Expert links shooting suspects to Mon...

Expert links shooting suspects to Mongols motorcycle gang

There are 1250 comments on the Eureka Times Standard story from Dec 17, 2008, titled Expert links shooting suspects to Mongols motorcycle gang. In it, Eureka Times Standard reports that:

An expert on outlaw motorcycle gangs testified in court Tuesday, explaining that three of four men implicated in the non-fatal shooting of a suspected Hells Angels member appear to be patch-wearing Mongols gang ...

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81 are bird lovers

Bangkok, Thailand

#1317 May 19, 2011
The USA hells angels obsession with Michael Yevtuck belies a certain unnatural fixation.

The hells angels all want to be tough and hot looking like Michael Yevtuck but the hells angels could never have the Body because they are to lazy and they will never have the heart to stand for what is rightous.

hells angels wanted to be Mike yevtuck but they were not born with the heart of a lion instead they were born with hearts of weasles, wood peckers,pigeons ,rats

USa hells angels Pee wee rounded out just a pig . Dave burgess child porn convict leader ,chuck Zito the great pretender, lofranco leader of NJ rat pack , George christie presidental wow talk about crazzy LOL , ray rat foakes etc are just freaks in a flock of freaks

I guess that is why hells angels will alway live in the shadow of Mike Yevtuck .

Michael Yevtuck is real ./////////

Cresskill, NJ

#1326 Jun 8, 2011
Traveling Ornithologist wrote:
On my travels I was asked if the Raymong the rat foakes was a sqeeling rat or a clucking chicken .
I replyed that when rats mate with chickens the off spring is a chicken head the head of a chicken the body of a rat.
MY next question was does Raymond the rat foakes have a criminal record ?
I searched my charts and found that Raymond rat foakes did have prior records but his latest hit songs were :
Hey Hey Hey they went that way in a Durango and pleasE please don't ask me or I will tell you. These two hit songs were off the William tell
Raymond the rat the world sees you as a rat.

Your a pathetic out of shape big mouth trouble making coward that hides behind a flock of freaks and when you get scared you dial it 911 the call of the USA hells angels.

United States

#1328 Oct 22, 2011
I think what you write is bull poop, and your hate for the red and white should get you whacked.
my grand father was an original crew member in 1942
and your punk bull shit dirt bag commits
I like to see your head on a silver plate.
delivered to your mama's house....
with your slang coming out of your month.
this is what slang talk brings
from a true one percent.
yet yourself checked.

United States

#1329 Oct 22, 2011
this message is for Michael Yevtuck

dude quit writing , knocking down the red and white,

you really need to have respect for people.

it seem there's lot of punk's like yourself trying to be someone...
look at the crap the world dishes out and you included.
see you in hell.

Brooklyn, NY

#1330 Nov 15, 2011
Stop posting little mickey,you bring all this on yourself.The USA 81 don't even consider you as a real person.Most do not know who the hell you are.I suggest you come visit a few at Henry St in Hempstead,NY.Introduce yourself and let them know what you think of them in person.But of coarse you will have the usual excuses of a coward and say the police told you to stay away and so on.All this news about real beatings and killindogs but NOTHING about poor little greasy stubby mikey yevschmuck beating or killing anyone.Thats because he ONLY types about these things.The only thing we know for sure about this dwarf drywaller from NJ is that he visits all the child prostitute hot spots in Thailand,ALONE!!!Who goes to Thailand alone?Poor mikey yevsuck,sits at home typing away and nobody cares.Thousands show up for a fallen biker,nobody will be at little mikey's dirt party.Hey mikey boy....see ya' at the Pig Roast next year.Oh!thats right,you don't do face to face,just internet chatter,like a 12 yr. old girl.Type on chatter boy.Nobody cares unless you grow a pair of balls and confront one of your nemeses in person.LIVE FREE-RIDE FREE.

Alameda, CA

#1331 Mar 11, 2012
Mike Yetfuck was an Angel wannabe groupie from New Jersey. He got the living shit stomped out of him by the real deal Hells Angel Chuck
Zito, his bike TAKEN, and his old lady TAKEN from him. Mike Yetfuck is now
mentally and physically disabled, and deemed legally mentally retarded from that bad beating
Chuck Zito gave him in 1979. Mike Yetfuck now spends most of his life hiding
behind a keyboard typing illogical and delusional childish propaganda about the
club and especially the specific ones that severely beat him, demoralized, humiliated him, TOOK his girl, his bike, and his manhood from him. He never physically or mentally got over
that beating that Chuck Zito gave him, and all that followed years ago. Mike Yetfuck is almost a vegetable now and when not hiding
behind a keyboard typing all this delusional talk, he is in Thailand making love
to pre-pubescent Thai boys!!! This is a documented fact!!! He admits to some of
it, but not all, including all the arrests in Thailand and slap on the wrist the
give there for pedophiles when they pay the corrupt government off. They will
eventually get him and convict him. Oh, he also was a documented confidential
informant for the NJPD in 1983! Most assume it had to do with the fact that he
got on meth and then crack real bad. In the US, he is soooooo underground, he
cant be caught by citizens or otherwise to take care of this very very very
sick human being! He posts his fake address and phone number, so when attempts
are made to handle him, he is nowhere to be found. He also mysteriously has a
different IP address linked to different accounts and addresses on almost each
and every post. Many are from public places like libraries, and certain stores
that have public internet access. He moves around consistently and
methodically! People, especially if you have children, especially pre
pubescent boys, BEWARE, this is one sick brain damaged psychopath pedophile!!!
*NOTE, all these different post names that have the same delusional talk of rape and murder, etc are all using the same illogical words like frolicking, and other bizarre terms, are clearly confirmed as the same original poster which may or may not be this nut job Mike Yetfuck. What we do know, is with any psychological background one can confirm that this delusional way of talking/writing is that of a psychopath. There are clear signs that it is an adult, however it is one with multiple overlapping very acute mental disorders. There are also clear signs of a multiple personality disorder. This individual that is very very clearly posting under all these carious names has clearly been hurt very badly. As we all know physically, and even more so psychologically. Now with this said, one cannot confirm without a full evaluation of this individual that we are to assume is the Mike Yetfuck, and that much of said psychological damage is from getting severely beaten, having his girlfriend TAKEN, and his bike TAKEN... His moral, property, and manhood were all TAKEN from him. We also know from one of his old girlfriends, that he has impotency issues that he is very ashamed of. One can conclude that all this psychological damage along with the trauma to his skull and brain are the reasons for his lifelong fixation with all these hateful delusional fantasies and rants. They can be seen on other articles and are all the same dysfunctional vocabulary, and under many other random screen names to make it seem like he has followers. That is very sad, as NO ONE wants anything to do with this whack job! So to all reading this and the other babbling rants you will see with his and other names with all this telltale delusional and hateful rambling, know that you are dealing with a very badly damaged pedophile nut job!!!

Brooklyn, NY

#1332 Jul 31, 2012
Let us not forget that Mike Yevtuck,owner of Yevtuck Drywall,visits cities in Thailand alone.These same cities are child prostitution hot-spots.You figure it out.
nor cal wood

United States

#1333 Sep 25, 2013
ray ray got his ass beat in north block by a down lifer . for what you ask ? for putting his nose in business that wasnt his . hells angels in prison mean absolutly nothing to the general population .

Fullerton, CA

#1334 Tuesday Oct 11
Ok, but doesn't that make both of them gay. If a man f***s another man in the Arse, that makes him gay & a coward, if the guy he f***s isn't a consential partner. Actually the guy f****** a non consectial partner seems to be the gayer of the two if you ask me, & honestly, I don't know either of the people you are talking about nor the gangs they are in, but as an outsider reading these posts, it sounds to me like they are both gay. What guy takes another guy in the butt if he's not gay. Ewwwe & more ewwwe. Sounds like you all might be a little on the phycho side of things. Just saying.

Fullerton, CA

#1335 Tuesday Oct 11
And why are you saying that a man screwing another man in the butt is something to be proud of? It sounds like a lot of that goes on in your gang by the looks of these posts. Taking a mans manhood, only means that the one taking it, must like doing men. That's just weird to me. Here you guys are supposed to be a feared & tough motorcycle gang, yet you take pleasure in screwing a man in the butt? Aren't there any woman that you would rather stick it into? All this just sounds like the only thing that gets you all off is, humiliating men, & using the club as a disguise to be able to screw men & not be called gay? Smh! That's pretty sad that innocent men are being raped by you, just for the fun of it & getting away with it & not be called gay all in the name of your doing your club duty. This seriosly makes me ill to my stomach. I will pray for all of you, because if it ever happens to a son of your own, I wonder how your gonna feel then. It's sad that you guys post this stuff like it's something to be proud of. God help you!

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