Andrew Carlisle aka Hippie

Andrew Carlisle aka Hippie

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Newburgh, IN

#1 Dec 22, 2012
What ya know about that dude?

Evansville, IN

#2 Dec 22, 2012
he da police, for real.

Newburgh, IN

#3 Dec 22, 2012
What he do?

Newburgh, IN

#4 Dec 23, 2012

Evansville, IN

#5 Dec 24, 2012
he is a coward. and a bitch. he is attempting to be a good father, but with the junkie bitch he is with, thats kinda tough.
Andrew Carlisle

Newburgh, IN

#6 Dec 24, 2012
So how about all the rest of you cowards start using real names. And yes this is Andrew Carlisle, First off, Im not a cop. I cant be, I have a tattoo on my forearm, and if you are referring to the accusation made about 4 years ago that I was wearing a wire into nightingales tattoo shop, that was wrong. Nothing even happons there for someone to need to wear a wire anyway. And as for me and my family, I strongly recommend you shut the fck up immediately. Do not EVER talk about how my family is doing, that is not anyones fcking buisness. But I guess the days when real men stuck to certain moral codes is over, except for the rare few of us. But do you want to know how me and my family are doing? I can tell you. First off Melissa Finnerty and I have not partied or smoked weed or anything since we found out we were havin a child, which has been almost three years now. See unlike most parents nowadays we actually stopped partying when we had a child, Ask anyone when the last time they have seen either of us was. Know what we do nowadays? Melissa is a full time college student and a fantastic stay at home mother. Thats right, stay at home mother. Im even the one who asked her to do it. Know why? Because im 22 years old and OWN a 125,000 dollar home and 2 vehicles, and I only have a GED. I dont say that to be stuck up, just to prove the point that my family is working extremly hard to make sure our daughter is provided for. Case fcking closed.

Walton, KY

#7 Dec 24, 2012
This is BS. What makes you think you have a reason to bash Lyssa or Andrew? if you think you know so much about them and their lives then answer this: When is the last time you saw or even spoke to either one of them? They keep to themselves for the most part. Andrew busts his a$$ AT LEAST 5 days a week, sometimes 6 or 7 and occasionally has to pull shifts up to 38 hours long. How does that make him a coward or a bitch? And as for Lyssa..junkie? I don't think so. I'm with that woman dam near every day and I sure the h3ll don't see a junkie. Do you know what we do? We hang out with our kids. We go to the grocery store, make dinner, clean the house and take care of business (i.e. bills, doctors appointments and other errands.) I'll be damned if my best friend gets called a junkie on the internet by some punk. Andrew IS a great father and Lyssa is a great mother. They are a beautiful family and are more successful at this ppint in their lives than anyone our age that I know. My advice for you is to mind your own and check your facts.

Newburgh, IN

#8 Dec 25, 2012
Okay so it's pretty obvious who the idiot that is disrespecting my family and myself. No one has EVER accused me of being a junkie because even when I did do anything all I did was smoke pot. Sorry to burst you little bubble honey but no one will believe that sorry sack of lies. Also it's pretty obviously that there is only one person who has a problem with Andrew and myself. That one person would also be the only person to call him a coward and a btch. We're not stupid and we're most certainly not phased by your ignorance. Andrew is a wonderful man; something the person posting this will never be, who works hard to provide for his family and always will. He works so hard that I am able to be a stay at home mom to our beautiful daughter while furthering my education. I would also like to point out that I just finished my semester at USI with a 4.0 and am quite proud of that accomplishment. So since the person posting negatively about my family thinks they know so much about us I would like to personally invite them to my beautiful home and see how much of a coward my amazing fiance really is ;). Also I'd love for them to see how much of a junkie I am while I'm folding laundry, washing dishes, changing diapers, kissing boo boos, teaching my daughter manors; respect; and to think for herself, all the while I still have dinner on the table for the man who made this all possible. So please before you think you know anything or think your comments are going to get to either Andrew or I think twice and realize we know who is saying these things and we'll never feel degraded, disrespected, or discourage by a white trash pos. Merry Christmas

New Albany, IN

#9 Dec 26, 2012
I am so sick of people talking shit about Lyssa and Andrew and their daughter. Let them be they are doing everything they can to make sure their daughter and themselves have a great life. They are doing great and people need to get over their jealously. Their names shouldn't be on a trashy ass site like this. I know me and Lyssa have had our problems but like I have said she's a good person and so is Andrew. So leave them alone and get your own lives.

Germantown, MD

#10 Dec 26, 2012
When you go around spreading lies about a family then you are a really ugly person. Your lies will only go so far against them, but the nastiness inside you will live forever in your life. You think you are big and tough now but one day you will be a little old lady and I am sure the nurses in your old folks home will abuse you nicely since none of your kids will want to take care of your nasty a$$. Karma is a B and when you spread hate, hate will come back to babysit you!

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