Hard times keep car repo man busy

Hard times keep car repo man busy

There are 57 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Jan 26, 2009, titled Hard times keep car repo man busy. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

Tony Atkins is reflected in his rearview mirror as he programs a GPS navigation unit for the next location he'll go to on his bank clients' list for repossession.

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Waxhaw, NC

#43 Aug 13, 2010
Loyal Recovery Agent wrote:
Upon the detbors expense. This industry is regulated by The Department of Agriculute and consumer Services
The repossessors job is just to recover unit. We could careless of your story.
Hmmm, someone has only an elementary education. All you repo men are the same. It's not like as children you aspired to the job and so I assume it's likely you just enjoy taking your misery out on hardworking people who have fallen behind in these hard times.
ER Nurse

Waxhaw, NC

#44 Aug 13, 2010
It is unfortunate to see what has become of us all. I will say that everyone has a story to tell and we become less human when we don't care. I can tell you that as a newly single parent of six children making my bills became overwhelming. I was unable to provide for my children, keep a roof over their head, pay all of the bills, and make my car payment. I do not depend on public assistance, not that it is wrong to seek help, I just have a child to put through college and cannot afford to screw up her grant status. The repo man came to my home. He left some considerable property damage behind. When I called to inquire about my personal property I was told that I had to pay to get my personal belongings back. I tried to keep in mind that he too had a job to do, but he was the worst form of person I could possibly imagine. He operated with a bully mentality. Told me I could not check my personal belongings before signing that I had received them. The inventory that he provided was not even accurate even after he scoured through my purse and other belongings. When I was retrieving my items,the "agent" began to remove trash bags of his personal belongings from my vehicle. It had not even been a full day and yet he was using my vehicle to store his goods. The most unfortunate event occurred after I got home. I began to go through my belongings and realized that my iPod and matching headphones were not included. I called the company and was asked to call back in order for them to investigate. I have yet to receive a response. It gave me pause that he told me that I was not "allowed" to bring a male with me to obtain my items. I should have listened to my gut. I wonder how this individual would feel if he came into the ER and had his personal items stolen. And to you Mr Loyal Recovery Agent: I hope in this life when you need the mercy, patience or understanding of another they give more than what you have shown to others. God forbid if your were in pain and came to the ER and any RN took the same viewpoint upon you as you have taken upon others. I guarantee you that we have all heard every story in existence, yours would be nothing different.

Windsor, CT

#45 Aug 13, 2010
so, please tell me what happens to all those repossessed cars? does the dealer get them back, or the finance company? do they get sold? what?

Since: Apr 09

Bel Air, MD

#46 Aug 23, 2010
The best you can do is to save money and keep your bills at a minimum. Times are hard. http://www.lowerbgerates.com
who cares

Killeen, TX

#48 Aug 23, 2011
USSA wrote:
Why don't you whiners pay your bills on time then you won't have to worry about the repo man coming to haul away your vehicle. So typical in today's society; it's always someone else's fault.
I am sure you have all kinds of money to pay for what you have. Big deal that you do, but not all of has been born with money like you have. Nobody cares about your ideas
Show Me The Numbers.

Morrisville, PA

#49 Aug 24, 2011
Department of Agiculute - what country do you live in?

Nice to see another SB that loves their "profession".

Things change. Increasingly you are seen as the enemy.

Lehighton, PA

#50 Aug 24, 2011
How many months behind do you have to be to have your car repo 'ed ?

United States

#51 Aug 8, 2012
Careful folks his wife lost his job wtf do you want them to do I'm sure the man paid the bill before his wife lost his job

United States

#52 Nov 8, 2012
My car ws repo.I paid the loan and they released it to me but the repo man won't contact me back so I can get my car the bank also called them.
Richard Kranium

Emmaus, PA

#53 Nov 9, 2012
t-miami wrote:
My wife, a ph.d, just had her car repossessed. She fell behind because she lost her teaching job due to a prolonged and very painful eye condition, scleritis, where your eye turns bloody red and very painful and light sensitive. While there was a statement in this article saying that Atkins had "little sympathy for people who are months behind on their payments..." , he has little knowledge of what a hard working person my wife is and how difficult is was to watch her suffering that illness and then having her car towed .
I think he is also trying to assuage his own guilt about what
he does for a living.
I would just like to comment on some of the issues surrounding the redemption of our vehicle. A little embarrassing but I went and got a loan from my Mom and sister and paid off the loan - completely. There wasn't much left to be paid anyway.
The repo firm guarded their location until I had paid the loan. Then, I had to set up an appointment to go get our car. This business was in a filthy trailer in a big electically fenced impound yard in the next county. There should be laws about how far they can tow your car. The minimum wage girls in the trailer were naturally as rude as you might expect having all day dealt with people that have had their cars stolen. You may argue with that term, "stolen", but when 90% of the loan is paid, that, in my opinion is just what it is. They of course require exact change in cash and the woman told my wife she was $5 short but she didn't look in the envelope to see that 5 of the 1's were folded differently not extending to the end where they would have been easily grabbed with the other bills.
This place would only let my wife , the car owner, inside the compound. She is going in to sign a legal document or two but you cannot have legal representation or a mechanic to make sure there is no damage.
I understand they are concerned about security but I would question the legality of forcing someone to sign a legal document if they wished to have representation. Hire a security guard.
They drove my car about 20 to 30 feet away from my wife where she could view it through a window and told her to sign that the vehicle was in the same condition as when they towed it and to hold them harmless...blah blah blah. The won't let her inspect the vehicle i.e. look at all sides, look under it etc. but they want her to sign a document that the vehicle is in the same condition ... HUH! They scribbled a few things like "clothes", "cd's", "toys", "music" in the worst 3rd grader handwriting possible and called that something like a personal inventory and charged about $65 dollars for that. Nice work if you can get it. They tried to make some excuse how they need to do the inventory right away when I suggested they should not even bother opening the car for a day two in case the owners come get it. Nahh, they don't want to miss a chance at doing a 10 minute inventory for $65 bucks. The repo fee itself was $375 and the storage about $29/day. Oops, left out the $50 redemption fee...what the hell is that ?
There need to be serious regulation on this industry:
- The fees that can be charged
- Specific state forms for legal issues and inventory
- Allowing legal representation and mechanical inspection at redemption
- waiting period before inventory, to prevent unnecessary fee generating inventory of personal items.
- distance the car can be towed, this might generate extra mileage fees or something and places unnecessary hardship on the car owner.
I am sure I could think of more but it's a start.
Guess your wife's PHD was a WOM ( waste of money). She would have been better taking some money management courses at a community college, that way she wold have known she coldn't afford the car she was driving.

East Hartford, CT

#54 Nov 10, 2012
Loyal Recovery Agent wrote:
If you don't want this to happen to you. Its simple pay your bills. This is no ones fault but yours. Read the fine print before buying any type of vehicle. Understand the fine print before signing. If you default upon payments. Lien holder has the full right to have vehicle recovered. Upon the detbors expense. This industry is regulated by The Department of Agriculute and consumer Services
The repossessors job is just to recover unit. We could careless of your story. Everybody has one. Nothing new in this business. Again if you don't want this to happen to you. Just make the proper arrangements. So you'll never have to find yourself in this situation. Have a great day.

you come dowm with a disability in Corrupticut, Ct, USA GOOD LUCK GETTING DISABILITY within the 1st year even!!
this story does not SURPRISE ME B/C ........ Connecticut has little, IF ANY, REGARDS FOR DISABLED WOMEN'S LIVES OR THEIR SAFETY!!
Applies to disabled men too, esp. in East Hartford.
Some guy got badly hurt on the job at P&W aircraft & they refused to pay his disability or worker's comp for OVER 6 months, tho he was in constant, intense Pain!
figures, Cigna's corrupt as hell.
Go read book Deadly Spin.. their own CEO wrote it.
Disabled man ended up committing suicide his life was so destroyed!!

Connecticut....get your act together FOR ONCE & START STICKING UP FOR INNOCENT PEOPLE'S LIVES, INSTEAD OF ALL THE CORRUPT CROOKS, Evil Cops, & bad businesses you keep
Insisting on doing for DECADES NOW!

This state makes me Vomit!
repo man here

Morgantown, WV

#55 May 12, 2013
You know it is just a job it pays are billls and it is something were are good at why get pissed of at the guys stealing your car if u people would keep your bills paid u would not be having this problom and yes there are personal property fees there are redemption fees it all varries from finance compeys to another just suck it up and pay your bills and u won't have this problom you know u people have jobs and I am sure y'all are good at them well this is our job and we are good at it also so think about it next time u get mad and wanna bitch thank have a nice day

Albuquerque, NM

#56 Sep 7, 2013
I love this post!! Its the only one that makes any true sense. The banks are robbing the people blind and everyone is conditioned to accept it. BS!! is what I say, the banks take your money and invest your money without your knowledge.If everyone went to their banks and withdrew their money the banks would shut down. Of course no one would do this because it is inconvenient.

Spring, TX

#57 Apr 27, 2014
Reading the post do you people realize that if it was not for the repo man that lenders would not be able to finance anything to anyone if they don't have a way to recover their loses. This affects the interest rate for the people that do pay their bills timely. Lenders are not in the business to lose money or to be your friend nor are you their dependent you sign a contract with detailed arrangements and actions for falling to keep up with there arrangements that you willing signed to get the property because you didn't have the money to pay cash for and was happy to do so. Now you don't pay your note or (can't) and avoid the phone call when the lenders calls and you get mad a the repo man when he comes and gets your (not paid for property) that you agreed to pay for in the beginning, IF YOU NEED TO GET MAD AT SOMEONE BE MAD AT YOUR SELF NOT EVERYONE ELSE. The repo man did his job or you wouldn't be mad or embarrassed.

Saint Louis, MO

#61 Jan 30, 2017
Regardless of any story, telling others they won't have ot worry about the repo man if they pay their bills, does not excuse theft of personal items and shady business practices. It is against the law to steal whether I paid my bills or not. Nearly repo companies do this, it is a poorly regulated business, with little account asbility. It is not a crime to fall behind on bills, or file have to seek bankrupcy relief, it is how ever a crime to steal, it is a crime to not allow acomplete inspection of vehicle and coerce a claimant to sign a a false document of acceptance to recieve their property back.

Baltimore, MD

#62 Feb 6, 2017
Watch for gps trackers being placed underneath your car it is illegal and final notice or ronin intelligence do it to every car they find if have pics of what they look like

Tampa, FL

#63 Feb 10, 2017
carrie wrote:
u people are ridiculous! Just because someone has there car repossessed doesn't mean they don't pay there bills! some people don't have a nice little nest egg to cushion themselves with in case an emergency would arise and that is how they tend to run behind! I say don't judge a person till u walk a mile in there shoes! nothing in life is a guarantee unexpected emergencies happen and once they due it's a spiral effect onto everything else! No one on here is saying that they do not feel they need to pay there "contractual obligations" they were stating that how they felt the repo men basically are crooks and try to rip u off!
I totally agree with you and I couldn't have said it better. I read some of the comments on here and I can't believe the arrogance and ignorance that some of these people have. Circumstances happen to everyone and nobody is saying that their car shouldn't be repossessed if they miss a payment, they are complaining about the blatant price gouging and stealing that occurs in this industry. I noticed how they jump in and respond with name calling and berating people.(Which is a clear sign they lack intelligence of any kind and they are unable to offer a a valid debate when it comes to price gouging). So there you are Mr Repo guy, the next time you are overcharged for your cable bill or Verizon bill or added taxes and fees at a resort or airline.. Just suck it up and say "what goes around comes around" suck it up buttercup. You had it coming to you. Don't complain or ask for a refund either. Bend over and take it. xo

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