erath man arrested for child porn
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Lafayette, LA

#61 Jun 10, 2011
Just to remind everyone..this site was made for 'real people' to discuss 'real things' going on in their community. The constant comments about people minding their own buisness and blah blah blah are annoying! If someone gets arrested for a crime, it then becomes NEWS.. It can be read in the NEWSpaper and seen on the local NEWS. That makes it the publics buisness. You dont tell frickin Hoyt Harris to mind his own buisness when he's reporting this stuff...right?? My opinion on this whole thing is...Everyone was wrong. The guy shouldnt have had a relationship with someone so young. The family HAD to have known and probably didnt care till revenge was wanted for whatever reason. What teenage girl can totally hide a relationship from her entire family for a whole year??? They knew. Bottom line is..the law was broken. even if she WAS 16(going on 17) and he was 19.. Thats still against the law. There are so many versions of the story here... Was she a freshman...was he a senior?? It all doesnt matter because HE WAS ARRESTED....he obviously broke the law and many many men get away with it everyday. Its sad how just because so many people get away with it, people seem to think its no big deal. Let the 'freshman girls' be young girls and date guys their own damn age. Let them enjoy their youth and have boyfriends who they can meet at their lockers...not boyfriends who buy them nice things when they come in from offshore!!! People need to open their eyes in Erath. You really dont know what your taking away from a young girls life by allowing her to date an older guy.

Lafayette, LA

#62 Jul 20, 2011
This upsets me. It is 2011 now. This happened in 2009. Two years ago. Why do you guys still care? Quite frankly, in my opinion, this is none of anyone's business except the people in question. And yes, that does include me. Most of you stick your nose it in and hey, that's you. But at least know what you're talking about. This is the only time I will clarify what is fact and what is not. Whether you chose to believe me or not is up to you and I honestly do not care. I'm just setting all of you straight. "kool-aid" and I got together in 08. I was 14 and he was 17. 4 months later he turned 18. It was in our knowledge that it was deemed illegal. It was not entirely his fault as I knew it was considered wrong as well. Neither me nor my family pressed charges on him. A so called friend of ours ratted on us and the DA and cops took it from there. And for those of you saying that I must have had something to do with it, we were still together, I was not mad at him, and I came home from school, not knowing anything to find that he had been arrested. I had nothing at all to do with the pornography. He was cheating on me with more than one person and they had sent him pictures. There. Now you have the facts. Move on with your nonexistent lives and leave all in question to live ours without being constantly reminded of our past. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone falls in love. Not everyone is arrested for it. Peace.

United States

#63 Jul 29, 2011
I think it was wrong of him to keep the photos, but he was a teen boy. Honestly, what boy do u know of wouldn't like these photos??? The girl shouldn't have sent them in the first place. Is she getting any punishment? I think not, she started this by taking & SENDING the photos!!! If it was my daughter she'd be grounded & not to mention her tanned backside. Why is he the only one getting punishment???
Not Blind or Deaf

United States

#65 Aug 26, 2011
the pregnant girl wrote:
okay, i had no idea that people had this much time on their hands. i know half the shit on here must be a lie, bc the people on here who are posting about his and my relationship are dead wrong. can't you all just get a life? let it go, and worry about yourselves. i don't know any of you, and i'd appreciate if i would be left out of the conversations. none of you know everything, not even me. and i try my best to stay out of it, so why cant you all do the same?
OMG....Can't that man of yours keep it where it belongs.....The New Iberia girl moves away after he been tappin her so now he is trying to get it again with another ex. She smart enough to give that cold shoulder, but he sure trying hard. Dude you need to see what you got and play in that playground. Leave the past alone. And he hasn't even gone to court for this one yet. Man, he got balls....stupid balls!!!
testify 16 and 17

Delcambre, LA

#66 Jul 24, 2012
dont kmow the details of this, but somebody answer this. what if i dated in high school i was 17 and ahe was 16. we were a couple for over a year. she turns 17, then i turn 18, now i guess , legally, we cant date anymore??? she was my love. isnt this kind od technical because of the law????
Nosy People

Lenoir City, TN

#67 Jul 24, 2012
Ohh bla bla bla He was 18 she was 14 and by the way he was picked up again in June 2012 for more child porn.

Lafayette, LA

#68 Jan 11, 2015
Okay so I'm the girlfriend he had while he was cheating on me with a 14 year old. He was 19. I was 16 when we were dating. He is a liar and very manipulated. I can't believe I bought this dude around my family. His ex WIFE is just as crazy and was the one who started all this stuff. She was the reason we broke up. PLUS he had a court date with some female he snuck out to see while her parents were sleeping and the parents called the cops. Which he lied to me about because I didn't get the correct story until I was on the phone WITH the female who was going to court because of him. She was also a minor. The girl he was arrested for child pornography was in fact 14. (Please note I am not one of the other females he had naked pictures of because I respect myself way more and was raised better than that) This is very old news but it sickens me knowing I dated this sicko. I'm very glad I moved on from this guy. Not sure where he's at now because he hasn't had any activity since 2012. Hope he is serving time for this still and will stay locked up because this dude is someone not to bring around the family. His parents are wonderful people. Super nice. Also yes his nickname was Kool-Aid.

Lafayette, LA

#69 Jan 11, 2015
Maxie wrote:
Oh! And Mr. Koolaid and his ex were still together when he was much for she was bitter. And she had to go to court also and had a year of probation. So Real Deal think again!
And Little Miss Sunshine, if you Claire Bear...then gurl you should not judge...Cause Miss Claire Bear had sex with Mr Koolaid [ALT][Relocate] in a dressing room at the Mall and he was 19 and she was 15. So there...another one. He so innocent...Yeah!! He a Playah!!Big Time, with the little gurls!!
Miss sun shine is not me. I AM CLAIRE. First of all Ashton and I NEVER had sex in the mall. We went one time to go shopping. I respect myself WAY more than that. I had no idea he was messing around with females. I didn't find out until we broke up and we broke up because of his ex and because my family didn't want me with him. So get your facts straight. If yall have questions hit me up on Facebook. Ik im late but im not going to let people think i am that disrespectful to myself.

United States

#70 Mar 6, 2015
Did his name start with a S

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