JoAnns FAbric & Craft Store-Cheats E...

Rockford, IL

#143 May 22, 2010
Joann Shopper wrote:
I think Joann's should have their CEO go undercover like the reality show on CBS in each district in the country with at least one store, one DM and one Regional manager. Daryl Webb wouldn't last a week at minimum wage, no hours or cut hours, no benefits and standing on his feet all day cutting fabric and working with customers. The required paperwork that managers have to complete and the audits that must be 90% compliant would be a real eye opener. A dose of reality for the company that actually made money last year in the recession.
Thumbs up!!!:)

United States

#144 Jun 7, 2010
I am a current worker for Joanns and we just saw a post on the board letting everyone that due to employee availability that they will hire soon. To fill out a new availibily form if my schedules has changed. Well I have always marked that I am available all the time any day. I just got my new schedule and I am only put for 14 hours for the week. I don't get it why they did that when I should have gotten more. To me it makes no sence at all to not give more hours but they want to hire more people.

Belmont, CA

#145 Jun 9, 2010
Ok so it's not just the Eureka store. The whole system sucks.
I find myself apologizing for corprate's stupid policies, and even for some of my co-workers. I don't like having customer's being forwarded to me when a co-worker can't figure out how to read a pattern. I don't like having to tell a customer i can't help them because i'm about to work past my fifth hour.
The management, corporate, and the policies are moronic.
Since the Holidays i've been thinking "it's just a hectic time, things will get better" giving Jo-ann's the benefit of the doubt. Holidays seemed resonable, our re-model seemed resonable. But now that we're doing great on sales because of the re-model, you would think we'd get more hours. nope. everyone (except those in favor of the manager) are cut down to 20 hours a week or less. Reasoning: because they don't want to risk new hires going over their fifth hour. New hires? I've been working here for almost a year, and i get cut down to 9 hours this week?
I'm done giving Jo-ann's a pity parade, i can't afford it at this point.

Ingleside, IL

#146 Jun 11, 2010
well after reading these stories on here about joann fabrics it is clear that the company only cares about the management. Not refering to the MTLS,OTLS, but the store managers. The joanns in benton harbor mi. Is a place to avoid. Many former employees quit due to the verbal abuse received at the hand of the store manager. no one here is complaining just expressing their views. At this store there have been customer coplaints lodged against the manager on more than one occasion. employees have walked off the job and sent letters to h/r asking for help but nothing changed. Verbal abuse is also harassment employees tolsd that they can not be friends with their fellow co-workers outside the work place. when employees say to the district manager my training is not complete they are ignored. this is your joanns store.

Ingleside, IL

#147 Jun 11, 2010
Losin gyour job after 9 months of incomplete training is a joke. joanns managers are verbally abusive, they threaten employees with discharge over everything. They are told that they can not see co-workers outside of work. or fired to save the managers butt. they write you up for not smiling enough. what a joke. if their are more of you out there let it be known.
Lauren Acton

Indianapolis, IN

#148 Jun 14, 2010
This is basically a courtesy rule and law. Your place of business does not have to tell a guest when a certain person will be working. This is to protect that individual. Others do not need to know their personal schedule.
brethournative wrote:
New MGR, Can you please tell me why Joann's policy does not allow inquiring customers to be told when a store manager will be in? <quoted text>
Unhappy customer

Enfield, CT

#149 Jun 20, 2010
I recently signed up for 2 sessions of a 'home decor' class at JoAnn's. The cost was $55 prepaid at registration. The objective of the class was to learn how to make a cushion complete with zipper and custom welting. The instructor called prior to the class to introduce herself and I hung up the phone with a positive attitude. HOWEVER, the actual evening turned out to be a disaster! The instructor wasn't prepared for all 4 attendees bringing different size cushions and materials. With that said, I did discuss my "cushion project" with the instructor during our call and she said it wouldn't be a problem. I also called the store and checked with the 'education coordinator'- again no problem. From the dirty craft room, to the instructor taking calls on her cell phone, to her giving instructions to cut the welting material incorrectly, the whole class was an absolute mess. She claimed her pattern instructions came from corporate BUT she herself wouldn't do it that way! Needless to say I didn't attend the next session and when I went to the store to discuss the issues with the "education coordinator" she was not interested to listen to what I had to say. NO MORE JOANN'S FOR ME! I found another material store that is not a franchise where the people care about their customers. By the way, my cushions came out beautiful. I found a great tutorial on the internet! Happy ending to a disasterous beginning.

Union City, CA

#150 Jun 20, 2010
I can't believe they have not been sued.Everyone on this post needs to get together and find a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit or at least have everyone get together to file a labor board suit, and don't give up, they should pay for their practices.
Joann Employee

Apex, NC

#151 Jun 21, 2010
Joann Fabrics is my first paying job, and despite my inexperience in the work force, I have to agree with alot of what has been said here, I originally thought that "this is what it is like to work without a degree." After seeing this, and hearing from some of my friends who are either currently working towards their bachelors degree or have settled for a high school diploma, I can certainly agree that Joanns is not a good work environment, all the employees are discontent, especially the people who are experienced with Fabric and Craft merchandise. I do not believe I have received adequate training, but I do what I can to help a customer, which involves smiling and knowing about the product. I'm polite, and I smile, but at the end of a conversation after I can't help the guest, even if they're smiling, I am very annoyed with myself. I'm currently looking for more work, but I expect this will be my job for the summer(or at least until they say otherwise) unfortunately. To all of you customers who have tried our store and have not been adequately assisted in your shopping, I wish you good luck in your endeavors, and I hope you can provide adequate feedback to make changes happen.
Joann Shopper

Lutz, FL

#152 Jun 21, 2010
What part of I wasn't trained are you not getting?
Every one of these employees says the same thing.
You survived the market crisis but sales not soo good these days.
get back to the basics....

Community, respect for staff and just plain common sense.
JoAnns Employee

United States

#153 Jun 22, 2010
I have been working for JoAnns' for almost 5 years, I started there when I was a junior in High School and I will be a senior in college. I've read many of these comments and I agree with some and disagree with others. JoAnns' is not a company anyone should work for. They under pay and mistreat their employees and therefore many employees take it out on the customers, not that they have any right to do so, but many do. Like I said before I have worked there almost 5 years and yet I get paid 25 cents more than a new hired person who has no clue about anything. I do everything in the store from unloading the truck, stocking and ordering merchandise to being a cashier. I bust my butt everyday being there since 5am which is hard since I barely get enough sleep as it is. I do more than most of the managers that work there yet they get paid more for just sitting in the office while the rest are having to work double for their lack of effort. Even with all that I still put on a smile for customers when they walk in the door. I try to help them in any way I can because it is not their fault for how the company treats me, but some of these customers come in complaining as soon as they walk in the door I try to help them and make them happy, but it won't do. I get mistreated and told I should go back to school and learn a thing of two. Little do they know I will shortly be receiving my BS in Business Administration with a subplan in Human Resources, they know nothing about me and yet they have the nerve to mistreat me when all I try to do is be helpful to them.Although I strongly disagree with many of JoAnns policies I am forced to listen and abey they if not I will be let go and I can't afford to lose my job when I'm the one putting myself through school and a university is no cheap at all. I've taken many classes and learned how to give the best customer service, but some customers have no patience and no respect. I agree that many should work retailing before complaining about retail employees, but yet I also know of those employees who could care less about a customers and who mistreat them when they are no where at fault. Those type of employees should be let go. The company is simply awful they need to treat their employees better. All in all I do not believe its fair to blame all employees it is the company who is at fault. And just to add customers you should really try being nice if you want to be treated nice, yelling at employees for not getting your way is not gonna make an employee to help you. Also if you see an employee walking out the door or in the break room they are off the clock and by law can not help you do not be mad if they nicely tell you they can not help you instead try to be understanding and put yourself in their shoes.

Fresno, CA

#154 Jun 26, 2010
Ok just the other day as I was signing for my paycheck the manager asked me to sign some forms where I am being warned or told that I understand the new policy that if I damage or miscut material I can be in trouble and dismissed. OMG! Now I have been given 5 days off. This sucks

Puyallup, WA

#156 Jul 10, 2010
I started as a seasonal hire last September. Within 2 weeks I was working 40 hrs a week.By December I was recommended to another store for their customer service lead position. I started at the new store christmas eve. It took me 4 months to go from a seasonal part-time tm to a CSL. That was when the fun ended for me with Joann's. The abuse that we are to take from rude customers is rediculious. I stepped in more than a couple times to rescue another tm from a guest. The duties that are expected in an 8 hr shift are horrible. The payroll is a joke. I couldn't get any work done because I was cashiering or cutting fabric, because there was no payroll to staff the store properly. There's so much product on the floor that is of horrible quality and 10 years old. The most horrible thing though about the company is the audit threat. Joann's rules in fear and it is called the audit. We had stores failing in our region because TM's had pictures on their lockers in the breakroom. Give me a break. My OTL was doing a store audit and went through the TM's coat pockets and found a penny. He made her go through all the apron pockets looking for personal property not locked up as her punishment. Give me a break! I finally walked out in the middle of my shift. my pay was crap, my hours and responsibilities were unreasonable, and my dignity had been sucked out of me. Shame on you Joann's. You are a just another typical corporate america story, having no heart for anybody but yourselves and your stockholders. You have wonderful faithful full-time employees who rely on state assistance for food and insurance. Their Joann's pay can't put food in their children's belly. And shame on you for taking advantage of the recession. I sit in the break room and read how Joann's is increasing sales quarterly, but no hourly employee can get a reasonable raise. Daryl made around 10 million last year, right? Hope you're proud of yourself, you selfish bastard!
Current Employee

Boyne City, MI

#157 Jul 11, 2010
I am a current employee at Joanns and our store must be the exception! There are many who have been there for up to 10years, We are all older and maybe that is the difference. Many of my customers come in looking specifically for me to help them. Yes customer service stinks everywhere. Have you tried to find an employee at Wal-mart lately? I do know that because of the low wages and lack of benefits, unless you are lucky enough to get full-time, many of the stores employee, shall we say less caring and much younger "kids" who frankly don't give a d...! But who's fault is that, we raised them. Instead of about it on line or to corporate, who really is after just the money, talk to the people in the store. Let them know that you feel unwanted in the store, help them to help you with better customer service. Our manger is great and does care and will listen.
Constructive Dismissal

Carson City, NV

#158 Jul 21, 2010
Look up "Constructive Dismissal,"Carson City, Nevada JoAnns should know it well.It is when an employer is pushing an employee to QUIT, so they do not have to fire them! WHY? so they do not have to look in the employees eyes! So. three hours in the middle of a Sunday..mmmmm is it worth it?
I have worked for this Company many years and cared for the store, the customers along with fellow emplyees. WHY? They sure do not care about any of US!
"Sorry folks it seems as Customer Service and knowlege went out the door!"
Constructive Dismissal

Carson City, NV

#159 Jul 21, 2010
Wish Carson City had your Manager Boyne City, MI.
Once that one leaves look out, thats what happend with us!
Constructive Dismissal

Carson City, NV

#160 Jul 22, 2010
Constructive Dismissal..Carson City, Nevada's
Manager is really pushing us out the door!
Does Corporate care? This guy thinks he is funny with his nasty little jokes that make customers as well as us employees want to cover our ears!
The new young girls I really feel SORRY for, as they want their jobs and put up with his non stop teasing! Does Corporate care? well...they will once someone slaps them with a law suit.
What happen to JoAnns standards?

United States

#161 Jul 22, 2010
HatesWhiners wrote:
If you had earned a college degree you wouldn't be whining about JoAnns wages. What makes you think your job is worth anything more than minimum wage? If some uneducated, immigrant foreigner that can barely speak English can do your job, then obviously it isn't too difficult of a job. If you don't like something, move on. There are no chains on your ankles or wrists, are there? Go back to school ... it's never too late. Whatever you do ... quit whining!
Ha! Bet you're eatin those words in this economy now! One of my managers has a bachelors in business makin $10 an hour (same as my friend the Ihop cook :) another "fabric cutter"/cashier holds a bachelor in speech pathology and me and at least 2 others have Associates degrees and make no more than 7.50 an hour. We work there because we must not because we are uneducated. It sounds as though you need an education in higher academics yourself (It's called "projection" in psychology)Try cultivating your critical thinking skills, it will help you to get rid of your simplistic thinking.


#162 Jul 22, 2010
I'm just here to say JoAnn Fabrics has not painted over a big spray-painted graffiti sign on its wall. Let's be good neighbors, JoAnn, and cover up that graffiti before the vandals start thinking they own the neighborhood!

Kansas City, MO

#163 Jul 23, 2010
I used to shop the store in Independence, Missouri. Never again. I just observed the most rude treatment to an employee by the most obnoxious clerk I have ever seen there. Here's the big surprise - Miss Rude is the store manager. Where did they find this idiot? I have dealt with the fabric cutter there for years and she has always been courteous and very helpful. I was really disgusted to see this pushy fat hog of a store manager come up and start yelling at her for the most trivial reason (double checking fabric measurement on my fabric). The cutter was being helpful. Pushy fat hog was being hateful. I always think supervisors reflect their higher-ups, which is not saying a lot for Joann management.

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