Cutting through the BS

Cutting through the BS

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Tim Leary

Erie, PA

#1 Oct 30, 2013
October 30, 2013
Can We Finally Stop Pretending?
By Jeffrey T. Brown

Every day, it seems, more people who have been screaming their hatred for those who predicted all we see coming true are admitting what we have known all along. The president is incapable of telling a truth, and what conservatives have been predicting for three years about ObamaCare has been entirely correct. Indeed, we haven't seen anything close to the worst of what is to come, since the system hasn't even begun to function in its utmost state of disarray and confusion. We've seen a website and estimates of premium and deductible figures which have been panic-inducing all on their own. There is not one single fact about this monstrosity that has been truly presented by the president, and his law, its destruction of lives and fortunes, and the pattern of fraud that have accompanied it rest solely and squarely on the Democratic Party. They did this to the United States of America and they did it on purpose.
The left has fought the factual arguments of their opponents with screaming accusations, smears, slanders, and character assassination, with the hysterical label of "racist" trumping all others. It has become reflexive, and thus almost meaningless in its lack of substance, but not entirely so. It bespeaks a psychosis that infects every response of the left to facts, experience, knowledge, and hard-earned wisdom. The finger pointing has been calculated and malicious. And it has been sadly effective with the indoctrinated. Many on the left actually believe that reasoned, factual opposition to policies founded on lies is motivated by racism, rather than what such policies have done and are doing to those who have the courage to speak out against them.
In truth, conservatives care little about race, other than in its use as a weapon by the left. Conservatives embraced Dr. King's message from the outset, at the same time that liberals were setting up a grievance system designed to pollute and exploit it. Conservatives care about policies, not skin color. Opposition to ObamaCare was never about bigotry or hatred. It was about logic, and foresight, and reaching self-evident conclusions. It was about the truth. So mentally conditioned to acceptance of the smear has the left become, however, that they are entirely unprepared to coherently explain what is now unfolding before their eyes.
For those on the left who seem befuddled by the train wreck that is ObamaCare, perhaps some introspection is in order. The political lynching of conservatives for the last five years has been an unmitigated lie. Everything conservatives predicted is coming to pass. Every truth they told is playing out publicly. The serial prevaricator who is our president has finally been exposed in ways that even his staunchest spinners cannot spin. The crashed $643 million dollar website, the skyrocketing premiums, the job losses, the dropping of plans by insurers, all of it is out there now regardless of the president's skin color, which was never the issue except to the extent that it has protected him from responsibility for what he has purposefully done, even to his supporters.
So, can we finally stop pretending that the left has a positive plan for the United States? Can we stop pretending that the president meant to do anything other than destroy a system he has hated since his socialist-influenced youth? Can we dispense with the unhinged rants about dog whistles and face up to the fact that conservatives have been right about this all along? Can we finally openly discuss that the left's own hatred and bigotry are largely to blame for where we are now, not just regarding ObamaCare? They have protected, helped and worshiped an illusion, with pure malice toward those who have loved and fought for this country, and are entirely complicit in the damage now being done to every fiber of our nation.
Tim Leary

Erie, PA

#2 Oct 30, 2013
They have intentionally derailed reasoned opposition to purposefully detrimental policies, and have exploited hatred and bigotry to do it. Their own hatred, now so clearly shown to be unfounded, doesn't just inform the left with regard to health care, or opposition thereto. It informs everything the left does, every position they take, every feeling they have. It is their malignant security blanket.
For decades, every time we have faced serious issues as a country, the outcome has had more to do with liberals' hatred of their opponents and traditional American values than with solving problems constructively. Before so immediate and punitive a mess as has been the implementation of ObamaCare, we have been without a single, irrefutable teaching device with which to demonstrate the utter malice that is all of progressivism and liberalism, or what it portends for the future of every citizen of our country. We can argue reasoned predictions and logic until the cows come home, but nothing is as personal as a direct assault on those who have loyally bought and perpetuated the lies through their well-conditioned hatred and bigotry of those who, shockingly, were actually correct.
We now have a teachable moment. A window has opened for many who have been lifelong Democrats to see what they have been suckered into doing to themselves and their fellow citizens, and for whom. Perhaps they possess enough remnants of objectivity, and a long enough memory, to recognize in hindsight the purposeful falsity of the vicious and very personal attacks they saw, and possibly cheered, from their own party representatives during the recent government shutdown, and for years before that. Maybe there is enough intellectual honesty left in some of them to finally understand the extent to which they are misled, misinformed, manipulated, and misrepresented by those who pretend to stand for anything constructive or beneficial to their country or its future. The very same people angrily uttering those lies proudly voted to impose ObamaCare upon them, along with financial hardship and the loss of health insurance. Pathological liars are not especially selective. They lie about everything to everyone.
Can we finally stop pretending that they are not also lying to us about everything else? Can we stop pretending they are not lying to us about guns, and abortion, and voter fraud, and voter ID laws, and taxes, and the economy, and the environment, and education, and energy, and job creation, and national security, and international relations, and Islam, and their assault on Christianity, and amnesty, and entitlements, and stimulus, and recovery, and Fast and Furious, and Benghazi, and the IRS scandal, and a war on women, and our borders, and domestic surveillance, and weakening us militarily, and their supposed loyalty as Americans, and their phony patriotism, and American Exceptionalism, and our history, and our national character, and the historical good our country has done, and what they really have planned for us, and what we will achieve when we are out from under the heel of burgeoning socialism and despotism?
And yes, can we finally stop pretending that we are a racist country? Can we stop pretending that perceived racial problems don't derive from Americans who profit from oppressing and discouraging other Americans, and that the profiteers don't share the same party affiliation, and often the same skin color, as the "oppressed"? Can we stop pretending that the American left is not irrationally bound and determined to remake our country into a cesspool of misery and failure allegedly out of some demented sense of fairness, to be ruled over by those who seek only to control, rather than improve the lot of the people they are supposed to raise up?
We cannot emerge from this darkness and achieve our full potential as a nation until we stop pretending that everything we are told by the left is not a lie.

Erie, PA

#3 Oct 30, 2013
This is the best column I have read in a long, long time. I've been waiting for this column. Finally, someone has told the unabridged truth. The political left in America is nothing but a group of totalitarians who have infiltrated every institution that America has for the sole purpose of destroying our Constitutional Republic.

We must admit that. There have been a few, very few, who have known this and admit it among themselves, but the widespread acknowledgement of this truth has been repressed.

In order for every day Americans to keep from becoming owned residents of a totalitarian state, we all must recognize what is happening and stop pretending that those on the political left share our same values only differ about the way to accomplish those values. That lie has run its course and now been exposed.

The only "value" on the political left is absolute servitude and loss of all freedoms for the American people.

Erie, PA

#4 Oct 30, 2013
It was a good article, but the author assumes--wrongly, I believe--that somehow enough left leaning and decent liberals will be shaken from their zombie-like torpor to reject the lies they have so feverishly embraced. I wish it were so.

We are a nation divided.....a gulf of lies, distortions and warped beliefs that cannot (and will not) be closed. I do not wish. or enjoy, being a pied piper of negativity, I just look at things as they are and accept reality.

Let me use a medical analogy: When a limb is gangrenous, it must be removed to save the body. Likewise, when a malignant tumor threatens the body, it must be removed (or destroyed by chemo) in order to save the body.

I'm afraid too many in this country are like that gangrenous limb or malignant tumor......there is no saving the afflicted body part, only removing it to save the body.
Ed Goldstein

Erie, PA

#5 Oct 30, 2013
Can we all quit pretending now?

I don't think so. The propaganda machine is still generating the fantasy. I had a Obama voting friend of mine recently tell me I had to stop thinking about it, because there was nothing I could do about it. I replied that we were talking economics not politics. She then told me she was aware of the stock bubble and the unemployment and all the rest, but just refused to think about it. She and the millions like her are like the victims in a Friday the 13th movie. The need to wake up, but will not try. She knows her insurance is going up. she knows the ecomomy is in the tank. She knows the racism is a ploy. She still stays a "moderate. It it is more frightening to fight than to stay asleep.
Grey Matter

Erie, PA

#6 Oct 30, 2013
Obama's hero & mentor was Saul Alinsky, a redical Marxist intent on destroying capitalism, ObamaCare was never was never meant to help America, heal the sick, lower healthcare costs, lower the debt or expand the economy. ObamaCare is not a train wreck nor a failure. This is a brilliant and purposeful attempt to damage the U.S. economy, kill jobs, and bring down capitalism. It is not a failure; it's Obama's grand success! He is blindsiding the MSM by screaming that the other guy is "ruining America" while he is actually plotting the destruction of America. His lies are are meant to distract. It is not a train is a suicide attack!
for more details on Obama's intentions, click on; ... suicide-attack/
Obama surely has ambitious friends or handlers...
C C Christo

Erie, PA

#7 Oct 30, 2013
The secret to Obama's success is his appeal to the lowest common denominator of human. If you're a serial liar, you "get" Obama and admire him for his ... audacity. Obama is a catalyst for the innate wickedness in all men. He doesn't create it. He just brings it to the surface.

Obama is all about revenge. His ardent supporters know this in their bones, and will eagerly follow him to the gates of Hell and beyond. Deconstructing Obama and his mass appeal is deconstructing the mass appeal of any beloved demagogue, including Lucifer. Expecting millions of Obama supporters to simply "wake up and smell the coffee" is ... well, it's naive. I mean no disrespect, but there is no better word for it. It is simply not going to happen. Onama's supporters will follow him right down into the bunker, where they will host lavish parties loud enough to drown out the sounds of reality.


Erie, PA

#8 Oct 30, 2013
My family came to America when I was two years old. We consisted ONLY of my Mother, my Father, and me. My parents had the poor foresight to be both Europeans, and Jews in 1933. They were the ONLY survivors of their respective families. The day we arrived in 1948, on the SS Sobieski, and my Father, who didn't speak a word of English, went out and earned $5 that day. That's what a man did in those days.

You never saw a more grateful, and patriotic, people than my Father and Mother. America! NO POGROMS! No (Government Sanctioned ) discrimination against Jews,(nor any other people).

Work hard, make good. AMERICA! That's why people from all over the world still want to come to America!

My Father KNEW, not THOUGHT, that this was the greatest country in the world. It is. His children (there are those born here), grew up with a patriotism instilled in them by people who knew other places and practically worshiped America, as almost all immigrants do.

My parents were independent, they NEVER took a dime of government assistance (I don't even know if it was available then, they wouldn't have taken it anyway. My Mother carried an American silver dollar in her purse to the day she died, "I'll never be broke again.") THESE WERE AMERICANS! They asked NOTHING from others, especially the government, except to be left in peace, to work hard, and prosper. THAT was the American Dream!

They ended their days in a penthouse, with the dignity and self respect that hard work and accomplishment gives to people. They were immigrants that embodied the essence of the American dream, whose children were educated at prestigious universities, who served in the armed forces, and were perfused with love of our country, and its virtues, as only those who knew oppression can have.

Obama, and the Democrats, are against all that these good people, and the many like them, ever accomplished, or dreamed of, for themselves, or their children, and grandchildren.

G-d damn Obama, and the Democrats.

Erie, PA

#9 Oct 30, 2013
Can we stop pretending that the president meant to do anything other than destroy a system he has hated since his socialist-influenced youth? Can we dispense with the unhinged rants about dog whistles and face up to the fact that conservatives have been right about this all along? Can we finally openly discuss that the left's own hatred and bigotry are largely to blame for where we are now, not just regarding ObamaCare? They have protected, helped and worshiped an illusion, with pure malice toward those who have loved and fought for this country, and are entirely complicit in the damage now being done to every fiber of our nation."
Well said! Can we also stop pretending that there is any goodness, wisdom, justice, morality, decency or humanity in the Prog Movement? Can we stop pretending that Progs are anything other than extortionists bent on justifying artificial highs to be paid for by abusing innocent and responsible people?

Erie, PA

#10 Oct 30, 2013
Can we stop pretending that these Progressives are not the new Nazis in America? They use race and sex and every other divisive issue to achieve their ends, which is totalitarian control of our lives! Beginning with the sacred ritual of abortion, which is inherently a rejection of the traditional Christian value placed on human lives. More and more Americans are awakening to the brutal fact that "Progressives" are the greatest danger America has ever faced! Obamacare is the lullaby to send us to the diseased bed of absolute totalitarianism! The answer is echoing down through the centuries of human conflict: "Once more into the breach, my dear friends!" We are not fighting for the freedom of other countries now. The totalitarian plague has reached our shores. We are fighting for our own freedoms, which are threatened by fellow Americans who know best how we should live and die!!

Erie, PA

#11 Oct 30, 2013
I am constant jaw dropping amazement at the trust in government displayed by those, who 6 years ago were as anti government as people could be.

The anti establishment crowd has become the establishment. Those who believe in the rule of law and The Constitution are branded as the anti establishment.

The liberal cycle of insanity is near full circle. Freedom has been redefined by the left to mean under government control.

Erie, PA

#12 Oct 30, 2013
I think it's long past time for the Obama administration to explain what exactly is the point of Obamacare. They have been promising utopian reforms but now they have to admit everything bad about Obamacare is coming true, which begs the question WHY. Their "market place" doesn't work, 100% of Americans are NOT going to be covered, the poor are going to be TAXED, millions are being laid off or cut back to part time and millions of people are losing their plans (and they to will be taxed).

I'm done with the speculation I want to hear them explain what was the point, and at what cost. If they knew years ago this is going to be a disaster and planned on issuing waivers to their buddies to exempt them from this punishment, then they need to be asked why have they insisted on this disaster and they need to be forced to stop pretending and explain it.

Erie, PA

#13 Oct 30, 2013
"So, can we finally stop pretending that the left has a positive plan for the United States?"

How about this - "So, can we finally stop pretending that the Republican Party has a positive plan for the United States?"

Today, with Obamacare in open destruction mode, the Republican Party is strategizing about how to legalize 30 million Americans. The Republican Party, having spent the last six weeks attacking the one thing it hates, a strong conservative, Ted Cruz, is certainly not going to do anything to actually stop Obamacare.

The Republican Party is now in full revenge mode, spending most of its time thinking how do we stop Ted Cruz. That is what the Republican Party worries about.
Omega Man

Erie, PA

#14 Oct 30, 2013
Can we finally stop pretending that this Obama regime will leave office after 2016? Why should they? Who will make them leave?.....all it takes is some crisis alleged or real....

Look squarely at the indicators with eyes that see:

loyalty tests in law enforcement and military

purging of dissenters from the bureaucracy

purging of actual investigative reporters from the media

absolute lawlessness of all elements of the Govnmnt

feckless political opposition cowed into submission

every element of domestic and foreign policy utterly in chaos

the militarization of law enforcement.

total control of modern communications as well as snooping on all of us.

Spying on us from the air(drones, satellite), on the ground (xraying cars, houses etc ), through our phone and internet (even logging onto your home computer in the dead of night)...insisting all along that we citizens have no reasonable expectation of privacy

Fema camps (of course they exist)

intimidation of the Judiciary (hello "Mr. Balls and Strikes" Roberts).

assaulting agriculture by any means necessary(CDC licensing for farm equipment, water use and watershed regs, etc )

Destruction of our economy with the "big one" just waiting for the admin to trigger (hyperinflation and the confiscation [bonds for dollars] of private savings)

On and on....they've told you what they are going to do....can we stop pretending that they really don't mean it.

From the movie Open Range:
to the question:"will you recognize this killer?"

Charley Waite:" He ain't hard to recognize if you know what you're looking for."
" Most time, a man will tell you his bad intentions. if you listen, let yourself hear."
Let us stop pretending..........
Good luck fellow frogs....this here pot is boiling.
An American

Erie, PA

#15 Oct 30, 2013
Look, this article is all well and good, but the problem is your average, run-of-the-mill American Democrat just...doesn'
They don't. They don't care that Obama lies, or that 4 Americans died in Benghazi, or that the IRS screwed Tea Party groups, or that the NSA spies on us, or that the ACA is a huge power-grab that will transform America into a European-Socialist state. They don't care. They're still enamored by the first (half) black guy elected Preezy.
Look, you want people to wake up and stop pretending about Obama? Hell bro folks are still pretending that islam is some kind of religion with peaceful intentions and they routinely BOMB AND KILL Christians and Jews. Obama hasn't resorted to that (yet) but I'm sure if (when) he does, we'll just pretend that the people he had killed weren't "real" Americans anyway and were just those "kook right wing extremists" that the gubmint's been convincing the LIVs are out to take their EBT cards away. And the Repugs in gubmint (save a few) want nothing to do with folks like that, like me, so they'll be painted as "not representative of the American right" or some such nonsense.
Stop pretending?'s what people in denial do best, and brother, 90% of this fricking country, and 99.9% of those in gubmint, are in denial.
Val Jarrett

Erie, PA

#16 Oct 30, 2013
GREAT article! Oh so true. But I believe BO's followers are not as ignorant as they are wicked. And BO strong suit is... VENGENCE.

Remember on the campaign trail when BO, high priest of the Church of Hope and Change, gave his advice for the ages....ďVoting is the best revenge."

And his surrogate mommy Valerie Jarret (the real president) said.... "After we win this election, itís our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we donít forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay."
smells a rat

Erie, PA

#17 Oct 30, 2013
This whole thread has paid troll stink all over it.
Tim Leary

United States

#18 Oct 31, 2013
When Hillary is elected in 2016 we will change it to single payer so we don't have to listen to you cry anymore
GOP on borrowed time

United States

#19 Oct 31, 2013
The computer glitches WILL be fixed - soon. Thus depriving gop of talking points. Eventually aca will transittion to single payer, thus showin the public sector can provide better and cheaper service than the private sector, as there will be far more funds to improve the program WITHOU THE NEED TO FORK OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF PROFIT INTO THE COFFERS OF CEOS AND THE INVESTOR CLASS

Corporate greed is why we can't have nice things
GOP on borrowed time

United States

#20 Oct 31, 2013
How's THAT for "cutting through the BS

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