Norway best place to live, with U.S. ...

Norway best place to live, with U.S. falling behind states U.N. report

There are 298 comments on the story from Nov 7, 2010, titled Norway best place to live, with U.S. falling behind states U.N. report. In it, reports that:

" Norway is the best place to live on the planet, while the United States lags behind, states the United Nations annual "A-to-Z" report that rates all the world's nations on such areas as global wealth, poverty, health and education.

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Since: Jul 11

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#323 Sep 29, 2012
Gov. Romney loosing the farm belt now, Ryan voted against agribusiness and small farm aid-wow Neo-Progs are winning Bachkkkman's home state

Oak Hill, WV

#324 Sep 29, 2012
President Obama’s own characterization back in January 2011 of the Ryan plan as “an entirely legitimate proposal.” Obama recognized that spending for Medicare, Medicaid and other entitlements were “the major driver of our long-term liabilities” and that the right solution deserved “a healthy debate.”

Talk about flip flopping.

United States

#325 Sep 29, 2012
swedenforever wrote:
"You won't destroy our democracy. We are a small but proud nation. No one can bomb us to silence. No one can scare us from being Norway. This evening and tonight, we'll take care of each other. That's what we do best when attacked." Jens Stoltenberg
As long as you Norwegians remain tough and fearless like Eric the red then no one won't destroy your Norwegian democracy.

Since: Jul 11

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#330 Oct 2, 2012
Waihekeisland wrote:
<quoted text>As long as you Norwegians remain tough and fearless like Eric the red then no one won't destroy your Norwegian democracy.
I'm Swedish but yes I'd rather die than loose democracy


#334 Oct 2, 2012
you have no demo crac swedee boy

un jooappointed mudtar baby rules you


lost godless losrs, all of you





#335 Oct 2, 2012
oi vey, look at how wwe can brinwash the goyum, the cattle, the cows, they eat the shit we sell and repeat the words we speak

demo crac y...see the swede said it

lol our media brainwashes all goy very well
they are dumb cows

erictheredwentto scotland


#336 Oct 2, 2012
and ireland and left his bezerker genes there

Since: Jun 12

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#338 Oct 4, 2012
Obama is a monkey from the Rustbelt, and his wife looks like a Gorilla woman from horror movies.

Since: Jul 11

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#339 Mar 31, 2013
I know I had no hand in making this war, and I know I will make more sacrifices today than any of you to secure peace.
William Tecumseh Sherman

United States

#342 Apr 12, 2013
MONTANA wrote:
<quoted text>
Chop the south off, like a cancer. Let them flounder around in their own filth and corruption for a while, until they drown in their own sh!t.
What are you talking about?Makes no difference if the south secedes or not. The entire U.S.A. is currently floundering around in its own filth and corruption and is drowning in its own shit !
for your info

Eugene, OR

#344 May 22, 2013
This makes sense. Norwegians care about their country and each other, so they live a good life. Most Americans don't, so we live in a political-economic garbage dump.

Hopkins, MN

#345 May 22, 2013
Bluebonnets-Thistle wrote:
<quoted text>
That's why we're seeing all the out of state license plates in the south these days. They're leaving the sewer in the north. They tell us they're coming to look for......dare we say it, jobs! Since the leftists in the north and kookoofornia have destroyed all theirs with union greed. See ya!
Really? So lets compare how much you southern states take in on federal dollars compared to what you pay. You'll be safe in texas thanks to the oil but the rest of the bible belt is more of a drag on the US economy than other parts of the country.

Fairdale, KY

#346 May 22, 2013
MONTANA wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, pretty much. But there's nothing quite as stupid and filthy as a southerner. I'm moving to Oregon within the next few days -- the coast. I've lived here (MS) for the past 5 years. Do you want to hear about the joys of living in the fattest, most illiterate State in the Union, or can you just use your imagination.
I know there's not much right with the US anymore, but I went for the best place left (IMO).
I am originally from Massachusetts and currently living in Kentucky for about six months of the year and move to Saratoga springs,NY for about seven weeks in the summer and back to Louisville until the first week in December and spend the winter months in Boynton beach,FL until early April.I work with race horses on race tracks.I have traveled through Portland and Salem,Oregon.Very beautiful scenery ! I don't blame you for leaving a fat and illiterate state like MS !

United States

#348 Feb 13, 2014
MONTANA wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey there! I just got back online and saw your post. I'm heavily involved with TB's myself. I've been on the coast since April of last year, and the house if finally getting finished. It has been a long haul, I gotta tell you! You should consider moving here. The climate is about as good as it gets, although nothing is perfect anymore. Hope you''re doing well in any case, and that you'll see this.
I'm doing well thank you ! I won't quit my job to move anywhere because I can't afford to for financial reasons and lack of job skills and I don't own a vehicle .

Since: Feb 14

Tejgaon, Bangladesh

#349 Feb 22, 2014
I see there are many who loves the current USA rule. I still have no idea about the different sides, like Tea Party, Democrat and Repblicans(there might be more, but I do not care)
Like Americans, we can hunt animals With hunting rifles(when huntig season comes ofc). Yeah Norway and USA got something in commen. See what I did there?
Yes norway ranks 1 in the HDI list, it's middle class is pretty good, we got a good amount of crackheads, hasj lovers? Our government really knows how to use our Oil Money(Yeah right).
Norway is a small country compared too the USA, but Norway does sell most of it's ammunition too the USA.
What's so great about the USA?
Cheap Foods, The American Dream(Really no clue what the dream really is), Guns(Some like it).
What's so Great about the Kingdom of Norway? Fresh air, Extreme Nationalism(Some like it), Safe Food, More freedom, in a way.
What's so bad about the USA?
Crime rate, Guns(Some hate it),
What's so bad about the Kingdom of Norway?
Expensive, Doesn't react to none-Norwegian like People.(Means behave like a Nordman)
Pros and Cons
You decide.


#350 Feb 25, 2014
I live in Stavanger, and I like it here, Its mostly nice people here and some cool places, nice nature etc.


there is some hillbilly, white thrash people around as well. Especially around "vågen" where a lot of offshore workers sit and just drinking. They have thumb rings (what the fuck is up with that btw) and tribal tattoos and love charter trips and just idiotically spend money on nothing (the tragic thing is that this kind of workers don't have to much salary haha)

The culture in general seems to be quite poor when you meet these kind of people. However, there is some great alternative music and places, but when other people from Europe visit, they will see this first. You really need to shape it up.

Teenagers mostly looks the same and have same kind of clothes. Its so boring. Norway really have some exotic history, historically great artists e.g Ibsen, Greig and Munch and off course a fantastic nature. But why the hell do you just let everything go? Everything you should keep and be proud of seems to be less important... why?

I think its a mix of to less influences, to little dreaming, ignorance and a little bit of xenophobia that made it go this far. I think it doesn't need to be like this, its an easy fix in my opinion.

But where is the creative thinking, the different ideas, individual believes and the alternative culture? No wonder why Norway doesn't have as near as many good movies, famous artists, fashion, and great art as their fellow Scandinavians Sweden and Denmark.

There is a crappy B movie from Stavanger called Dynasti I believe that sums it up pretty much, and its probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

You have some great actors and artists thought, but you really need to make the alternative scene bigger here. Its simply not much of a choice, in fact not in anything: food, music, fashion and so on.

If everybody here starts to be more creative, social, and help each other, be more open minded and humble, maybe this country will, in the near future, be famous for its Music, Movies, products, inventions, companies and arts instead of the Oil.

One thing though... you cant beat them in skiing, you just cant. But thats prob the smallest sports out there haha.

Since: Sep 08

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#351 Apr 19, 2014
Lamer wrote:
<quoted text>
Really? So lets compare how much you southern states take in on federal dollars compared to what you pay. You'll be safe in texas thanks to the oil but the rest of the bible belt is more of a drag on the US economy than other parts of the country.
Yes, Southern states are on welfare, and they're Republican, proving again that Republicans love welfare, for themselves, corporations, and for all those who worship money.
They just don't want anybody else to get it, like the needy.

Since: Oct 12

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#352 Apr 23, 2014
Lamer wrote:
<quoted text>
Really? So lets compare how much you southern states take in on federal dollars compared to what you pay. You'll be safe in texas thanks to the oil but the rest of the bible belt is more of a drag on the US economy than other parts of the country.
Can you prove that?

Since: Jul 11

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#353 Apr 23, 2014
Unemployment 2.9%


#354 Apr 26, 2014
Maybe this ''Norway best place to live'' etc etc is just a PR /propoganda scheme, not just for those wanting to move here, but also for the norwegians. In truth, norwegians think they're rich/best, but they can't even be compared with the rich ppl in Asia, AU. Norwegians are living in a bubble, brainwashed by the goverment to think they got it so much better than the rest of the world, so that's why there's so many immigrants coming to norway , okay! truth is the majority of the immigrants are the poor of the poorest. Thus adding more air to the bubble, yes Norway is indeed the best place on earth. They really got it wrong.Just with everyday tech norway is years behind USA/ASIA, and to mention the awareness of modern health. No jogging and skiing is not really a major part of it.

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