Dog killed after attacking 1-year-old...

Dog killed after attacking 1-year-old girl (VIDEO)

There are 77 comments on the story from Jul 24, 2008, titled Dog killed after attacking 1-year-old girl (VIDEO). In it, reports that:

Millcreek Township police surround an injured dog on a porch of a Cristina Drive house July 24 in Millcreek Township.

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West Chester, OH

#69 Jul 25, 2008
The dog was defenseless until it mauled a defenseless child.

"you can not argue with stupid people" Seiyu Oyata

most of these comments do not deserve a repsonse.

remember Addison Sonney, sleep peacefully angel.

South Charleston, OH

#70 Jul 25, 2008
My heart goes out to the Sonney family. As terrible as this situation is, what makes it worse for me and MY CHILDREN who read the newspaper is the way it was written. DOG KILLS BABY.. The victim: girl flown to Childrens Hospital; she dies there. Then the worst part is the picture of the dog full of blood and then him dead on the lawn!! I understand that you have to report the news, but have a little compassion!! Kara Rhodes should be embarrsed about the way this article was done!!! What if that was someone you knew, how would you feel about it?
Rev Wilson


#71 Jul 25, 2008
Socrates wrote:
The dog was defenseless until it mauled a defenseless child.
This doesn't even make any sense. What the hell is this supposed to mean?

The dog was defenseless until it bit the kid, then it magically became able to defend itself from 6 cops with guns??

What the hell is wrong with you Americans?

Chagrin Falls, OH

#72 Jul 25, 2008
I am very upset with the reaction of people and especially with the professional's involved here and by that i mean the police and the news people. the fact that they shot the dog so many times really was out of control, if after a person they would of shot to wound, but thats wrong of me to compare a dog with a person, one of them is an animal, the question is who is the animal. yes, the animal went limp and someone decided it was humaine to finish it off but if that dog was a person is that what happens? and if it wasen't bad enough the news team made sure they got some some great shots of the whole deal, if it wern't for them we would not of seen the dog LAYING on the porch panting and tired, sure looked agressive to me and the officer holding a gun with a silencer on it to the dogs head as it layed their so agressive. yes we all know no one would want this poor thing and the humane society would only put it down so i guess the police did the dog a favor. when i first heard the story through friends i cried for the baby and i still cry for the baby, i guess i was ok with the fact that the dog had died, because thats to be expected but lets remember, we know something HAPPENED to provoke this attack the dog did not plan our think this through. we don't need to see such detail in the news. a life is a life weather its an animal or human.

Lexington, KY

#73 Jul 25, 2008
I am a member of the sonny family and this is a terrible tragedy for the family and others but it is even worse to get on here to see that people have nothing else to do with their time but write this crap. The dog was the older daughters best friend and to have to witness this all, is horrific enough but to someday be old enough to read what some of the people write that don't think before they talk is another tragedy. Peoples hearts should go out to this family. I only hope God can get them through this and some prayers and understanding would be alot more appreciative.Love,Understandin g,time and caring so people please think about who is reading this or watching the tv

Cleveland, OH

#74 Jul 25, 2008
This is just yet another example of the poor work of Erie Times. You should be ashamed of yourselves. May you rest in peace Addison and may God look over the Sonney family...
Victoria Parker

Oil City, PA

#75 Jul 26, 2008
This family is reeling from this tragedy and everyone is on here taking jabs at each other. Be nice. They have lost their child, their family pet and they will never look at their home the same way again. I think it's safe to say their lives are changed forever. The dog was older, possibly not feeling well. Probably terrified when it was on that porch, and felt trapped. I am sure the police did not enjoy what they had to do, and some of them may even be haunted by this for quite some time. The animal was in a heavily populated area and was a threat to the police and the residents. No one is ever going to agree on the way this was handled, but I feel a great deal of empathy for the police. I'm sure it was a very scary situation....for all involved.

Erie, PA

#76 Jul 28, 2008
disgusted wrote:
<quoted text>
Sick - stupid - unbelievable - esp for aperson who lives in a country that eats dogs
How dare you talk about a one year old child that way - People like you are worthless
obviously you are a mentally deranged individual who is sick. How sick to prejudge an innocent angel. I also love animals and feel terrible that the dog was killed, but that does not make it right for anyone to spew such ignorant hateful things about a baby. You must be a very dark soul.

United States

#77 Jul 29, 2008
I feel awful for the family & my thoughts & prayers are with them.
As one of my family members stated "The dog was the older daughters best friend", I can't even begin to imagine what this little girl is going through, let alone the mother & father. And as many of you have also said the pictures and videos the media showed were wrong, who really wants to see their dog being shot & killed?
I do have a question though, does anyone know what happened to make the dog attack? Was it just a freak accident or was the dog sleeping and got spooked, had it even showed signs of aggresion before,etc? There is a lot of speculation and I just wondered if any of the family members were going to speak out and tell the whole story, basically to set the record straight so that people would stop gossiping.
I was also wondering how the mother was recovering from her wounds? One news station said they were sevier and another station said she was treated for minor cuts and bites and released. I wish our news stations could get the facts correct.

Ashtabula, OH

#78 Jul 29, 2008
You know a beautiful little girl died here!Who cares how many times the stupid thing was shot.It was taken care of.Were you there and did you see that baby girl and her mother? NO YOU DID NOT!HAVE A HEART!i THINK IF THE SHOE WERE ON YOUR FOOT YOU'D FEEL THE SAME!You wouldn't be worried about the dog.That poor family is suffering a loss.Think of that why dont you.AND CHANGE YOUR NAME TO NO KNOWLEDGE BEFORE YOU TYPE AGAIN.
Dog Lover

Erie, PA

#79 Jul 29, 2008
The dog was aggressive as a pup, should have been put down then. The whole brain tumor thing is a nice thought, more likely bad genetics. Aggressive behavior is hereitary. Even if your dog is only aggressive at the vet's office, obviously doesn't mean that it will never be aggressive at home. The dog has biten before and was destined to bite again. Sad but true. The owner's big heart won out over her senisibility. What's done is done and blaming anyone will not bring back that baby. I only hope that others will learn from this. If your dog bites anyone it should be euthanized. Sorry, but there are too many sweet homeless pets that need homes because too many ignorant people feel the need to not spay or neuter their pets. Wake up people!
Dog Lover

Erie, PA

#80 Jul 29, 2008
I would also like to add that the Sonney's are good people and took very good care of their children and pets. I pray for them to be able to someday get through this. The news definetly could have used this story as a learning experience for pet owners rather than the gore fest it became. I have had aggressive dogs come at me and if I had a gun I would have shot it too. The dog was not old either. Have any of you approached a sleeping dog? THey may jump, but rarely if ever do they kill the one that disturbed them. Stop the "backyard breeders", and those that torture animals and there is less likely to be attacks like this one. The Sonney's did all they could. No one but the breeder of the dog is to blame. The dog was well cared for, well loved and vaccinated. They did all they could.

Raleigh, NC

#81 Aug 1, 2008
Pissed OFF wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm sorry but is not what I'm upset about here and I agree with you! My point is they shot the dog three times---The dog went limp--my interpretation of limp is Can't walk. At that point they had the animal retained around the neck and it was limp. Why the dragged it into the yard and shot it a forth time as neighbors and little kids were watching I feel is excessive. How the article looks like the dog was restrained but they felt the need to drag it out in plain site and kill it.
First of all who cares about the dog when a family of human beings has been devastated by this tragedy. In the moment the police did what they should have. For all we know the fourth shot may have been to put the dog out of its misery. Keeping it alive after being shot 3 times would have been much crueler. I can't believe a family has lost their baby girl and all you animal right tree huggers are more focused on the stupid dog!!!!!!!!!!
I pray that the family makes it through this unfathomable time.

Harmonsburg, PA

#82 Aug 3, 2008
Helga Schmunk wrote:
<quoted text>
How do you know the little girl the dog ate would have had a "wonderful life"? How do you know she wouldn't have grown up to be a college student who spread her little greasy legs, got f'd, then strangled HER baby after "letting it breathe for ten minutes"?
In short, how do you know the little girl eaten by the dog woulnd't have grown up to be a ... how did you put it? Oh yeah: a "worthless human"?
You sound like a sick demented even requote such a horrible statement....I pray none of the family ever reads any of this trash.
just wondering

Lorain, OH

#83 Aug 3, 2008
how come they didnt put him in a noose..put him in a cage and euthanize him?...ive heard these stories in some other places but i never heard them shooting a dog..then dragging him out and shooting him again in front of neighbors..that included children..i understand he was a danger but i dont think what they did was necessary

Lorain, OH

#84 Aug 3, 2008
My heart most certainly goes out for the family, the little girl, AND the dog..yes the dog! Something was obviously wrong with him but we are all children of the Lord..Sorry for any non-believers or anyone affiliated with a different religion...but again we were all children of God and all need to be praid for..I don't think we should be yelling at eachother and arguing about what the police did..but Pray and hope for a better after life for the little girl and the dog..and hope that something like this doesn't occur again.


Since: Aug 08

Northampton, MA

#85 Aug 7, 2008
Ive lived in some major cities like Columbus, Ohio and Kansas City, MO and neither city has ever shown the same disregard or disrespect as the Erie Daily Times and the local news has regarding the graphic photos and film of that dog.

I find it appauling that neither has really ever publicaly appoligized for showing such trash nor have they been held accountable. The times went as far as commenting on how many letters to the editor and complaints they got on the matter, as though they were showcaseing the fact that they were making the news by showing it in the first place!

The insensativity they have shown not only to the local public, but espically twoards the family who has to deal with such a tragic fate not only had to cope with there daughter being killed, but the killing of a long time family pet.

...the trauma of the photo and film being plastered all over the news and the front page story of the times is simply inexcusable and in such bad taste I find it hard to believe that noone in either establishment didn't question the usage of such footage. Both should be ashamed at there actions.

And as someone has stated before, both the times and local news stations should use the profits made by this story to set up a fund for the grieving family. Neither one should profit from this whatsoever!

To this day when visiting family in Erie I never pay attention to the local news nor buy or read the Erie daily times due to the fact that they always seem to thrive on the drama and gossip of the local area and behave so sophmoricly about most subjects that I could care less about what they report on or any of there credability as a news source.

My condolences to the family.

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