I was shopping downtown on my day off on a Monday, (yes i get a three day weekend to enjoy every weekend)and I spend my time in my beautiful city of Fort Worth, on my agenda for the day, shopping for Books, and the best lunch i could find. I went to our wonderful Central library for some Jane Austen books and movies, and then to Barnes and Nobles for the best discounted hardcovers, James Patterson (5th horsemen)and Edward P. Jones award winning novel Aunt Hagars children, then last but not least The independent bookstore on 8th street and purchased Zora's Mules and Men I was mighty hungry and walking down the street when a young man opened the door to the Dixie House Cafe, no doubt for his buddies but my hands were full and stomach growling i enter nodded a sweet texas thanks partner and entered. Seated prompltly no chance to eye over the place and served sweet tea, (yes) and my lunch/dinner was served before i could put my books next to me like a willing guest for lunch. Piping hot my country fried steak, mashed potatoes and perfectly seasoned pinto's and buttery biscuit lay waiting like it new i was coming. I became suspect at how fast and nice the service was, scanned the place and everyone was being treated the same. I ate and ate, and had desert and read my book and enjoyed a slice of Texas heaven in my favorite town on earth. Way to go Dixie House Cafe. Imma bringing friends. Salute.