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LOL...I Bet yu think yu jux a funny guy uh?? prolly aint got **** going 4 yaself but 2 go around n comment on otha ppl life how bout yu get 1 of ya OWN lol...n Yea I will bust a Rhyme but wait I get PAID 4 that YOUTUBE me b!tch lol...:BLK RAPPER GNE BAD ON LAME **** PERSON" datz gnna b ya tittle...if yu real where yu at I sho will ride the little bus ova there???Jux let me kno when n where let's see how tough yu are now???LMAO Lam-O...
At least people (not peeps - those are those chick candies) can understand what he writes.
Did you not learn the three R's in school ( you know, the place that taxpayers pay for you to go to and learn to become a productive member of society)? You don't need to prove to us that you are a tough SOB, just that you are a human being that has feelings, can empathize with other people, and actually have thinking capabilities.

Seriously, dude, you don't need to put on that act for us as we are not "homies" or "peeps" on the street. We are productive, intelligent members of society.

You are anonymous, so they won't find out, okay? Be real, just write INTELLIGENTLY. They won't know.