Hi guys, Im an Naples & estero broker.
I have many good deals recently in the 75k-80k range. for a 2/2 or 2/2 den.
Many 2/2's are commonly earning 12 to 14k per year on income.
And i was wondering how most of you thought about the market and the Retail and FGCU factor and how it affects value here in estero, fl.
I think it has been a boom for estero as it provides two direct Industries that
1. Provides a strong rental market
2. Prevent many owners from going into default because of that rental marjket.
3.Provides a job base walking distance to many jobs.
Many owners think the university is a detriment becuase of party goers and young people in general and many HOA's are discrimnating against the students and single unmarried persons living together to keep them out.
Many of these community have the highest REO and foreclosures.
My thought you cant have it all and in capillisim it is a by product.
Your thoughts
Mike Rivera
Investment Real Estate Analyst
Naples Fl

Mike Rivera & Associates,LLC

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