Is Organo Gold legit or a scam?

Eastpointe, MI

#53 Oct 22, 2012
roni wrote:
I recruited 3 people and i have not seen any money like they promised yes one was for 150 the other 2 for 20 and thats it, where is this 5% they talk about for being a gold member. They continue to tell me to give away the product, free samples.. free samples.. how in the name of god do they want me to give this out for free if it is so expensive the more i give out the less i sell. I was so disapointed with this company... Im embarrased with the people I had join they are in the same situation. Loosing friends and family members over this product they dont even want to answer our phone calls anymore.
Hello you only recrutited 3 people in the business and I'm not sure what extras your looking for because it takes time, dedication, and much activity to receive the 5% your looking for that 5% your looking for comes from the people you sponsored and when they reorder that's when you recieve that money.. Maybe you need to study your flip chart a little more. SUCCESS does not happen over night...... Wish you the best of LUCK !!!!

Eastpointe, MI

#54 Oct 22, 2012
Placed my comment in the wrong area...

Eastpointe, MI

#55 Oct 22, 2012
You get what you put out...

Houston, TX

#56 Oct 23, 2012
I honestly feel like you are hater. You know all this woman business and you trying to put her on blast. Who cares if your a paid business woman. You ain't the only one paid. If people doing something and people talking then you know they doing something right. With closing statement your a hater and you don't even know it. Haha

P.s. To bring somebody child up in a post your dirt for that. Cause she trusted you with personal info. Bye Hater!!!!!!!!!!

Houston, TX

#57 Oct 23, 2012
who="IncogNEATooo"]I t is really like a cult and it's brainwashing so many people. There's this girl on my Facebook who I used to go school with here (who eventually moved down to Atlanta) always was apart of some get rich type scam.
One day she is trying to do Pre-Paid Legal, the next day she's trying to sell some bogus life insurance, now she's doing the Oregano Gold thing. Her statuses are always downing people who work regular jobs, but yet she encourages this get rich scheme. People have warned her many times against this with great factual proof on how it was another pyramid scheme scam, but she blows it off.
She claims she is making all this money from it, but really she is struggling trying to raise her 10 month old boy on her own. She was (probably still is) doing the Welfare/Food Stamp thing, but again claims she is a "paid business women who doesn't have to work a job like everyone else." SMH.
Ok I had to post after reading this article. First thing first your a hater and you don't know it. Lol
Nobody cares if your a paid business woman. Cause you can make 20000 a year as a business woman. your are dirt to bring someones child personal info on a forum on the Internet. Keep haters on her she needs fake people like urself to give her a boost when she become rich haters. I suggest you pray cause I can read through you post and see all the hate and jealousy hater. Fake Friends Are Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

Evansville, IN

#58 Oct 23, 2012
my nicca and a female cousin sells that Organo Gold bullshit.

some damm weight loss coffe/tea

shit is straight trash

them nuccas aint making a dime lol
B Nyce

Evansville, IN

#59 Oct 23, 2012
Arghh Ive heard of this, I just avoid it. My boyfriend got sucked into pre-paid legal and we broke up because he didn't want me since I wouldn't sign up. He kept pressuring me to partner with him towards "success". At the meetings they even mentioned to people how most people end up meeting their life partners at the pre-paid functions (rolling eyes) so he set out to do that and leave me.

They will suck you in so be careful! If they beleive what they are telling you then they should sponsor your entry fee

Fort Worth, TX

#60 Oct 24, 2012
I was an Organo Gold distributor so I am not going to bash the company. What I would like to comment on is finding the right opportunity for yourself. I left organo gold because I had some side affects from the coffee. These were unique to me and in no way indicate this will happen to anyone else. Therefore, I did not want to continue protmoting a product I did not use myself. So instead of badmouthing the opportunity, I found something I can use and promote. I am a diehard network marketer and really like the opportunities that are available in this business. So for all of those who are discouraged with Organo Gold, don't give up your dreams, just refocus and find what works for you and what you can work with. I found mine at Great company, great product, great residual income.
Don Miller

Loveland, CO

#61 Oct 25, 2012
MilkChocolate wrote:
People in my neighborhood are jumping on the bandwagon but I think it's a scam. Does anyone have anything good to say about this company?
Everything works if you work it. The plan is sound and OG is the fastest growing MLM company I have ever seen. Like any MLM, people who work the plan make money, those who don't do not like the company. Same with any commission sales- hardest high paying job and easiest low paying job there is.
Don Miller

Loveland, CO

#62 Oct 25, 2012
Everything works if you work it. Sales and Organo Gold is the highest paid hard work and lowest paid easy work there is-- like any commission job. OG is probably the fastest growing MLM company in the world and I like the coffee. Worst case? I drink the coffee that I like. Best case... big money!

Houston, TX

#63 Oct 25, 2012
La Nina wrote:
Hmmm...i'm actually looking at a pack and im wondering if this is the right decision to make to join or not to join? the whole thing sounds too good to be true, you cannot compare organo gold to MLM companies like Avon, Marykay or Tupperware, its not the same those companies are well established they are like an open book no hidden agenda, but organo gold, i need to be convinced that it is really good. pls i would like to hear comments on the pros and cons on this product before jumping the band wagon
Sir it is not scam my friend has been with them for 6 months and gets paid very well his name is Jacob and he has already received his company paid for Benz.If you have any interest then let me know
Mrs Renner

Evansville, IN

#64 Oct 25, 2012
RUN from this company. They will promise you riches and cars and security for life. Instead they just con you into buying a bunch of product you canít ever sell. I worked very hard at the business as I had lost my job and was working it full time. In the end I ended up about a grand in the hole and lost the respect of so many of my family and friends. OG is like a cult.

United States

#65 Oct 25, 2012
This company doesn't need the haters...this company has changed me and my husbands life! Unless you really experience this for yourself, i suggest you stop hatin'! Our business partner in organo gold has his mercedes benz that Organo Gold pays for every month, his wife doesn't work and this business is his only job. How are you gonna say that's a scam...they're living proof. Nuff said.
OG Team Leader

Baird, TX

#67 Oct 26, 2012
Hi DOAS - If you work you get paid. If you work harder you get paid more. If you dont work you dont get paid. Many people who try these dont have the iniciative, drive, or disappline to run a business. You will make what you make per hour at your job without the ability to make more unless you get a promotion which in this economy isnt likely. So support your dad and help him grow his business. Drink the coffee and share it with your friends. Stop giving your time and hard work to corperate types who dont care for you. Join the OG movement and build your own team and make your own promotion. Be your own person. You dont have to be a worker bee anymore. Stop selling your father and yourself short. If you want to be a "regular ass" (your words) then so be it; but you sound like you have some smarts. Use them. You can do it if you stop the negative talk.
Daughter of A Sucker wrote:
Now my dad moved to Atlanta about 4 years ago and just this year he been into these too good to be true schemes (he just ran in an encounter with one in May) And now he's all excited about this random ass Oregano Gold shit and now I'm hearing about it. Now he already paid that 50.00 and he saying they got him in hotels and having orientations accompanied by gotdamn fireworks and *sigh* I just need a way to bring some type of precaution to him before he get too deep in this potential mess.
Coincidentally, I started working in just a regular ass neighborhood coffee shop when he told me about this, but now I'm just concerned about him being assed out cause he cannot afford to fall prey under false doings

Houston, TX

#68 Oct 30, 2012
What u do at your job to get a pay checklist the same for oregano gold I have looked at this company like my company the product you sell is to make a profit. I think many people on here want thing handed to them if your company went out of business you would have to go to another company and take a chance to see if both you and that company is a perfect fit, I have been in corporate America and all the year I see older people retired and still have to look for another job to make ends meet if you look at a business as a scam then stay out of all name brand companies because they started out the same way. And that computer and phone you use started out a a vision, so when you look for scam stop driving you car or that chair or that bank or that sporting event you go to or that food you eat it all started as a vision start believing that GOD has something better for you not everything is free some dream take hope and a purpose. I hope this will clear up what you think about Oregano Gold it is not the company it you not believing in yourself, because you blow money everyday on eating, drinking, amusement, gas, clothing and most of those item cast way less to make than what you spend on the product. Women you will spend almost 200 on a purse for the name, men spend 200 for a steak that someone tell is the best. We need to believe in what we can do not what someone says we see as a scam.
Peter Clarke

Sunderland, UK

#69 Nov 1, 2012
mariam- NYC wrote:
my problem is that they said that is organic and healthy coffee there is nothing about it it loaded with sugar and other ingredients and ganoderma is the last item in the coffee. It is a scam there is another company that just break away from them.
You guys really need to learn about coffee growing before you up and spout (what I can only assume from the amount of plugs is GANO-sponsored) rubbish.
Almost all coffee production is organic in nature, but because coffee is grown by small farmers with only a few acres, they can't afford to spend the $20,000 to get organically certified - want a con - organic certification!!!
Second, tea is grown in massive plantations owned by multi-nationals who can afford the $20k to be organic. That is why organic tea is more common than organic coffee - back to the organic scam again.
As CG Lung said - You are what you do, not what you say you'll do!
So quit being critical, get off your backsides and do SOMETHING to improve your lot instead of criticising those who have..


#70 Nov 1, 2012
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Oceanside, CA

#71 Nov 2, 2012
MilkChocolate wrote:
People in my neighborhood are jumping on the bandwagon but I think it's a scam. Does anyone have anything good to say about this company?

Pompano Beach, FL

#72 Nov 3, 2012
All of you saying these negative comments about Organo Gold are clearly lazy and have a slavery mindset. How can you not understand the concept of getting 100% profit from a box of coffee you purchase at wholesale. So continue on your job with 40/40/40 plan while the rest of us are living the number 1 lifestyle in the world.
Jack Juice

Indianapolis, IN

#73 Nov 4, 2012
This sounds like a load of shit to me....

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