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hey mickey

Fairmont, WV

#21 Aug 15, 2013
Mickey Mouse wrote:
Okay, first of all, it's "Scott Place" not "Scott's Place". It's named for the street it's on, not after somebody named Scott. Secondly, it is not meant to be a place to sleep a couple of days and take a shower. That's what the mission is for. Scott Plsce offers full case management and requires minimum residency of seven days. So, no, they cannot take everyone. Third, I don't think Jade was fired because she gave a month's notice and bosses usually don't tell anyone in advance that they are being fired. Scott Place is an organizaton with helpful staff that have gotten many people into stable homes.
Is it really important Scott or Scott's place I think what is important is homeless people kids and the adults who are trying to take care of them. I think bad luck can hit anyone at any time. So try not to judge ppl until YOU have been there MICKEY MOUSE!!!!
hey mickey

Fairmont, WV

#22 Aug 15, 2013
I forgot you were worried how they spelled Scott or Scott's how do spell place Plsce. I really don't think it matters as long as they help ppl right? Your picking on words and their HOMELESS WOW!!!

Fairmont, WV

#23 Aug 15, 2013
hey mickey wrote:
Your picking on words and their HOMELESS WOW!!!
Are homeless words the ones that are not written down?
Carrie P

Fairmont, WV

#24 Aug 20, 2013
If you do not have facts to back up your claims please do not post! Some of you are making false accusations against a wonderful community resource! First off, Scott Place does not "interview" the homeless. They have a short referral process which helps staff there determine needs of the individual requesting shelter. Staff assesses the person based on need, health, and residency. This is to help place the person with the most appropriate services to best help them get on their feet. Homeless persons are only turned away for a handful of reasons. The biggest being intoxication or that the shelter is 100% full 98% of the time.(Keep in mind that there are four other homeless shelters in the surrounding area.) Ask around and I guarantee that many will place Scott Place at the top of list above other shelters around.
Also, it is very sad that you make such dishonest statements with no facts to back up your assumptions. Have you heard the term "mandatory reporters"? A mandatory reporter is someone, such as a social worker, who MUST report specific instances or face criminal penalty. If a family presents at ANY social service agency and is determined to be homeless than DHHR/CPS MUST be contacted. It is a federal law! This is not to "take children from their parents" it is to ensure that the family is being connected to services which can help best address their needs. CPS helps to educate, advocate, and protect children and families not to dissolve them into nonexistence. Children are only removed from the home for verified safety reasons not just because someone contacted them. You might be best to educate yourself about situations and services before you criticize them and the agencies that are developed to strengthen and empower our community. Please also take the time to research the term "defamation of character" as that is what you are doing.
I hope Scott Place and similar agencies continue to help our community without them I know many grateful persons who would still be lost without a way.
Dorothy J wrote:
It seems that Jade was fired who worked at Scotts Place Shelter, recently, which is located in Fairmont, WV. I think she was fired because she was reporting homeless families to social services so the children were often picked up and put into foster care. The sad thing about this is often those kids end up taken away from parents who have little money for a decent attorney. When the parents lose their parental rights, they can no longer see their kids. Jade also called Social Security Disability Office to report some of the clients who had applied for disability, and she reported to this office those folks were not disabled. Jade was a very mixed up ho and ruined a lot of lives. I am glad she is gone now. Hopefully, the other workers at the shelter will take better care of the homeless. Most homeless people have mental illness or other issues and need to be treated with respect and kindness. Why can't people help and encourage ona another, offering a compliment from time to time? Compliments does a soul good.

Parkersburg, WV

#25 Jan 21, 2014
this is a total scam.. these people take every liberty within their bounds and countless people have literally disappeared frokm their walls without so much as a second thought. i would liken scotts place to a final stop for concentration camp victims under the guise of help from an incompetent staff of hate mongers.. while working there as a cook i was told by the staff to make less food and serve it later so "those trash suffered".. avoid scotts place like hitler report it till it is disbanded.
Mayor of Town

Fairmont, WV

#26 Feb 1, 2014
No More Homeless Bashing, They are after all voting citizens. and Shame on You Scott place, for your erudite selection process. It is plain social engineering on a micro level.

I am wondering how these homeless are posting on the internet, and I am glad some one has taken up this great cause and fights for the rights of those who may be tooo intoxicated, or mentally ill to know they are outside, even. I mean after a night at the Local Pubs, I like to pop in and take up my accommodations, It saves me a morning drive , attempting to dodge all the potholes en route to my office.

Which brings up another point whether to mentally ill or more likely intoxicated, perhaps both, Do "they" really know they are out of doors. If not, there may therein lay a solution... a bus, picks them while they are sleeping, or catatonic, and makes a short trip to Morgantown, and drops them off-- No negative comments about the " idea' Motown has more money than us, and they, may even stand a chance of getting a job.

I am impassioned about this disparity and discrimination in service offered. and Yes, I too have had it personally happen to me. I rode up one night I my Mercedes Gullwing, and had on my Armani suit..I inquired about possible accommodations, and the arrogant discriminating intake worker ( seated in her posh office with all the creature comforts.) told me NO. I was not even given a chance to share That the Car did NOT have working heated seats, and The Suit was over 6 months old.. The Nerve. I was angered and sped off and paid for a room at The Holiday Inn.

Just a reminder , these homeless people vote, and it is our task to take reasonable care of them.

To think this Trusted institution ( who gather Barrels of money) would only select the hundreds of people they have served, in a year, and turn away others who were drunk, high, both, convicts, fugitives... Is Jaw dropping.. I am dropping all my personal funding ($2.00 Yearly) and am going to give directly to the homeless crazy person in the garage.

I thought this organization helped people, and now I find that is false. Those students now at FSU Free, and In apartments, Scott Place gave them, are all actors and not real clients..Well the wool is pulled back Now.

I am going to keep an eye on them from now on.. Homeless people I have your back! I trust I also have your vote.

I am officially closing this thread to all further comments.
Mayor of Town

Fairmont, WV

#27 Feb 1, 2014
I was just told by a staffer:. That, The Homeless, in fact, do NOT vote by a majority, I hereby withdraw my former comments and suggest the bus idea, again.
Scott Place Rest easy... I will continue My support as I have through the years. Now, No Further comments.

Fairmont, WV

#28 Feb 2, 2014
^this guy

Charleston, WV

#29 Jul 17, 2014
scotts plac is also funded by the united is hope inc.when is the united way going to wake and realize that they are giving money away to organizations who put more money in there pockets that they use to help people. the united way is corrupt organization.always has been.if they really wanted to help people they would fly a helicopter over town and throw the money into the least people who need the money might get it and be able to use it to help thereselves. ask. she is the director. I here her accountability is kinda shaky.

Charleston, WV

#30 Jul 17, 2014
donate your money to the Courtney fund. she is the incompetent director of scotts place.check her out she also works at the mountaineer mart aka crack mart

United States

#31 Jul 25, 2014
This place is nothing but an infernal cesspool. They may want to clean up the mounds of cat shit and dead cats underneath the porch.

Lynchburg, VA

#32 Aug 13, 2014
The people in charge at scotts place is not in control. Employees sleeping with clients. Her included. Drugs alcohol, crossing professional boundaries.

Lynchburg, VA

#33 Aug 13, 2014
0pinonated wrote:
donate your money to the Courtney fund. she is the incompetent director of scotts place.check her out she also works at the mountaineer mart aka crack mart
You mean the one who slept with her client?

Smithfield, WV

#34 Nov 30, 2014
downtown fairmont worker wrote:
<quoted text>
He needs to be mentally evaulated and then treated medically. Most homeless people in our country are mentally ill and don't have the mentality to seek help when they need it. It is up to society to intervene when it is necessary. It would be a travesty to one day find this man dead in the parking garage and then blame him for not trying to help himself.
My brother is homeless in Fairmont. He's been chronically homeless for decades. The problem is he is really smart, but mentally ill. So, he wants to be in control of his own life, but he makes bad choices like giving a girl $1200 of his student loan money and then getting put out of his own apartment. He doesn't drink or do any drugs. As for our family, we have finally convinced him to stay on his medication, but overall we've had to decide that he doesn't mind living the way he's living. He lives in Scott's place now, and he has lived in the Union Mission before. They both have rules to follow if they will allow someone to live there. My brother lived with my husband and me for years, but always left to go live with any woman he could find. Finally my husband and I decided that we can't keep bailing him out. We've put limits on what we can do for him. I think he needs emotional support more than the money or housing we tried to supply. He has a job making minimum wage, but my experience is, that he won't be able to keep it much longer. There's just something about his brain that doesn't allow him to maintain… We had him over for Thanksgiving. We found and financed a $500 car so he could continue to work… The thing about him is he just loves people. I think just having people to talk to who enjoy his stories (he's got a funny, dry sense of humor) makes him happy. If you meet my homeless brother, he just wants to talk to you. Unless you are a female--he might want to marry you or move in with you! He definitely hungers for a relationship although the women who pick up homeless bipolar men are really not that great of quality and that leads to more drama. One thing about bipolar people is that they really don't know how to maintain relationships or really connect. So they are often lonely.

Fairmont, WV

#35 Nov 30, 2014
Scott Place is ok, they always try to help people. The Union Mission is run by con men don't donate to them.

Fairmont, WV

#36 Nov 30, 2014
Beavis wrote:
The City of Fairmont is probably glad that somebody finally found a use for that damn garage.
I agree Brian.

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