Who do you support for Governor in Pe...
The money pig

Washington, DC

#54007 Nov 15, 2013
The money pig in congress needs fed, thou must bow down to the subjugators and pay your tributes!
T Cruise

West Mifflin, PA

#54008 Nov 15, 2013
Cruz lies ....

Did Obama exempt 1,200 groups, including Congress, from Obamacare?

The use of the word “exempted” is much too expansive. He gives the impression that vast segments of politically connected “groups” have been excused from the health care law when in fact he is mostly referring to a one-year waiver that was intended to make the transition to the new system easier for people with bare-bones insurance

. The issue concerning Congress is more complex, but the bottom line is that the administration’s action was intended to reduce an unintended burden, not carve out an exception.

Check it out here:

nasal texture

Alexander, ND

#54009 Nov 15, 2013
I support jack cassabaum for governor... can u believe a high school would allow this LUNATIC To interact with their children on any level n to be inducted into the PA. football hall of fame what a disgrace to the institution the guy never won any championships n encouraged heavy steroid use n actually taught dirty tactics in practice.. did any1 take notice how he surrounded himself with losers n scumbags in 2 dirty towns Lancaster city when he coached McCaskey n the dirtiest loser town in Lanc. ELIZABETHTOWN
afuncoulo tom corbet

Charleroi, PA

#54010 Nov 15, 2013
Ridge Runner

Baltimore, MD

#54012 Nov 15, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Democrats Defect on Health Rules
GOP Proposal on Canceled Coverage Garners 39 Votes From Across Aisle Despite Obama Veto Threat
Nov. 15, 2013
More than three dozen House Democrats rebuffed a White House veto threat and backed a Republican plan to change the health-care law, underscoring the tensions among members of President Barack Obama's party a day after he proposed his own fix to tamp down complaints.
The Republican plan, a response to unease among millions of Americans who face cancellation of health-insurance policies that don't meet the new law's standards, would give insurers one more year to offer policies that were set to end. Unlike Mr. Obama's plan, the GOP measure would allow insurers to sell those policies to new customers.
The 39 Democrats who backed the plan set a high-water mark in Republicans' efforts to win support from across the aisle to amend or delay portions of the law.
--From The Wall Street Journal
You're the king of all defects.....
Mitch M

West Mifflin, PA

#54013 Nov 15, 2013
The only aspect of Obamacare that Republican voters dislike is the individual mandate. But I’m sure they’d feel differently if they were informed that Republicans invented the mandate. Richard Nixon, in his 1974 “Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan,” proposed to make it mandatory for businesses to provide health insurance for all full-time employees. In 1989, a document called “Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans” was drafted by Stuart Butler. In it, Butler proposed the idea of an individual mandate. I should note that Butler was a Distinguished Fellow and Director for the Center for Policy Innovation at the conservative Heritage Foundation. In the early 1990s, Republicans such as Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley, Richard Lugar and Alan Simpson proposed a counter-measure to Hillary Clinton’s healthcare proposal. The GOP legislation contained an individual mandate and government subsidies.

On second thought, I’d like to correct that thing I wrote about how the individual mandate is the only aspect of Obamacare that Republicans (suddenly) dislike. They mainly dislike the “Obama” part of the word “Obamacare.” And that’s the point of this little exercise. The dissatisfaction with, and outright hatred of Obamacare has little to do with the law itself. It has everything to do with the president who proposed it and who shepherded it through Congress. If that president had been named “Bush” or “Reagan” or even, heaven forbid,“McCain” or “Romney,” Republicans would be demanding,“Keep your government hands off my Dubyacare!”

What’s holding the “Obamacare” numbers down? It makes perfect sense that it’s not as popular as it should be. First, the Republicans have been engaged in a coordinated, well-financed campaign to demonize it since 2009. Secondly, as we’ve observed, the word “Obamacare” has been so thoroughly stigmatized that many (uninformed) people reject it based on the pejorative title alone. But what happens when voters are polled on various aspects of the law?

-In a 2012 poll, 80 percent of Republicans — yes, Republicans — like the idea of health insurance marketplaces, also known as “exchanges.”

-Likewise, 57 percent of Republicans like the idea of the government helping to pay the cost of premiums via insurance subsidies.

-54 percent of Republicans like the employer mandate — the same mandate which the congressioanl Republicans almost universally oppose, including Mr. Stockman.

Should I go on?

-78 percent of Republicans support the ban on denying insurance to people with pre-existing conditions.

-This one is an eye-opener. 29 percent of Republicans think Obamacare “doesn’t go far enough.”
Mitch M

West Mifflin, PA

#54014 Nov 15, 2013
It’s no secret that the most loathsome character in the extraordinarily loathsome U.S. House of Representatives is Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX). In case you’re not aware of Stockman, he’s the first term congressman from Ron Paul’s former district in Texas who invited Ted Nugent to the State of the Union and who produced a bumper sticker calling for the arming of fetuses to prevent abortions (a not-so-veiled statement about killing abortion doctors).

It’s also no secret that this week was perhaps one of the most dismal polling weeks for members of Congress. The polling has been so horrendous it led bipartisan pollsters for both NBC News and the Wall Street Journal to refer to Thursday’s numbers as “jaw-dropping.”

In spite of the harrowing numbers, including ones that suggested dog poop and hemorrhoids are better than Congress, Mr. Stockman tweeted this:

“57% of Americans oppose ObamaCare.@BarackObama and @TheDemocrats call them ‘terrorists’ and refuse to open the government.”

Let’s do the second part first. I’ve never heard the president refer to Americans as “terrorists,” and the only Americans who some congressional Democrats have compared to terrorists are the congressional Republicans. But, naturally, the House Republicans only make up around 0.00007 percent of the American population. So right there, Mr. Stockman is just making things up.

Now the first part. Mr. Stockman tweeted that 57 percent of Americans oppose Obamacare. He didn’t provide a link, so I initially didn’t know what poll he was referring to. But I looked it up and, sure enough, Stockman was right. It’s from a CNN poll released on October 1. And since Mr. Stockman seems to enjoy quoting poll numbers, let’s give him some poll numbers to tweet.

-In the same CNN poll, only 34 percent of Americans want Congress to de-fund Obamacare.

-In the latest NBC News & Wall Street Journal poll, released hours after Stockman’s tweet, the Affordable Care Act is only seen unfavorably by 43 percent of Americans — this after two weeks of filibusters, demagoguery and an amplified misinformation campaign against the law.

-Also in the NBC/WSJ poll, Stockman’s tea party has an approval rating of 21 percent. The congressional Republicans didn’t fare much better with an approval of 24 percent.

-Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), a member of Stockman’s Texas delegation, has an approval rating of 14 percent. Speaker Boehner’s approval is slightly better at 17 percent.

-Comparatively, the dreaded Obamacare law has an approval rating of 38 percent, gaining seven points from last month. In other words, Obamacare is significantly more popular than the Speaker of the House, the congressional Republicans, Ted Cruz and Stockman’s tea party caucus.

Mitch M

West Mifflin, PA

#54015 Nov 15, 2013
Sarah Palin in an interview with Jake Tapper expressing Very Serious Concern over the recent behavior of the pope. You know, Pope Francis, the guy who’s supposedly the holiest man on the planet. Palin is worried that he’s just becoming too liberal. As if the pope is A) in any way beholden to ugly and unsanctified conceits like politics and to taking sides in America’s stupid left-right standoff, and B) willing to give one single shit about what Sarah Palin thinks he might be doing wrong.

Seriously, this woman is a fucking idiot.

Listen, dumb-ass, I realize it’s rocking that pea-sized nugget underneath your giant bouffant ‘do that Pope Francis is behaving in a way that’s actually good, as opposed to just spouting platitudes and warnings about the need for everybody to submit to conventionalism or be damned. I get that you and your rotten ilk have hijacked the good name of Jesus and drafted him as your own personal right-wing cheerleader for so long that you forgot what Jesus really stood for. I know you’re flummoxed to the point of apoplexy by images of the pope embracing the sick and the poor, reaching out to gay people, and turning his back on hate and division — that which you thrive on — but consider this your fucking wake up call: everything he’s doing is what’s truly holy and Christ-like. You don’t like his supposedly “liberal” statements? Too fucking bad, because those statements are what being a good person is all about. You call it liberalism. He calls it being Christian.

I call it being human. I don’t even agree with the man’s belief system one iota and I still respect the things he’s done and the stances he’s taken so far since becoming pope. He’s leading by example. And best of all, if you really do recognize him as a vessel of God on this planet, his notion of what’s right and wrong carries a hell of a lot more weight than Sarah fucking Palin’s.
Ridge Runner

Baltimore, MD

#54016 Nov 15, 2013
The money pig wrote:
The money pig in congress needs fed, thou must bow down to the subjugators and pay your tributes!
Yeah Ted Cruz along with the Koch brothers are definately subjugating our democracy and the Tea Party is complicit too. Wake up you dumb fools before its too late.....kaching.
Those kooky Koch brothers are out looking for the dumbest assholes possible to fund thier coffers and get elected and ruin our democracy and yet you idiots play right into thier corrupt hands...

Lancaster, PA

#54025 Nov 16, 2013

I wonder how Obama thinks it will go over if he lets insurance companies sell plans that don't have the obamacare requirements to consumers that once had those plans,but doesn't allow new customers to also buy those same plans. I guess if this happens the insurance companies could be boycotted by all consumers and take Obama out of his plan.Why do you need a law to allows all consumers to buy any plan that is for sale. The private sector will determine what they buy from whom.

Punxsutawney, PA

#54029 Nov 16, 2013
Ted Nugent

Erie, PA

#54034 Nov 17, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
For Obama, loss of trust over health-care law poses major problems for his agenda, legacy
November 13
No matter his policies or job performance, a majority of Americans have always trusted President Obama. That has now changed.
...A new Quinnipiac University poll this week found for the first time that a majority of Americans — 52 percent — say Obama is not honest or trustworthy. A Gallup poll released Wednesday showed a five-percentage-point drop since September on those same issues and a 10-point fall since the middle of last year.
Now, according to Gallup, only half the country thinks Obama is honest.
President Obama’s job approval
Since the troubled rollout of the government health insurance Web site, Obama’s approval ratings have slipped to the lowest point of his presidency — to about four in 10 — in a variety of public polls.
For a politician, a 48% honesty rating is excellent. I wonder what congresses is?
Ric Flair

Trout Run, PA

#54035 Nov 17, 2013
Obama!! Whoooooooooooo!

Obamacare! Whooooo! If you don't like it, learn to love it!
Macho Man Randy Savage

Hazleton, PA

#54036 Nov 17, 2013
Snap into a Slim Jim!
rating is excellent

Los Angeles, CA

#54038 Nov 17, 2013
truth wrote:
<quoted text>For a politician, a 48% honesty rating is excellent. I wonder what congresses is?


the best congress money can buy
Obamacare Mmmmm

Los Angeles, CA

#54039 Nov 17, 2013


'what .........we ..........said 100 times over three years was you could keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law was passed.'

(it got me re elected heh,heh)

I didn't say it, we said it!

It wasn't me, it was them, romney, maryland er, er, Massachusetts , george bush,er,er, IT people.....web site

Barack Hussein Obama....Mmmmm Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm
Enforce FIRREA

United States

#54043 Nov 17, 2013
We need public officials who represent American interests and support righteous chews like Ilan Pappe, Joel Kovel , Anat Kamm , Norman Finklestein, Pete Seeger , Daniel Elsberg and Sy Hersh......AND can stand up to the AIPAC fifth column and the Jonathan Pollard clones of CANNON FILMS and Wolf Blitzer zio-imperialism..........see BY WAY OF DECEPTION , Gatekeeper , FIVE BROKEN CAMERAS, attack of the theocrats and Operation Greylord......watch out for the zio-thugs in clown cars with FL tags 668 PCK , LXE 904 , AFQ B30, GOAMG , ALL99, BUJ A54 , J36 4LI , 243 PIE , 244 PIE.

Chicago, IL

#54044 Nov 17, 2013
Enforce FIRREA wrote:
We need public officials who represent American interests and support righteous chews like Ilan Pappe, Joel Kovel , Anat Kamm , Norman Finklestein, Pete Seeger , Daniel Elsberg and Sy Hersh......AND can stand up to the AIPAC fifth column and the Jonathan Pollard clones of CANNON FILMS and Wolf Blitzer zio-imperialism..........see BY WAY OF DECEPTION , Gatekeeper , FIVE BROKEN CAMERAS, attack of the theocrats and Operation Greylord......watch out for the zio-thugs in clown cars with FL tags 668 PCK , LXE 904 , AFQ B30, GOAMG , ALL99, BUJ A54 , J36 4LI , 243 PIE , 244 PIE.
Bobbie? Is that you?
just me

United States

#54046 Nov 17, 2013
Guns Feed Families wrote:
My God.......all you care about is guns??? No wonder this country is going to Hell fast!!! Never knew God or Jesus was into guns! Glad to see everyone has their priorities straight! You do know that you have a much better chance of being killed by or killing a loved one when there is a gun in the house, than you do in stopping the boogieman don't you? I'm sure that most of you would soil yourselves right before you were killed (while failing to ever actually get your gun) if you ever had to exercise your so-called second amendment rights to protect yourselves. Remember, Freud (and others) would say that men try to compensate for short comings in other areas (you know what I mean) with guns! Oh, and yes, by all means shooting defenseless animals makes you a man too!
Guns???? That's what you care about???? God help you & God help the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
you are a complete tool with absolutely no.understanding of the 2nd amendment. It has nothing to do with hunting. It was put into place to protect the people from a tyrranical govt. Secondly hunting us a necessary thing to control animal population.

Since: May 13

Location hidden

#54047 Nov 17, 2013
I'm not sure yet...what are my choices?

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