Why In Ellis Grove?
Larry Eaglebear Tybo


#1 Feb 15, 2010
Living in Ellis Grove I have learned it is a community for retirement not for the people of today. Certain people only care for themselves and not the kids of our town. WHY? DO we have a Gazibo in the middle of town and will not spend the money to put in a decent play area for our kids?
WHY? does the town buy a new lawnmower to mow the grass at the graveyard everyday and will not spend the money to rebuild our roads through town to a decent shape?
WHY? is it we cannot get anything in town decent for anyone?
Why is a certain person always trying to control everything to her liking with little respect to others paying taxes of Ellis Grove?
Why should we pay taxes and reap from the benefits it can provide to us?
Why does Randolph County pay two school taxes and a mental health board committee tax when the place is payed by the state of Il who people that work there gets a sizable amount of good pay from the state. Who is letting this happen?
We are everyone in Randolph County! What happens when your husband or you lose your job? WIll the state help you? Hell No! your out on the street if you cannot pay your taxes? What about the money that the town of Ellis Groves uses to pay the people who mow grass and pretty up the Gazibo area every year Who pays for it?
Why does Ellis Grove have the most screwed up and twisted lines for City Limits for showing how the town is cut into sections? our town is when you enter it from both ends shows a sign that says Ellis Grove Population 400 ETC But did you know where you enter the signs which landmark the town are not our city limits? Nope! Make a left at the sign and it is out of city limits stay straight and you go into city limits. NOPE America Ellis Grove is monkeyed up? THe old people run it through voting for people who will not help the town out! Did you know when i moved to ELlis Grove I asked for a REcycle Bin and was told by a clerk that it would never happen because it was to much trouble? It happened! Did you know they estimate your water sometimes because it is to cold to check it using the water used prior to rate your bill? We cannot get anything decent because this town will not allow it. People move in and out because the town has nothing to give or want. But every year our taxes keep raising Thank you Randolph county for doing nothing for the little towns who people you keep raising taxe on and spending the way you want. WHO needs to be taxes two different times for a school? WHo needs to be taxed for a Mental Health Board? Hell they want a board let Chester pay for it since it is their baby. No one benefits from this mental health mental prison>.

Belleville, IL

#2 Feb 21, 2010
another day in the town aslife goes by.snow piles on the street along with gravel makes the town look sad. well its all melting. Is it time to get rid of streetside mail blaxes in town? i think yes.
The Weasel


#3 Mar 25, 2010
Our roads look like shit but that grave yard is great looking! Our kids have no place to play but we hire four people to keep our grave yard clean Oh and one water guy to lie to us about our water.watch out never know when you are getting your water bill estimated too. But who cares We gotta cop who sits up on the highway and talks to the guy with the red dodge truck.
The Bear

Belleville, IL

#4 Mar 28, 2010
Well it is Spring in the ole town and we are a mowing the grass in the cemetary again! We spend more money mowing the grass in the cemetary than doing for the town itself,Sad!


#5 Jul 10, 2010
I get posting from the who cares Village hall letting me know to keep excess water poured out due to mosquitos and other bull crap. Yet,I have ditch in back of my yard that collects so much staggnated water it is wonder we all don't have West Nile Virus! WHats Ellis Grove going to do about it? NOTHING just like they do all the time.
We pay taxes to have decent roads Ever looked at your property tax? whats the deal with being charged two taxes for school and THAT MENTAL HEALTH BOARD TAX What the hell is up with that? They get big time money from the state and they are talking our money too.
Ellis Grove puts that gravel stuff down every year. it is a temporary fix but the heavy farm equipment tears our roads up. WHo Give a Damn? No one. Welcome to Ellis Grove!

Wilmot, NH

#6 Jul 21, 2010
Ellis Grove is dead. Nothing left

Belleville, IL

#7 Aug 13, 2010
Well once again,Summer has came around and the roads have been once again covered with loose gravel in what seems to be an attempt to keep the roads built up and conditioned.
Ellis Grove seems to spend alot of money keeping up the grave yard but the hell with the road which is main street. But Hey Hell Who cares? It's just Ellis Grove.

Belleville, IL

#8 Aug 26, 2010
Well we spent money on a Town sign so everyone knows where the Ellis Grove is at but Still the kids have no place to place except by a school the town will not force to be torn down and is full of asbestos.
I know

Piggott, AR

#9 Aug 27, 2010
Ellis Grove is a joke just like Evansville it gets worse every week so don't hold your breath.
Chester Native

United States

#10 Sep 2, 2010
Whew! I stand amazed! I don't know that much about Ellis Grove and I don't know where any of you got your educations, but I'd say school taxes were certainly wasted on you! Pleae, if you're going to write on these boards, try to pretend you know how. I'm sorry you're so unhappy in Ellis Grove. I'm sure the "old people" you keep talking about would be happy for you to leave, but PLEASE don't move to Chester. We sure don't want you here!

Belleville, IL

#11 Sep 4, 2010
Yeah,I do not intend to. Chester itself is a dying planet full of illigal aliens and who know what else. Heck they even have you so it sounds like they have even more crap to make me not want to be there. You must be retired from Mary Lee Gilster!

Belleville, IL

#12 Sep 16, 2010
I really have to stand up and give our village police officer Fred a true hand for handling a situation the right way. We have a woman who cares less of her family and just drinks and drugs herself and hands off her kids to her Husband to take care of. She has found herself another money,drug,alcohol provider and thus left her kids.
She then has the ignorance to come back and try to retrieve her smallest kid who runs away from her screwming. well i went over to end this crazy shit which was happening and when over there the village police police arrives and he has had enough too. He tells her she is not going to get away with taking her kid tonight knowing she was drugged or drunk and waits by for the father to return! you Go Fred! Thanks for finally doing something in Ellis Grove that others place a blind eye to!
- blank -

Waterloo, IL

#13 Sep 28, 2010
Huh ?
Elect Eaglebear

Belleville, IL

#14 Oct 1, 2010
Hello out there, I am a resident of Ellis Grove and i am running this year for the board Trustee. I hope to have as many of your votes as possible as it is time for a change and to have your voice heard in our little town.
Don Pritchard

Saint Louis, MO

#15 Oct 12, 2010
This topic has nothing to do with Ste. Genevieve MO so why is it in the Ste. Genevieve Forum?

Belleville, IL

#16 Nov 21, 2010
who knows why,Probably the same reason St.Gen is in the topic here

United States

#17 Dec 29, 2010
Ellis Grove has always been a old town. However we do have new families moving into town with children. There really isn't anything in town for the children to do.
However what really bothers me is that the only playground is right next to an abandoned school building. This building has been abandoned since 1983. The roof caved in and the doors and windows are broken. I have took upon myself to take this matter to the board members about getting it condemed. They stated that since it is privately own the town has no control over that property. So kids are playing on the playground and when left unattended they could get into that building and get seriously hurt but no-one seems to cares.
Therefor elect Eaglebear, If you can do something about that building I will vote for you.
Eaglebear for Trustee

Belleville, IL

#18 Jan 1, 2011
Well Here is what i know about that building, The owner wants to give it to the town but the town said no unless you give us the whole thing. It looks as though it is going to happen. A friend of mine has been asking for a recreation place for the kids but as of so far his request have been denied. If i can get elected i too will push for this and i want to make a web site for those minutes in the hall meetings and questions from residents as well.

Carterville, IL

#19 Jan 21, 2013
Eaglebear is it true that you are running for mayor? I hope so, we need help for our run down town. We need paved streets, not that chip and oil crap and causes alot of dust. We also need new drainage, the water pools everywhere after a rain. Our mayor now isn't doing anything about it. Maybe you can.
New Resident of the Grove

Herrin, IL

#20 Feb 12, 2013
I moved to this town about 8 months ago.Don't mind the town..Don't mind the people.. what I don't understand is why we can't have one freaking place to buy a jug of milk.. a tank of gas.. SOMETHING. Water bill: My bill is the same each month.. I find that odd.. Mowing:Yes, the guys make it look nice out there, but dang, do we have to mow twice a week? I live near the gazebo, never saw ANYONE EVER sit in it. EVER. How about those abandoned houses? Isn't there something we can do to doz them? Come on people...

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