Down with the Brown

Woodward, OK

#1 Nov 26, 2010
I'll tell you what that dang ol Levi Greer otherwise known in these here parts as simply "Brown", well dang ol son of a buck rolled up on me the other day he was drivin that there what you call it? A weenie wagon or some crazy shit, anyway that rascal come up on me quick there and I's broke down on the side of the road their in my ol panel wagon there and ol brown pulled up there and said uh, what he say? Oh yea well he pulled up there and he said "hey, you havin some problems their mister?" And uh, I said uh, yea I uh, well I think I blew up my old radiator hose there and you know what that ol son of a buck he just laughed at me with a big ol redneck grin there and uh he said uh, "well, your just shit out of luck aint ya?" And I thought well you little shit I oughtta just whip his ass and then you you know what ol crazy brown did he jumped up their out of that their truck and pulled his pants down and showed me his peter their, and, started doin the helicopter and stuff and he was just laughin so I took out chasin ol brown back to his weenie wagon he had there but it was too damn late I couldnt catch the little shit and he was gone! So anyway I's just wonderin if any yall good folks out here on this internets might have his phone number ya see I'd kinda like to track ol brown down and see if maybe he wont show me that helicopter trick again I tried it for the mrs. but I just couldnt get it right ya know it kept bumpin into the side of my leg there and i couldnt get it to make a full rotation ya know what I mean I need some helicopter lessons, or maybe just figure out his technique their he damn sure is good at it but ya know I gotta be honest with ya, he needs to clean that mess up down their a little bit looks a little bit shaggy there if ya get my drift. well if anybody got ol browns number, or address or any of that just let me know so I can get my helicopter on, and uh, I sure do appreciate it. thank ya.

United States

#2 Nov 26, 2010
Omg that's funny yeap that would be that dickhead
Down with the Brown

Woodward, OK

#3 Nov 26, 2010
Well as it turns out folks I didnt need ol brown to show me how to do the helicopter there ya see i thought and prayed real hard about it and then all the sudden like a bolt a lightnin it hit me and i figured out there that the reason I couldnt do the helicpoter son was cause my pecker was just a little to long there it would clear the side of my leg there like ol browns did so I sat me down on bag a ice there for oh well, i don know a good ten minutes or so there and waited for my taliwacker to shrink up there where it was real short ya know like ol browns is and sure enough wouldnt ya know it after that i coulda do the helicopter with the best of em, although I do have to say it dont look to much like a helicopter as short as it was but I gotr did anyway I'm so damn happy I could spit I can't wait to get home tonight from work and show the misses how I can do the helicpoter now she's gonna be so happy for me heck maybe Erick will give the key to city I dont know but I got to thinkin maybe we could have us here a tournament of sorts we could all meet downtown there by the co-op or something and maybe we could have us a helicpoter contest and the winner could get a bronze statue made of himself doin the helicopter put in the high school gym or something wouldnt that be a hoot? People was come from miles around to see that I gay-run dam tee that shit lets bring it up at the next city council meetin there and get this done what do ya say folks?

Erick, OK

#4 Nov 26, 2010
I think levi number is 15807991534
Down with the Brown

Woodward, OK

#5 Nov 26, 2010
Na that wasn't it, I called that number and some fella answered, when I told him who I's lookin for and why he just laughed at me, told me if I really wanted to know how to learn the helicopter to call some ol boy named Big Willy, said Big Willy taught ol brown everything he knew and that's why when ol brown does he always says he did it "big willy style"....

Erick, OK

#6 Nov 27, 2010
All i know is Levi Greer is freakn HOT!!!!!!

Shamrock, TX

#7 Dec 7, 2010
yummy wrote:
All i know is Levi Greer is freakn HOT!!!!!!

Clinton, OK

#9 Dec 10, 2010
no he isnt, he is a freakin drug guy. i mean if you like them kinda guys then okay haha

Erick, OK

#10 Dec 10, 2010
You really must not know levi if you think he does drugs he's the straightest guy I know. He works hard and is an awesome husband and father.
Greer family supporter

Mcloud, OK

#11 Dec 11, 2010
Really Drugs Levi?? I doubt, it, he is the greastest guy anyone will ever meet. he has a wonderful wife, awesome kids,, he would never ever do drugs

Dallas, TX

#12 Dec 14, 2010
Kayla, your f'n stupid obviously learn your shit before you try and talk trash! ddw, get a life or a job and make it your life long goal to try and live up to be the hard ass worker levi is or the awesome dad he is ooooor great husband ( what can I say the list goes on) he's a great guy ..... Truth, get your shit straight to, dumb ass!

Clinton, OK

#13 Dec 14, 2010
haha if your gonna talk crap about me why dont you put your name "Lucky"

United States

#14 Dec 14, 2010
Lol well "Kayla" why don't u start by saying your real name! Don't Be saying lies about people u don't even know and mayb other people wouldn't b calling u out on your BS! Get a life and get your shit straight
Freeky Deek


#15 Dec 15, 2010
I heard he liked it on the Down Low!
sittin juggs

San Antonio, TX

#16 Jun 23, 2011
I would take his wooden nickle

Erick, OK

#17 Jun 24, 2011
ddw wrote:
Omg that's funny yeap that would be that dickhead
You were chasing a man with his pants down and could not catch him?
Pretty pathetic
Bill dong

Mount Morris, MI

#18 Jun 24, 2011
Uweirdos wrote:
<quoted text>
You were chasing a man with his pants down and could not catch him?
Pretty pathetic
This thread is hilarious you're the one who's pathetic! lol... You suck.
Bill dong

Erick, OK

#20 Jun 25, 2011
I like a stiff one in my butt every now and then too!

East Saint Louis, IL

#21 Jul 11, 2011
It all started one evening when I was sittin' around the yard, not really doin' much a nuthin'. There weren't no NASCAR on and Springer was a repeat, so I grabbed me a drink and started chuggin' out on the back porch. I decided to pull out my old ouija board and fiddle around with it a bit. Next thing I know, I started feeling really kooky. I didn't know if it was the drink or just a bad batch of government cheese, but I looked up and saw, what looked like, my Uncle Jed! There he was, standin' at my grill with that fancy grade straw hat he won at a bar. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be unusual. But my Uncle Jed had been DEAD for nigh on 4 years now! So I was like "whaaaaat!" Suddenly, I started puttin' 2 and 1 together. Jed had come back for my grill! That ol' coot was always jealous of it. So as I jumped up to cofront him, he swung around and tried to take me out with an old grill cleaner! I ducked and hoisted up a chair to swing but he was able to deflect it away. Then ol' Jed stated fightin' dirty. Darn near spilt my drink when he swung at me with that dag gum pooper scooper! I decided that enough was enough. I kicked him to the ground. GIT ER DONE! I kept yellin' to myself. GIT ON BACK TO HECK WHERE'S YOU BELONG! Well sir, when it was all said and done, there wern't nothin' left but that ol' straw hat and some ecto-plasmic ground fertilizer.(Grew me some nice taters with that!) Well now, after all that, I decided not to be doin' anymore Ouija boarding.

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