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Queen Bre Bre

Evansville, IN

#1 Dec 4, 2012
Today my manager pulled me aside and said
"I thought you'd want to know that a couple girls have come up and spoke to me about you ... they said that you .. aren't very approachable, and they feel they can't talk to you."

Mind you, I get paid minimum wage.
I get paid minimum wage, yet they want me act like I'm just OVERJOYED to be there.
I'm not gonna sit there and act like I'm the land of rainbows and unicorns, gtfoh
Just because I'm not smiling at every fking thing and telling these heaux who i fked this weekend, I'm "standoffish".

And the funniest thing is not a damn bitch in that place ever said a goddamn thing to me, but they have no problem scurrying off to the fking manager.

They can all kiss my ass!

Evansville, IN

#2 Dec 4, 2012
I worked retail before (won't say what store) and came across the same problems.

I'm very personable, but I don't like the investment you sometimes have to engage in with co-workers. I always had to leave a job once people got too clingy. They expected me to always go to lunch with them and hang out after work.

Their issues essentially become a problem for you.

Personal involvements are a no no with me now. People get so easily offended if you like to be by yourself or give truthful, sound advice when they ask you about certain issues they may have.

I'm a loner, I like my own company. Usually, when you're too invested, you end up going through too many changes.

I actually had to leave a city job (we're talking real benefits, folks) b/c of the clingy needs of co-workers who liked to get caught up in drama. I had one who thought people were always talking about her and no one even gave her a thought. Another was having a conversation with a co-worker while I was standing there and she totally misconstrued everything the person said b/c in her imaginary mind she thought she was being slighted.

People have real emotional problems out here and it's too much to handle sometimes. I always seem to encounter a specific type: Histrionic, drama queens who always need to be the center of attention. They're always trying to top you and you have to always play second fiddle to them. In order for the day to go smoothly, you have to submit to them.

You can try to get them to see things rationally, but they can't grasp it. I try not to judge b/c who knows what trauma or genetic issues contribute to these kinds of things.

Then again, some people are just a**^%$s. Either way, it's a bad place to be in.

I decided I'd rather have peace when I lay my head down on my pillow than a lot of money & an ulcer or other serious health issues, so I always ended up leaving.

It's not just minimum wage jobs either....the higher up the food chain, the worst it gets. I worked with doctors for a long time and well....

United States

#3 Nov 21, 2013
Girl, I worked in a hair gets no more ratchet than that. Chicks coming in pajamas and satin bonnets with they bad ass kids! People asking me why the prices so high and can I give them my discount. All the local strippers would come in looking for lacefronts in blue/purple/red/green so they can stand out for their "performance" They had cupcakes and strawberries tatted on them.
We had managers stealing from the vault, sleeping with the that whole place was scandalous.

There was one chick who had this bad ass little boy. He would come in and destroy the store and all she would say was "UH UH YOU BETTA NOT TOUCH MEH BAYBAY. I'LL FITE FA DAT ONE". She would always say she's not coming back to our store and the next week she back like "HEY YALL, YOU MISS ME? WHAT YALL GOT ON SALE?" Smh!
C Jones

Evansville, IN

#4 Jul 12, 2014
Customer service is stressful. Getting talked down at and tried everyday can really bring you down, if you let it. I hate:

- Condescending customers who assume you have the intelligence of an acorn and have no other aspirations in life but to serve them.

- Customers who get mad at you because they read signs incorrectly.

- Customers who get mad at you about things you can't control. "You know, you guys really need to charge less for "x product". You should talk to someone about that." Okay, I'll let the company know in my next big corporate meeting.-_-

- CUSTOMERS WHO SET THEIR MONEY ON THE FCKING COUNTER and get mad when you do it back.(Side note: I've grown to be less annoyed at this one, because I know some people don't realize they're doing it. But those who have an attitude the whole time and toss their money on the counter... they know what they're doing.)

- Customers who try to tell you how to do your job.

- People who swipe their credit card, stop right before they have to sign, point out some bs issue they have with pricing, then act surprised when you have to start over the whole transaction.

- People who come in three minutes before closing time and want to take all day browsing.

- People who are waiting outside the store before it even opens, so you don't even have time to set your stuff down when you come in.

- People who look you dead in the face and don't say anything back when you greet them.

- People who think they can talk to me any kind of way like I won't clap back at work. I will.

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