Is Organo Gold legit or a scam?
Ginny Summer

Kansas City, MO

#74 Nov 4, 2012
First I am part of Organo Gold and there is no scam, and there are many lies listed in these comments. Anyone who is not open minded to change will not be successful in any MLM, Network Marketing. In order for your life to change you need to change. Weather a person chooses Organo Gold or another company you have to work. No one should be saying network marketing is a get rich quick business, no such thing if it is legal. Research for yourself, don't listen to someone that is telling terrible make believe lies. Read books, Direct Selling News, Business From , Success From Home Magazine etc..... Organo Gold Operates in 24 countries legally, Organo Gold has had two full issues of Success From Home Magizine dedicated solely to them twice in 2012. In 2009 Organo Gold Colaborated with the Nepolean Hill foundation,(if you don't know what that is then you should check it out) no other company has ever been able to do that. In 2011 Organo Gold just 3 years old was listed as the 73rd network marketing company in the world by Direct Selling News. Organo Gold has Colaborated with Mercedes Benze also never done before with any other company. Read the book business of the 21st century, Robert Kiyosaki. If you believe that your broke friend, or the person who you wouldn't trade lives with is more of an expert and has more resources to research a company than, Success From Home, Direct Selling News, Nepolean Hill Foundation, Mercedes Benze and Robert Kiyosaki then listen to your broke friends. Please take the time to research what you are commenting on because frankly some of your comments are simply dream killers and I pray that someone that has the potential to change their life in network marketing never meet some of you at least until after they are successful. Oh for those who say it is a pyramid scheme, do you even know what that means? Every business in the world is a pyramid, draw out your organizational structure, what does it look like? The difference is, it took me 20 years to start as a server and end my career as an executive climbing the ladder, not one time no matter how hard I worked I never made more money than my General Manager, with an MLM, if you work harder than they one that started before you, you can make more money (wow). Check out people like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn made fortunes in MLM (Pampered Chef and Herbal Life) the world third richest man Warren Buffet, do you know him? He owns 9 Network Marketing companies. The day of large corporations are over, we are no longer in the Industrial Age and job security is like jumbo shrimp??? Oxymoron. I wish you all luck in your future, please stay away from posting the lies or saying it is a scam, many of us work hard and we are making money, it is a business you can't sit in a chair and make money, and please do your research.

Nicosia, Cyprus

#75 Nov 5, 2012
These people try to recruit, people in need of cash, either because they are disapointed from their work, or the don't have one, or people greedy for money in general, promising them they'll get rich, which for most ain't going to happen!Only thing that will happen is lose their money everytime, or actually consuming the products bought themselves!Remember:If it sounds to good to be true it probably is", always remember that, and you'll never be scammed, fooled in general.

Durham, NC

#76 Nov 5, 2012
Ginny, thank you for your intelligent feedback on "OrganoGold". I am doing research on this MLM opportunity. Your posting gave the best advice and I appreciate the citings backing your information. You gave me some good ammunition. From personal experience I can only say, the internet is a great tool, unfortunatelly most of the people who post comments are negative and cowards who hide behind guise of anonymity. So easy to look be negative in this world, it requires no effort to do so.
Puss Whiskerson

Indianapolis, IN

#77 Nov 5, 2012
Look at all of the NON-Indiana people defending this shit... This will fail. Someone high up will mess it up by evading taxes or some white collar crime. If it's so damn good then why do you have to route it through all this back door bullshit marketing?
The judge

North Fort Myers, FL

#78 Nov 5, 2012
I just wanted to be a little more educated about the product that somebody gave it to me as a gift, now I know why, you got to get rid of it like many others. There are so many screwed people over this that now I feel bad to drink it. Sounds like Quiznos Sub, they set you to fail while they make money even if you loose. Draw! And run!.....

Florence, KY

#79 Nov 5, 2012
scam!! hhahahahaha i laughed at those people at a meeting....romney little puppets i tell you
Coffee Review

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#80 Nov 6, 2012
People say it's a scam because they never made any money with it. We know that coffee sells and there is a huge market but the company needs to help their people make money with a system and marketing plan. That's why I turned to Vidcup International because they not only have healthy coffee, latees and energy drinks but you can get a free position in their system and actually earn money before you even buy. see my facebook page for my personal experience
Coffee Business Review

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#81 Nov 6, 2012
People say it's a scam because they never made any money with it. We know that coffee sells and there is a huge market but the company needs to help their people make money with a system and marketing plan. That's why I turned to Vidcup International because they not only have healthy coffee, latees and energy drinks but you can get a free position in their system and actually earn money before you even buy. see my facebook page for my personal experience biggestlaunchever

Montréal, Canada

#82 Nov 6, 2012
I've heard good things about organo gold but chose to go with a brand new mlm just launched October 1st because of the products comp plan and the first mover advantage. More info at

Los Angeles, CA

#83 Nov 6, 2012
Some dude was trying to make me join this company in the most shady way possible, by getting the emails of a number of volunteers working at a non-profit. He messaged us saying that he worked for a company that was always hiring people, so I decided to reply back to his email, requesting information about the company. It took 2 emails to get the company name out of him. Why?

And to those people that claim that this isn't a pyramid. Well, consider that a pyramid is an unsustainable business model because there are only a number of people that you can recruit. That's because there are only a finite number of people in the world. Once you've recruited everyone that can be possibly recruited, the business model ultimately fails and everyone ends up losing. That's the same crap that this company is trying to sell... even their website states that the product they sell isn't necessarily the main priority of the company. It's the recruiting where all the money is at.

That there are a number of people who successfully manage to get people on board with the program doesn't mean that the program works. It simply means that those who getting money are able to take advantage of people facing desperate economic times. And that is nothing to be proud of. There's also nothing to be proud of making fun of people working a traditional job. That type of attitude just makes me feel that the people that work on these types of companies are complete jerks.


#84 Nov 7, 2012
Latasha Bailey wrote:
<quoted text>
here is my email address [email protected] I have a lot of information about organo gold and it is legit.
Why won't you place all that information online? This way you can prove to all doubters that OrGano Gold is legit..

Waterloo, Canada

#85 Nov 7, 2012
All for nothing but does anyone that's complaining on here understand that you need to work at this to make money? For you or friends you know that just signed up and expect to make moeny not working are well silly. Anything you do to make it takes work. If you understand what MLM is all about then you'd get off your ass and sell some stuff and I don't know maybe recruit a person or two. Its a system selling coffee. Are you kidding me. No brainer here. I'm not with this company but am signing up tomorrow. Please challenge me on this.

Ithaca, MI

#86 Nov 7, 2012
I love the taste of OG coffee and prefer the black and add my own cream and sugar. Most of the people I've let try it compare it to gourmet coffee and starbu/cks.

The business opportunity is as legitimate as it gets with a lot of emphasis on selling the coffee. People can buy it retail and the distributor makes 100% profit or wholesale where they can buy it for half of retail.

The only actual cost to joining the business is $49.99 with no purchase needed. Although most people buy the coffee because they like it. For business builders and not those who just want to get it cheaper they usually buy enough to sample and sell on the spot when someone wants some and for personal use. That is what I do.

The business model is top notch and very easy for those who are new. No stress marketing and no loosing your friends. There is a good mixture of old ways taught in traditional MLM and the new ways of online marketing.

Either way, getting it for personal use or for starting a business the product and company always deliver on their promises. As a former skeptic I am now an avid product user and business builder and I love it.
Peter Clarke

Sunderland, UK

#87 Nov 7, 2012
@Dave - a pyramid business is one where you by product to sell to the people you recruit.
With Organo Gold, you buy product to sell to retail. Customers - just like any other retail business.
The people you recruit buy direct from Organo Gold to sell to their customers; and you get an override on their sales. The risk is just $250 (less than any other business start up I have found). But once you have started you have to work at it, like any business.
Are shops a scam just because some people can't make it work?
Clearly anything that is not a handout is a scam because they may actually have to work, and anyone who does work and is successful is a scammer.
To climb the ladder you have to put a foot on the first rung - read my article on why I use OG to teach basic business skills here -

United States

#88 Nov 8, 2012
Organo gold is 100% legit...hahahahaha if not how the hell am i earning the money im making????? And i was like a lot of people here before, thinking that everything is a scam...then i tried and im a succesful person. Ohh yea and BTW...someone said that its a pyramid, pls dont be thing is a pyramid and other a multilevel company.
Jack Juice

Indianapolis, IN

#89 Nov 8, 2012
Look at all the little cult member coming out to defend their cult! Hey guys, buy some purple Nikes and hang yourselves!
Seacret agent AJ

United States

#90 Nov 8, 2012
I was approached by someone in Organo Gold today...we are both network marketers..which i love! Brilliant minds think alike...i asked him if he's ever heard of Seacret? If you haven't heard of it...there is a phenomenon happening around the world right now...this company just transitioned into direct sales after building an $800 million dollar retail business in 7 years from kiosks in malls around the world! The mlm leaders who talked the owners into the transition have formulated 25 years of all the best traits and have created the best hybrid binary comp.plan along with the most amazing Wow products with instant and amazing results known to man! We are changing the industry of mlm! We are unique...we have first movers advantage..we are not just skin care...WE ARE SEACRET! People have been going to the Dead Sea for thousand of years to get healed from skin disorders, mood disorders, and much more...Now Loreal manufactures all our product! We do WOW parties! How would you like everyone who tried your product to fall in love instantly and became a customer for life...become a Seacret agent! ....! me for more info...[email protected] allow me to amaze you! God Bless

United States

#91 Nov 8, 2012
It's not a scam. It's something that requires effort and dedication! It's an amazing company that's changing so many lives inside and out. Things aren't just handed to you you HAVE TO WORK for it. I'm 19 years old and this company has changed me and another amazing member in this company,my mother in so many ways. It's health and wealth in a cup!
Dead Lemming

Evansville, IN

#92 Nov 9, 2012

Kissimmee, FL

#93 Nov 9, 2012
Big Sug wrote:
Yeah that's another of the effed up things that happenned to me at Henderson Chevy I got conned into buying a $1000 worth of that bull,by the same peaple involved with sending me racist texts!!!! Plenty of organo gold over there !!! And they run a shady business just like organo gold!!! Anybody want this nasty crap I'm giving it away!!!!!
i dont know how long ago you posted this but if you still have some left you can send some my way im curios

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