselor...and as for all the haters this place has changed my life!

Indianapolis, IN

#46 May 13, 2013
beautiful wrote:
I hv to disagree i hv an awesome counselor...and as for all the haters this place has changed my life!
I'm not at all a HATER!..that's my opinion so don't judge me!

Holly Springs, MS

#48 Jul 2, 2013
ETC saved my life too, but I had to do my part. If you truly want recovery, it will work. The employees do their jobs but they're not looking for friends, and sometimes they get frustrated and are not always overly friendly. The important thing is to listen and follow the advice of the workers. They understand addiction and methadone treatment and they will share that knowledge with all of the patients. In order for the program to work you have to take the knowledge as well as the medicine. It's not perfect but it gave back my life and if needed I'd do it again. Thank you ETC.
One year sober

Chicago, IL

#49 Jul 3, 2013
Saved my life u have to want it methadone does not get you high unless you take other stuff I have been here a year and a half I'm gna start coming down and be out of here at 2 and a half year if you wanna be clean it works if not it don't its that simple
jerry springer

Evansville, IN

#50 Jul 3, 2013
want opinion wrote:
I would like to know if anybody knows anything about the Evansville Treatment Center.
I've heard it's full of mostly in-bred kentucky trash that travels that money-saving bridge to get to the land of indoor plumbing to get treated for their addictions

Chicago, IL

#51 Jul 18, 2013
rehab wrote:
Go to Brentwood meadows it changed my life n u come out not addicted to anything. Methadone is trading one addiction for another
Good for you! And i completely agree

Akron, OH

#52 Jul 18, 2013
Etc is a wonderful place. They don't make you go up on your dose at all. I have been there for a year and it saved my life. The nurses and counselors are all very nice and caring people. When I'm ready I will get off of it but as for now it has worked for me. This is the longest I have ever been sober. I would recommend it to anyone

Newburgh, IN

#53 Jul 18, 2013
Evansville is a racist city,full of hateful bigoted racist

United States

#55 Jul 18, 2013
Methadone is harder to get off of than the opiates people are used to. Just do the detox and then find a support group. It works if you work it. Also no counselors are in it for the money they get paid like crap. They just hate dealing with people who dont want help and are just there for the court system.

Olney, IL

#56 Jul 27, 2013
Ok first methadone is a schedule 2 drug which is the same as Oxys an viks r just a 3. I not saying some people it don't help but really ur just trading drug for drug an sometimes methadone is strong than the drug u was on. An the withdrawal from methadone r worse than viks or Oxys yes they can wing u off but sometime u will be down to none an just like the reason u went to etc u will b in withdraw again just saying not trying to make anyone mad

Olney, IL

#57 Jul 27, 2013
An just to add Brentwood in Newburgh is an amazing place an they will give u meds to help withdrawal an when u leave there you will be clean an stay in there program u will stay clean if YOU want it I have been an have been clean since 3/27/13 u can do it if ur doing for ur self that's the only way

New Albany, IN

#58 Jul 27, 2013
Everyone is different when it comes to recovery. You choose what is best for you. I've seen people succeed and fail and every treatment facility in this city. If someone truly wants to change and are will to work hard and go through the tough parts then they can do it. Everyone, including workers of these places, need to stop trash talking each other. This is especially true if you have never actually seen the process a facility has for its patients. Get educated before you make a decision. There are many wonderful places to get help. Don't avoid one just because of tr stereotype. Anyone who has worked hard at their recovery and has done what they are supposed to would not talk badly of any of these treatment facilities. Talk to the right people and you can make an informed decision. Better yet, go by and ask!

Akron, OH

#59 Jul 30, 2013

Chicago, IL

#61 Aug 5, 2013
Liquid Handcuffs
second chance

Louisville, KY

#63 Dec 3, 2013
need ride from jasper to treament center in evansille

need ride

Evansville, IN

#64 Dec 3, 2013
want opinion wrote:
I would like to know if anybody knows anything about the Evansville Treatment Center.

It is just as bad if not worse than the opiate addiction, another thing to get addicted to and spend a fortune on, your better off with a no crutch rehab program

United States

#65 Jan 1, 2014
dontknowmuch wrote:
I have never been to the Evansville Treatment Center. I do have concerns about it - it seems to perpetuate (and even create) addictions. I do not understand why some (many) people would legitimately need to use the Center's "services" for weeks, months, even years. A much better option for real "treatment" of a drug addiction would be the Stepping Stone in Evansville. Best of luck to you.
You have obviously never had an opiate (pain pill, heroin) addiction. In my experience, pain pills are the most mentally and physically addicting drug BAR NONE. Some people cant afford to miss work during the time it takes to go thru withdrawals. So they go to the clinic for methadone which keeps u from withdrawing and lets u feel normal again as u tey to get ur life back. You are correct, there are people that are there for way too long and have just moved their addiction to aomething else. Methadone gets in your bones and is hard to get off of, but I have managed to cut my dose in half since Sept. And will be done in a month. It has taken me a yr and a half. So please unless u have been thru it, dont judge or even think u can possibly understand.
not enough

Worthville, KY

#66 Jan 1, 2014
RainMan wrote:
An just to add Brentwood in Newburgh is an amazing place an they will give u meds to help withdrawal an when u leave there you will be clean an stay in there program u will stay clean if YOU want it I have been an have been clean since 3/27/13 u can do it if ur doing for ur self that's the only way
I heard worse things about Brentwood.

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