Is Organo Gold legit or a scam?

Saint Petersburg, FL

#156 Nov 30, 2012
Hello, I signed up with Organo Gold for one year and the reason i am writing this post is I do not want people to feel the way I felt went when I discovered that this Marketing Pyramid is a scam. I know its scam because over a 5 month period of being with them I could not get in touch with the customer service over the phone one time and I am pretty sure you can try calling them and you will wait for ever (more than 25mintues) and then the phone will cut off on you. As you know when you join you get to pick your domain name and then you will have their website, well when I purchased my own product (25$ packet of Coffee) with my mothers credit card (she wanted to show support) I never got any profit from them. My portal showed the sale was made but when I would go to my OG wallet I never had any money in it. I even purchased big packages and when I would ask customer service via email they would never answer my question fully and they would give me a run around. When I asked about calling in and why they dont answer they say they are extremely busy, when I asked if she could call me when she has available time she never replied. I believe 100% that this is a scam, I was brought into the company by a member that was close to Hulton Bugs and they are all scam artist dont trust them they will try to convience you and how easy it is and how simple it is but you will never get any support from the company. They hope that each member sign ups and gives up on it because their is no true support while they are profiting of the initial sales of the coffee and the sign up.
Questioning yourself

Altamonte Springs, FL

#157 Nov 30, 2012
DamnScam wrote:
This company is fraud. I was scammed into signing up and have yet to get the "money" they promised. Look up "money pyramid" in google. Do not sign up for this fraud company. Do not be fooled by the fast talk of the recuiters. You will just be dumping money into holtons pocket
I would first like to say that those individuals simply seeking out this question ate already setting yourselves up for failure because you already see and believe that there is a possibility of failure. Secondly I would like to add that the individual himself who posted this is only making comments like this because he for what ever reason in this simple industry he was not able to create any type of growth which is honestly a shame. I've been less than a month in business and I have already created enough volume for myself and my organization to to accept the title of platinum consult and have freed our incomes. I'm on the fastest growing organization in central florida and we personally have business already across the country and in several others. On a final note I'd like to pose a queston I'm only twenty years young and before this I had two jobs, whats your excuse?
Questioning yourself

Altamonte Springs, FL

#158 Nov 30, 2012
LUCK wrote:
Maybe you should take a closer look st who is mentoring you, the fact that you are married honestly means you should be able to succeed yeo times faster than I did alone at twenty years old. There is not a soul who can stare me in my eye and say it doesn't because it's not that I have done out, more so it's a matter of me just gotten our done this very month for I am less than a month in business. Thats like a man saying god never answers my prayers meanwhile he doesn't even believe himself that he'll get one, so how could he see the answers even if they state him straight in the face? Don't focus on the word god there understand the moral and principle behind that statement.

Alpharetta, GA

#159 Nov 30, 2012
it is the 30th of November and I, at 18 just re-qualified for sapphire and my parents re-qualified as rubies in our company.:) congratulate them, its still not a scam and we are still making bank :) and congrats on platinum,"Questioning yourself" person haha, I hope I never have to work a job in my life, and I already out-earn what my manager was making at the job I worked at for two days! keep it up

United States

#160 Dec 2, 2012
And that's the problem with your thinking. U work hard and waste time trying to get ahead only to look back in life and say damn I never had time to enjoy my money. My bf is in Morgano gold and paid my rent yesterday and i was able to.stop working!! So idk if u like being a mouse in a spin wheel but I dont. Its a tax write off so what do u have to lose?
lil-bitt wrote:
I had looked this company up..there is no one saying anything good nor bad about it... you really cant find out anything.. i had a friend invest 1500.00 into this shit..a few months ago and stillhavent made any money back..if you need extra money that bad, get a second job!!

Vernon, Canada

#161 Dec 3, 2012
MilkChocolate wrote:
People in my neighborhood are jumping on the bandwagon but I think it's a scam. Does anyone have anything good to say about this company?
the coffee is delicious, the mushrooms keep the ph balance so I don't get that acid reflux feel with their brand. I only buy as a customer but the service has always been. Get rich schemes never work but the coffee is great. Maybe instead of ranting about scams these people should invest more time before they invest their money. I always figure nobody owes me anything in business; if I want it I have to make it happen.

Semmes, AL

#163 Dec 3, 2012
So Fed Up wrote:
I have been in Organo Gold for 2 years since they started and I am fed up. They do not ship product on time. They are always out of stock. There are literally thousands of distributors who have not received their starter kits that cost them $49.95. Bernie Chua needs to look into the North American operations. They are attacking any and all of their own reps who are internet savvy trying to keep them off the internet so that their to leaders can profit. When you call them you cannot get through to someone. I have had my own downline complain over and over again. I started with Gano Excel and came to Organo Gold. I am beginning to regret it and am contemplating going back. Organo Gold does not have their act together. Shane Morand promised he would be fair and ethical accusing Gano Excel of not being so. However, its the opposite! He is not living up to the character he said he was. I sell thousands of dollar worth of Organo Gold products every single week. They are about to lose me.
Hi yes, there has been some problems in organo gold and we've had a few teams convert over to our group because of our support. We do not recommend that at all but we are here for any of your questions and can help in any way needed. Please let me know If you need anything.

Manchester, UK

#164 Dec 4, 2012
La Nina wrote:
Hmmm...i'm actually looking at a pack and im wondering if this is the right decision to make to join or not to join? the whole thing sounds too good to be true, you cannot compare organo gold to MLM companies like Avon, Marykay or Tupperware, its not the same those companies are well established they are like an open book no hidden agenda, but organo gold, i need to be convinced that it is really good. pls i would like to hear comments on the pros and cons on this product before jumping the band wagon
How did you get on? What has been your experience?
Regular person

United States

#165 Dec 5, 2012
I just want to say that I join OG because I was pressured into it. Now im thankful I was, at first it was hard cause ppl read all the negative comments and dont want to believe but I still tried and now I make 1,000every week. Please remember that this is a job/business you have to put 40 or 60 hrs at first to be succesful, but later you can have all the time in the world. Oh and its a business you do have to invest money, my dad use to own a restaurant and would invest 9,000 + everymonth, now he invest around 150 every month and make more money than the restaurant ever gave him. But not all ppl are born with a business mentality, they feel comfortable working 9 to 5 and living pay check to pay check while others see an opportunity and take it

Auckland, New Zealand

#166 Dec 6, 2012
Who would be the best person for me to join under? Also is it possible to send me some of the beverages to try.

You can send an email to me at

Westland, MI

#167 Dec 6, 2012
Og really sucks
Jack Juice

Indianapolis, IN

#168 Dec 6, 2012
I like how all of these " successful " people who got rich... seem to type in the same broken English.... Do Organo Gold, I am Nigerian Prince and I need you to take some my money ...
trololololol CPT BATMAN

Florence, KY

#169 Dec 6, 2012

Tucker, GA

#170 Dec 6, 2012
Chrazzy01 wrote:
You people are retarted for saying this is a scam or any MLM. I'm not apart of any MLM but have a good friend who is a legitimately retired business owner from amway. I go to college and im studying to become a BUSINESS ANALYST!! And I have a job. I've been to one presentation didnt catch my interest but the do the MATH it's fucking POSSIBLE the problem is that people lack the SKILL OF "PROSPECTING" also quote on quote creating relationships and creating MORE relationships your lack of success puts you into disbelief
and you spelled retarded wrong?

Martin, Slovakia

#171 Dec 8, 2012
I had previously an possitive feedback about this topic and you deleted it.. Looks like you are just collecting negative comments here.. who pays you hmm?? Gano Excell??? Karma

New Albany, IN

#172 Dec 8, 2012
I am the co- founder of OG I want to say thanks for all you stupid azz hood rats, Obama tit suckers, and well just plain dumbass for investing in my company and making me a fat rich bastard. I will take every penny from you dip shits and laugh all the to the bank!!! Peace out bitch's!!!!
Nuff Said

Dunedin, New Zealand

#173 Dec 8, 2012
I am not sure why so many people are anti Organo Gold? Is most of this negativity because it is an MLM company?

Show me one company that isn't shaped like an MLM structure

Fairfax, VA

#174 Dec 8, 2012
I have looked into this company and tried out yesterday look u might say it's a scam, me personally it's NOT..Everybody listen up because this is at patience and time consuming. I didnt buy packages, well not yet I personally brought samples to give out. Yes I said it I spent money to sample, why because I want people to try and see the difference and just see what's the difference. I'm on day 2 already made 80 and I spent 120 for 3 blk coffee.3 latte and 2 green tea..and please believe I sold some products not even halfway done and already received half my money back..I didn't believe either but I put time and more time into it, say what you want but if you actually put the time and talk to people and try the coffee it's background is Vietnamese and we also use ganderma to heal and it's a good healthy source not trying to say anything racial but every ethnically has their healing source or use a plant or something to heal..I also have a full time job and is always on the field it's have u approach somebody and also how u talk..spend more time and see this is just my opinion everybody has their own..u can say it's a scam but did u put the time and effort into, did u spend money into it, its a business u have to spend money to make money..I'm only 23 btw..

Round Lake, IL

#175 Dec 9, 2012
It's a Ponzi scheme. Who ever is involved will never get their investment back.

United States

#176 Dec 10, 2012

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