Economically Irresponsible - Synovous Financial (CB&T Bank is one of many)
Did you know that Synovous Financial (CB&T Bank to name one of many)
announced they were in financial trouble and had to terminate 1150
employees. Thirty days or so later they gave management a pay raise and
stock bonuses. Further, they took almost 1 Billion of tax payer funds and
can't pay it back.
In honor of the 1150 people who have lost their jobs I am calling for a
boycott of Synovous Financial institutions for contributing to the economic
downfall and negative impact this action is causing families and the
community. If you have an account with a Synovous bank, close it and go to
your local, not for profit Federal Credit Union. If you do business with a
company that has an account with Synovous,(CB&T) tell them you elect not to
do business with them because they have an account there.