Barry Hedblom to adopt baby who was f...

Barry Hedblom to adopt baby who was found in toilet - Barry Hedblom is a phoney

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Middleton, WI

#1 Oct 22, 2006
I don't know who does the research for these articles, but Barry Hedblom is no better than the woman who drowned her baby in the toilet and now he wants to be a hero by telling the world he wants to adopt the baby found. While my heart goes out to the baby and the tragic circumstances that surround her, Barry Hedblom is a con artist and is looking to pad his pockets by pretending he is some kind of hero. He failed to mention the FACT that he left his 4 biological children in Wisconsin as children themselves, he failed to mention the FACT that he has been thrown in jail on several occasions for child support arrears to the tune of over $60,000, he failed to mention the fact that he turned his back on said 4 biological children and never so much mailed a birthday card. He failed to mention the fact that he, himself abandoned his 4 biological children and now wants to claim them in these articles. He never took care of the 4 children he had and now because the law allows him to adopt, he can pretend he is some kind of hero by wanting to adopt a baby he never met, while never caring for the 4 he brought into this world himself. He left us starving while his ex wife worked 3 jobs to try and make ends meet. How can he now claim that he took care of us 4? He still owes over $60,000 to his ex wife for child support arrears and now this is just another stunt he can pull to sucker the viewers/readers into sending him money and hailing him as some kind of hero. What a shame that the facts weren't printed and what a shame that he can live with himself, knowing full well what he did to his own 4 biological children in Wisconsin.

North Hollywood, CA

#2 Apr 27, 2007
oh my god thats sooooooo fucked up
if you have a myspace add me

[email protected]
Devery Hedblom

United States

#3 Feb 29, 2008
all of that is absolutely stupis... i know my dad inside and out.. im the closest to him. i know..
he talks to them all the time.. i think you are an ass for saying that ... he has never in his LIFE been thrown in jail.. i am in an absolute RAGE that you would say that about my father. your an asshole..a HUGE one. so i say screw you. u dont know anything about my father so shut the f*** up.. if u think u know my father then get at me
Devery Hedblom

United States

#4 Feb 29, 2008
and if u know THAT much about my father than u must be related to him.. its a absolute SHAME
Devery Hedblom

United States

#5 Feb 29, 2008

thats my myspace... if u dont believe im the real thing
Devery Hedblom

United States

#6 Feb 29, 2008
and im talking about and TO u little miss hick mom...OH excuse me..

Hocky mom
Devery Hedblom

United States

#7 Feb 29, 2008
and for your information hick mom...

our family has more than enough money...we have a doctor in the family... so get over your jelous self.. no one sends us just wish someone did send u some.. people like you distgust me greatly.. im only 16 years old but i do know whats right and whats wrong.. and YOUR WRONG.
Devery Hedblom

United States

#8 Feb 29, 2008
hick mom.... ur related to him arnt you??... i bet u are... i can see why he doesnt wanna talk to u

Mckenzie, TN

#9 Nov 6, 2008
Hey Devery you stupid ass, why don't you go to Wisconsin and look your "father" up?? You big mouth idiot, you don't even know what you are talking about and maybe next time before you shoot your big mouth off, you should do the research, but it's pretty evident your education isn't working since you can't spell worth a shit. Nice dad you've got there, NOT!!! He's a deadbeat bum who left his BIOLOGICAL children years ago in Wisconsin. Sorry to ruin your perfect day, but you are clueless!!! IDIOT!

Mckenzie, TN

#10 Nov 6, 2008
Oh and p.s. your mom is a bigger IDIOT then your dad, she is the main reason he didn't see his BIOLOGICAL kids in the first place. What kind of monster pulls that? I feel sorry for you, you are headed down a path of doom and gloom with those two lunatics raising you, LOSER!

“Mom of one son.”

Since: Nov 08


#12 Nov 7, 2008
It is not like he plans on raising another child, the baby is dead! Are you two sure you are speaking of the same man?

United States

#13 Nov 8, 2008
I think both of you are very immature for arguing about something like this over the internet. Especially if you are a full grown adult and you are still going on about this issue. Both of you are over exaggerating on the facts.

There is no way this man could "pad his pockets" from something like this. He would actually be paying for the deceased baby's grave marker. He did not even know that it would be broadcasted like it was.

I think it is very unintelligent to use such foul language on a website, but especially the language coming from the adult to the 16 year old child.

I am still young, but I have never met any other 74 1/2 year old man who wakes up everyday at 6 AM just to care for 7 children, some of which are special needs. This man also cares for the numerous pets in the household and also maintains the house.

I think that Hockey Mom is still holding onto past issues, over 20 years old, and needs to find another way to express her dislike of this man than on a website with a 16 year old who is just trying to stick up for her father.

And to Hockey Mom, if you think 'two lunatics' are raising this young girl, then who raised you? Because you are proving yourself to be uneducdated.

Barry Hedblom adopted 8 children (plus foster children) with his wife. Anyone who has the heart to do that gets the credit in my book.

Mckenzie, TN

#14 Dec 22, 2008
I know this Barry Hedblom character and despite what you all may think of him, he truly is a nut job. He ditched his ex wife, left her with 4 kids to raise on her own, to this day he owes her over $56,000. In my opinion, this man should have never been able to adopt any other children until he saw to it that the children he actually brought into this world were taken care of, instead of ignoring the fact that he brought these children into the world. Perhaps you all see it differently in that he lives in your area and adopted these children, but the only reason he adopted these children was so that he would get a paycheck to take care of the special needs kids without having to send any money to his ex wife for the children he had with her. Barry ran up numerous bills and left them for his ex wife to worry about. He conned so many people in Wisconsin that he was no longer welcomed in the area he left. He is and will always be a deadbeat dad who made no reconciliation with his children. Sure he gets kudos for taking care of the adopted children, a very noble thing to do, however how a man can leave behind 4 children without so much as a bat of the eyelashes is absolutely baffling to me. Those children are no longer children any longer, they are grown adults, however the pain he inflicted upon his 4 BIOLOGICAL children will never be healed because he never tried to heal it, he only erased that part of his life and never looked back. Shame on him and anyone who thinks this con man is anything but a ridiculous fool. And to the above poster who thinks Barry is some kind of God because he gets his lazy butt up in the morning to care for almost grown kids, think again. Millions of grandparents are taking care of kids and to think Barry is the only person in the world getting his butt up in the morning is hysterical. He should have done that with his own kids, but instead he turned his back. Also, his wife doesn't even live with them, so don't even bring her into the mix. She is probably sick and tired of his b.s. act as well. On top of everything else, I do believe he is now only taking care of 5 kids and given his past life, it is the LEAST he can do to try and make something out of his sad and pathetic life. He was a loser then, he's a loser now and this will be his legacy ALWAYS. Barry Hedblom, deadbeat dad who didn't give a rip about the children he brought into this world, only about himself and his pretend life now. Obviously he is not doing a very good job as his 17 year old daughter cannot even spell, much less speak eloquently or even somewhat eloquently. She seems to be full of anger and jealousy and definitely has serious anger issues. A boat load of counseling is most likely needed for this young lady, hope she gets it when she is an adult.
Concerned Citizen

Montgomery, AL

#15 Apr 5, 2009
All of you sound very ignorant, bitter, and have no home training whatsoever. Please feel free to never post on this site in such a fashion as we have all witnessed ever again. Thank You!

Roscommon, MI

#16 Apr 13, 2009
Concerned Citizen, you sound like the ignorant one. Do you even know what you are talking about? Have you ever known a man to bail on his four biological kids, not even to support them in the slightest, adopt kid after kid? What kind of "dad" does that? Unforgivable and THAT is the reason he has been run out of Wisconsin, thank the good lord. You can have his deadbeat butt. He still owes a substantial amount of money and to this day, pays only the minimum possible. What kind of father does that? What an idiot. He is known as the posterchild for deadbeat dads in Wisconsin and we are glad he is out of this state. Shame on anyone who suggests that a deadbeat dad like this can get away with it and shame on you for suggesting people are ignorant because they call this loser OUT. Lastly, do not suggest anyone quit posting about this loser, for it will NEVER happen. Why don't you take some of your own advice and skip and scroll if you don't like to read the TRUTH.

Beloit, WI

#17 Apr 15, 2009
I knew this man, way back when...WHEN he had the most beautiful children in the world. Then one day, he up and left his four children, never supported them emotionally and never supported them financially. His ex-wife worked three jobs to take care of the four kids and did one heck of a job in doing so. She had no choice, evidentally, he did. Then he married a woman who had 3 kids herself and he got to play "daddy" again. When those 3 kids couldn't STAND him, he decided to adopt and make a living off the disabled children. He makes false claims when he states he retired from a career in working with children, look it up, this man does nothing but lie, lie, lie. He rewrites history as if it were fact, when sadly it is nothing short of his misconstrued imagination. His mother and father disowned him, his brother disowned him. Just about everyone who knew Barry Hedblom, disowned him. He wasn't the one teaching his sons how to play baseball, he was too busy with his new wife who directed him to have absolutely no contact with his 4 biological children and like the sad little puppy he is, he ceased all communication as well as financial obligation to said four kids.

All one can do now is sympathize with this sad old man. He craves attention, never in a million years did he think he'd get called out on it. He claims in the article that he had 14 kids, what kind of man claims the 4 children he left behind without so much as a goodbye? What kind of man rewrites history to play it out like he is some kind of hero? Google his name or do a search on any search engine, the first link will be to this page. If none of it were true, he would have a huge libel and slander lawsuit, but we all know every bit of it is true and so, in the end, his legacy will be that not of a good father, a loving father, instead it will be of a man who thought he could rewrite history, a deadbeat dad who owes tens of thousands of dollars in arrears for his four BIOLOGICAL children, that of a DEADBEAT and that of a sad, pathetic man who thought he could act like he was the father of the year, when his words and actions only came back to bite him square in the ass. Who has the last laugh now Barry? You can no longer run and hide from the truth, the truth always wins.

Beloit, WI

#18 Apr 29, 2009
I heard the old lady he married is a real witch. Wisconsin is glad to be rid of that type of scum, one less deadbeat dad to deal with. I feel sorry for his daughter who posted upthread, obviously he is failing her miserably. Hopefully she will get the help she so desperately needs, bless her for trying to defend the bum.
Concerned Citizen

Montgomery, AL

#19 May 28, 2009
I apologize for pulling the trigger so fast and calling you all those herendous names. You all sound emotionally scared by his actions. Does he and his wife ever come visit his children or a simple phone call? And what role did his now wife play in him leaving his kids behind since you say she is a witch?

Beloit, WI

#20 Jul 19, 2009
Concerned Citizen: No, he does not call, he does not nor has he ever sent so much as a birthday card. His wife, the witch, played a huge part in the alienation and continues to do so. Granted they are all grown now, but he chose to turn his back on them and adopt all the "special needs" children he has. He has two biological sons and two biological daughters, however I feel that the sons were ripped off the most. A son needs his father, this man ditched from the word go and blamed every person in the world, besides himself. He never, ever held himself accountable and didn't so much as care if these kids were fed, clothed or housed. He continues to play off of peoples sympathy, choosing to ignore the truth that he took off on his four biological kids and wishing so bad he could rewrite history. He has told his adopted children NOTHING about his past, which is obvious from his daughters posts upthread. The scars he left on those four children will truly never be healed. He chose to ditch his 4 biological kids, he disowned his own mother, father and brother. Look it up if you don't believe me. His mother and father are now deceased, he didn't go to either of their funerals. Also, his brother can tell you stories that would haunt you for the rest of your life.

Bottom line, Barry Hedblom is an evil, evil man who chooses to portray himself in a different light than what reality is. Instead of concentrating on his 4 bio kids and making ammends, he chose to put himself out there and offered to adopt this poor baby who was found dead. While I would cheer anyone on who would act in such a noble manner, Barry Hedblom is neither noble nor a true father. He has caused more heartache and pain than anyone can imagine. He leaves behind a legacy of a cruel and indecent human being who is only interested in rewriting history to make himself look and feel better. Had he any integrity whatsoever, he would have taken the higher road and made ammends with his bio children. Instead, he chooses to turn his head and put the blinders on, refusing to own up to his responsibilities. Aside from the four children he abandoned, he made the mother of his children work endlessly so she could put food on the table and a roof above their heads. In the 70's and 80's, this wasn't an easy task to take on with four children, nor would it be easy in todays times. As it stands, he still owes over $70,000 and is considered the biggest deadbeat dad in Wisconsin. How shameful is that? And this is a man who gloats what a great father he is? He is nothing of the kind. He is a man who cons people on a regular basis into believing he is some kind of wonder man, in which he is not. He's a liar, thief, con-artist, master manipulator amongst so many other things. He is a lazy bum who refuses to pay his ex wife the arrears she is owed. I could go on and on, but I shall leave it here in hopes that he and his family are shamed and that others are made aware of his true self. My only hope is that when he dies, he fries in hell for the evil man he is and will always be. He will tell everyone a different story, but Wisconsin State records do NOT lie, a court of law tells the truth and the truth is, Barry Hedblom is a deadbeat dad who abandoned his 4 children without a second thought. Cruel beoynd words and twisted beyond recognition.
Concerned Citizen

Montgomery, AL

#21 Aug 14, 2009
Why don't his kids just pay him a suprise visit to his home in Alabama? I could only imagine the shock an individual would feel from such a suprise.

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