Stripper Tips for newbies

Stripper Tips for newbies

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Evansville, IN

#1 Nov 7, 2012
Just got this in a hilarious e-mail forward. Thought I would share, some of it is actually sensible.

1.If your dance shoes are plastic, you can mold them by blowing a hairdryer on them. They will shrink slightly and you can then put your foot in them to make a perfect fit! The same goes for issues with tightness around your toes…or if the plastic is digging in…make the plastic soft there and flip up the edge that’s bothering you (hold it while it cools) and it won’t dig in anymore!

2. When you buy new dance shoes, the bottoms will be slippery. You can either take them outside to some concrete and scuff up the bottoms so there’s tred or buy “grips”,“non-slips” or “grippies” for the bottom of your shoes. Trust me…falling on your ass with your clothes on around your friends is funny- falling on your ass naked in front of strangers sucks!!

3. When you start dancing, your body must build up a tollerance. Take a multi-vitamin and extra iron. Take the iron orally in pill form. It won’t work if you rub the oil on your skin. The iron is what will make you bruise waaaaaay less or not at all. It helps them heal quicker if you already have them as well.

4. Buy baby wipes. Stop using tissue paper in the restroom. Use a wipe instead. This ensures you leave nothing behind and keeps you fresh. Get unscented and hypo-allergenic so you won’t rash in that sensitive shave area.

5. Wear minimal white clothing. Most strip clubs have black lights in them and white clothing leaves behind little pills all over your body…especially in the areas we shave in. It is nearly impossible to get off unless you take a shower! White stockings are usually okay, but almost everything else is a “no go”.

6. When starting out, get 6 inch heels. Preferrably ones with a strap that holds the shoes on. Even after dancing for years, I have flung a shoe at a few heads wearing the “slip in”(mule) kind. Until you get the hang of it, let’s try to keep the weaponry to a minimum. When you get better, get 7 inch. They look the best in my opinion.

7. Buy alcohol and witch hazel. The alcohol is for your feet, shoes and behind at the end of the night. When you are done with the night, wipe down your feet and shoes with alcohol. It kills the bacteria that causes foot funk. Before you get dressed, wipe your butt cheeks with alcohol as well. Why you ask? You have either been in a g-string on naked on the dirty stage all night. Your butt will break out if it’s too dirty! I know, comical right? But it’s true. Nothing says “skanky stripper” like a severely broken out ass! Now the witch hazel is for your face. I know- it’s strong. When you are working, I have a few moves I do over and over. One of them happens to include me running my hands over my neck and jaw area, which puts tons of unnessessary oils there and I break out! Plus, the gentleman’s club I work in is a cigar friendly place and that builds up on your face. Just make sure you have a nice, heavy night moisturizer so you won’t dry out. I use Pevonia. If you have break outs anywhere on your body- the witch hazel is the best!

Evansville, IN

#2 Nov 7, 2012
8. Don’t wear socks before work.…Or a bra, or anything tight for that matter. You will go out on the floor with lines all over you and only time is going to get rid of them! The best thing to wear is a cutie sweat outfit.

9. Put your make up on before work. Don’t walk in lookin’ like a scrub. These men see their wives lookin’ like that all day. We are selling fantasies here- let’s make them want to stay a little longer to see us on the floor!…And trust me- they will stay for you!

10. Don’t eat foods that give you gas before any shift. Even if you eat eggs in the morning, most likely your belly will fill with gas and look like crap later for work! Things like: V8, veggies, eggs, and high fiber foods will do this. The best thing to eat before work: A jamba juice or super food drink like “naked”. Cottege cheese is also great if you need a pick me up. Also: invest in a serious multi-vitamin! When you don’t feel like chatting with people, take one and you will feel like making conversation again! I use ‘More Than A Multiple’.

Evansville, IN

#3 Nov 7, 2012
11. I take glucosamine for my joints!!! I am not a doctor, so you may need to check with your doctor before using this. It’s purpose will keep your joints healthy and lubricated. You will be surprised at all the bending you will be doing and how hard it is on your body!

12. Use a tongue scraper to help with breath!(Especially if you smoke!)‘Nuff said.

13. Get a tanning package.

14. Get your nails done.

15. Set goals. Know what your monthly budget is and then set a “fun money” goal to treat yourself. Visualize yourself walking with a certain amount to achieve this goal nightly and keep a log! It works!

16. When in the dressing room, do not try to get into others conversations. Making friends in the industry is very difficult. Respect boundries and space. Allow a certain amount of time to pass before any “house girls” will talk to you. After a while, compliment an outfit or two. Have a good time and be positive. This shows your worth to the women you work with and the gentlemen.

17. Stretch.…A LOT!

Evansville, IN

#4 Nov 7, 2012
18. Watch porn. You are in the sex industry. You need to be oozing sexual energy. If you don’t have this naturally, watching porn and being naughty in bed will help. Sexual confidence is huge in this world.

19. Buy a cute, grown-up money purse. Don’t use a beat up Crown Royal bag for your cash. It looks like crap. Have everything taken care of from head to toe. You want to be polished and well taken care of. If you smoke, buy a cigarette case. Classic.

20. Music selection is huge! Whatever you feel gets you going is key. Either to promote seductiveness or rock out with! I use seduction and slow movements. This works best for me. However, every once in a while I feel low energy, so I play one of my favorites and have a ton of fun on stage! Either choice will make you money so long as your dance style works with it.(In other words, don’t wear a full black, hard core out fit, play Enigma and dance all slow…weird.)

21. If your shave area breaks out, use neosporin on it but make sure it is completely wiped off before work!

22. Put deoderant on right after you shower for work. When you get to work, take a towel or toilet seat cover and wipe off the deoderant before you go out onto the floor. The deoderant WILL glow in the black light!!!

23. Buy an antibacterial wash for the shower. Use it on your underarms to get rid of excess bacteria if you sweat a lot!

Evansville, IN

#5 Nov 7, 2012
24. Get pedicures! They make you feel good and taken care of. DO NOT allow the technician to scrub off all your hard earned calluses though! Those are worth gold and will keep the blisters away!

25. Get a gym membership. Look your best and feel great. It’s all about a healthy self image and confidence from within!

Evansville, IN

#6 Nov 7, 2012
Yasssssssssssss! I needs this in my life for my career change!!!!!!

United States

#7 Nov 7, 2012
It's all true facts.

Evansville, IN

#8 Nov 7, 2012
The best tips were the shoes and taking the iron and multi vitamins for bruising and energy. Pole dancing hurts like hell in the beginning. The inside of your thighs are bound to suffer from the most basic moves.

I can only imagine making this a "job" and doing it at 12 and later every night. She's telling them right. Be a stripper with sense and class. Wash your ass and learn how to spend you cash wisely.

Tucker, GA

#9 Nov 7, 2012
You should put something about fixing hair. (Unless you did and I just missed it) I was a stripper for many years, and it used to bother the hell out of me that so many girls would just pull there hair back in a loop ponytail. So trashy. That goes back to what you see their woman at home like that everyday. Take a curling iron or something to your hair please.

Evansville, IN

#10 Nov 7, 2012
I had three rules:

1. Never drink at work You could hurt yourself or a customer will smell it on you and argue for his money, claiming you are drunk.
2. Never make friends with the other girls. They harbor drugs, violence, and drama.
3. Never go home with a customer... no matter how much he offers. Keeping the mystery will keep you making $$.

Evansville, IN

#11 Nov 7, 2012
Some of these tips are actually pretty neat though, I didnt know neosporin helped with razor burn.

Evansville, IN

#12 Nov 7, 2012
BeenHereB4 wrote:
I had three rules:

1. Never drink at work You could hurt yourself or a customer will smell it on you and argue for his money, claiming you are drunk.
2. Never make friends with the other girls. They harbor drugs, violence, and drama.
3. Never go home with a customer... no matter how much he offers. Keeping the mystery will keep you making $$.
I wouldn't say never drink. I always had a drink or two to loosen up a bit.

Evansville, IN

#13 Nov 7, 2012
Here goes some of my own tips:

Always have a bouncer walk you to the car. Make sure nobody follows you home and if you think they did, drive to a police or fire station.

Save your money! It'll go faster than it came. Cut clothing costs as much as you can. If you are brave, trade clothes with other dancers. If you're crafty, make your costumes or jazz up cheap bras and panties with trims, bows, ribbons, glitter, rhinestones, lace, etc. It's a fun creative outlet and can be cheaper than buying them.

Do NOT try to make true friends at the club. Period. Ain't none of those bitches or owners your friend. Still play nice and be respectful.

Get to know the politics of the place. Most bottomless clubs offer "extras" at least round these parts. If that isn't your cup of tea, try a topless place. They may still offer extras but it won't be expected of you.

If you decide to date a customer outside the club, make sure they got hella $$$$ or else you're just wasting your time. Most men who predominately date strippers are losers and wannabe pimps wth major kinks and issues.

Stay focused and remember what you're there for- the money. If you're on your Ps and Qs and target every person you see in the club, even with just a smile and bat of the eye, you will go home with something which is better than nothing. The club with the owner f@@ing on the least amount of girls is the best because that means he or she may be more about his or her money and less about the p@@sy which means more money for you.

Stay mentally and emotionally healthy and remember that the money doesn't make you but that you make the money and to stay focused on achieving your goals and getting OUT. Know that you'll be allright.

Charleston, SC

#14 Nov 7, 2012
This post was awesome! Nobody would ever hire me to be a stripper but wow, I just got some major tips on being sexy! Thank you ladies!

Louisville, KY

#15 May 18, 2013
Very well said.!!!! Strippers should be classy and take pride in the apperance and daily living. Save save save that $...and remember to respect thy self or noone else will respect you.
scooby doo

United States

#16 May 18, 2013
bahahaha get ur tits done!! evansville has the most ugly small tits of anywhere ive ever been

United States

#17 May 18, 2013
Did u just strippers should be classy?? U r a stripper! U crawl on ur hands and knees for dollars and u think classy is an option???? Lmao
jusy sayin

Mauldin, SC

#19 May 18, 2013
Seriously wrote:
Did u just strippers should be classy?? U r a stripper! U crawl on ur hands and knees for dollars and u think classy is an option???? Lmao
I glide to my knees thank you :) and pick up each and everyone of your dudes dollars
jusy sayin

Mauldin, SC

#20 May 18, 2013
Well wrote:
Strippers guide to selling your body lol... Classy my ass
Too bad your selling your self short

Scottsburg, IN

#21 May 18, 2013
Work on them deep throat skills first and foremost. Tightening up my skills took me for 40k a year to 100+.

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