What I Think about Eminence

What I Think about Eminence

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Since: Feb 09

Foristell, MO

#1 Feb 19, 2009
Both my parents are from Eminence and all my Grandparents are also from here, Now I live here and I had a sense of security that came from a small community and thought that this place was one of the most wonderful places in the world. I have lived all over the US and just recently moved to your small little town. I run a huge internet business and keep pretty much to myself, I guess before I found this site I thought all was well, but I am understanding how some of people are and that is NOT what my family taught me about this town. I will not post much more in here but you people are running the rep of your community. I look at other community topix.com and this is not what most topix.com forums look like in other towns. Yes I supect there is a few more out there but this is not the norm. You are either building your reputation or tearing it down. Great luck and I don't think the ones that want to clean this up will ever win.

Wentzville, MO

#2 Feb 19, 2009
I agree with you! My parents are from here and their parents. I now live here with my family and I am very unhappy about the way our town is being torn apart by a bunch of gossip. Why in the world would you believe stuff that is written on here? You can type in anything and someone will believe it!
william hill

Troy, MO

#3 Feb 21, 2009
its the drinking water, and jealousy.
Happy Girl

Troy, MO

#4 Feb 21, 2009
I don't think that this little forum here can really tear a town apart, because people aren't only writing it on here, its coming out of their mouths all over town too. I do however agree with a comment that I saw on another post (its a sad sad world) that if everyone tries to post something positive, it can turn our little forum around. So here's my positive: Smile, it makes people wonder what you know!

Greenville, SC

#5 Feb 22, 2009
Its not just Eminence its all of Shannon County, from the hills of timber to the valleys of Winona, If u don't have the right name or aren't related to the right people or know the right people u are nothing and will never be nothing no matter what u accomplish in life. My best advice to the people who dont like it there is to do what I did and get out run far far away and never look back, People in Shannon County for the biggest part are set in there ways there is no middle ground ur either at the top or ur the bugs that get squashed under someones ambition.

Since: Feb 09

Greenville, SC

#6 Feb 22, 2009
Boy Zeus u hit the nail on the head with your post except u forgot to say that most of the people down there have so many skeletons in there closets that they are willing to do anything to keep them there, most people down there have to many dirty secrets to count and the ones who dont have any just wish they knew about the ones who did, boy if the walls in the homes in shannon county could talk the heads would roll and parents would have heart attacks, cause u got everything from familys with in the closet gays to familys whos parents beat there children repeatedly, and then u got the mostly well todo familys who have either the mother/father with a lover on the side lines while the other one works there ass off to make a living. Tell u what its lucky any marriages or familys stay together with all the secrets and lies in that god forsaken place called shannon county, what the people need there is a good cleansing and the only way that will happen is if all the dirty little secrets get brought to light, and all the guilty parties come clean and people own up to the truth

O Fallon, MO

#7 Feb 22, 2009
Ok, for starters, EVERY small town is like the small towns around here. I read the posts for all the towns that I have lived in and they ALL have gossip on them. It's not just this area but any small town in the USA is going to gossip because they are small and everyone knows everyone. It's part of it, so deal with it! If you don't like it, then move to the city where nobody knows you or even cares!

Also, every small town has a couple people that get on their soapboxes and preach to everyone else about how terrible they are or how terrible the town is because they post on this sight. Even though they are on this website, knowing that it is completely full of gossip. They still want to read all about it.

The good thing about these towns are that the very same people that post on these sights out of boredom, would help you out in a heartbeat if you needed it. The people do care about each other and help each other out. If your car breaks down here you will have 20 people stop and see if you need help. Try finding that in the city.

Telling gossip is not just the nature of people in Eminence; it is human nature! You need to either get off your soapbox or off this website!
I love Eminence

United States

#8 Feb 22, 2009
Eminence is da bomb bitch!

If you don't like it here, then move!

Since: Feb 09

Greenville, SC

#9 Feb 22, 2009
Both my grandparents live in eminence, Where they have lived all there lives, but they will be the first to tell u that eminence and Shannon county for the matter of fact has changed and the majority of people wouldn't cross the street to spit on u even if u were on fire, and yes there are some good people in Shannon County but the ignorant baboons u call neighbors outnumber the good people, and frankly I do live in a bigger town but we dont have to worry about people stopping to help us if our car breaks down, that's what triple AAA is for, plus in the bigger towns u get the comfort of ur private personal affairs not being broadcast to the whole town such as divorce before u even have a chance to find out, and get even worse when the small town people know about a death in ur family before the relative calls u on the phone to even let u know. And unlike most of u I have been to small towns in Kansas and Arkansas, and others on the East Coast, and none of them seem to have as much drama and bickering that Shannon county does but I have come to see that it is either the low employment Rate of the county since no new jobs have came in in years, or its the massive drug and alcohol problem that seems to be Engrossing the whole of the towns and county. But if u are happy there and think Shannon County is the bomb then more power to you, but my advise to people who think that is to read a BOOK, or watch the travel channel I think they made a movie about Eminence and Shannon county its called Deliverance.

O Fallon, MO

#10 Feb 22, 2009
Please ignore this ignorant dumbaxx!

First of all Deliverance was about Georgia's Chattooga River. Second, you really sound like someone who has a lot of secrets and skeletons in your closet if you prefer to live in a place where nobody knows or gives a shi* about you! And visiting a couple of other small towns does not make you an expert on how much drama goes on anywhere.

You really come across as a bitter, ignorant person hung up on stereotypes, getting on here and making fun of people for being ignorant baboons, when that is exactly what you sound like!

Greenville, SC

#11 Feb 22, 2009
boy aeropostal u must of hit a nerve with these baboons as u call them and from there temperment they must be one of the head baboons, but I would prefer to think of them as cockroaches, baboons are to high up and and to intelligent to be comparing Shannon County people on the most part to. U just keep putting them in there place and maybe one day Missouri will realize what kind of bug problem they have and spray some pesticide on Shannon county.
Oh Brother

O Fallon, MO

#12 Feb 22, 2009
I guess I have to comment here. Its not the town that is posting here. If truth be known, its probably the same 20 or 25 people that are saying bad things. Take that number into consideration when you start judging the whole community. There are scolds and gossips everywhere. People who have moved away to the cities don't realize who is talking about who because of the bigger population. Gossip goes on everywhere.

If you think the powers that be in this town are unique, look around. There are big ducks in EVERY puddle. Its no different here. Politics and power are part of every community no matter how big or small. The best thing about small town politics is that you KNOW your devil. Probably on a first name basis. People in big cites don’t have that luxury.

Eminence is an awesome place. I thank God everyday that I live in such a beautiful, caring place. My neighbors are great, my friends are the best and the people I work with couldn’t be better. Sure, people gossip sometimes. Everyone has a story to tell. Most of those stories are not malicious, but funny. If people gossip, isn’t it up to me to make the choice whether or not to listen and believe? And, if someone gets sick or has a life crisis, everyone knows about it. Gee, isn’t it awful how everyone kicks in and helps out? I wouldn’t want to live anyplace else. If you have a problem with folks, maybe its just the company you're keeping. If people gossip, YOU have the choice to listen and believe or not.

So, if you want to move away and come back every now and then and enjoy the economy and landscape that the community people keep working for the visitors and the people who call this place home, do it!! BUT, don't complain how all the hate and gossip drove you away. There is 100 times more good in Eminence than there is hate. You made the choice to leave. You were not driven.

Since: Feb 09

Greenville, SC

#13 Feb 22, 2009
I am a bitter intelligent person because obviously i no longer live in Shannon county and may god bless and have mercy on all the poor souls who do. I do have loads of skeletons in my closet maybe u should come and take a look u might find one of ur relatives but wait I don't have any from the Smithsonian or the New York Natural History Museum but I think they will be showing the skeletons u are wanting to see on the discovery channel, but more power to yah if you want to see the skeletons in my closet. Anger and money is what fuels Shannon county and SOMEONE u just proved all the stereotypical points I have been trying to make. So to u I say thank u

O Fallon, MO

#14 Feb 22, 2009
Wow, this rambling person makes no sense at all!!

O Fallon, MO

#15 Feb 22, 2009
This person "Aeropostal" seems to be obsessed with Eminence. I have seen them leaving inappropriate posts on a lot of different discussions. Always running down other people.

Arnold, MO

#16 Feb 23, 2009
Dont judge unless ye be judged,God Bless you all.I will be praying for you all.I love this town. And Will probably move back when we retire.

United States

#17 Feb 23, 2009
Bocephus, I think I know who you are.. and your are very right!
The only problem in this town I see is that everyone that sits around and claims you are mistreated because of your last name are usually the ones doing just that.. If your last name was Pickle.. and everyone truthfully went around town and claimed how good Mr or Mrs Pickle was and how much they liked them. Then it would be no time Mr. Pickle would be a well respected like man or woman. Barring of course they didnt get on topix and slam someone for something stupid lol
Bocephus.. I would guess your initials are either MW, or JB,
Maybe I'm wrong if I am I will be the first to say sorry I was wrong
Get over it

Washington, MO

#18 Feb 23, 2009
The people that say that Eminence is so "evil" are obviously mentally deficient. IT is a nice town, a nice place to live, and it is beautiful here. If you don't like it leave, and spend more time getting a life and less time pissing and moaning about how mean people are. I can't stand when people gossip and say negative things, but they do that everywhere, who cares. Get over it. I think the people sitting around hating Eminence and Shannon County all the time must not have a supportive family and good friends. If you did you would be spending more time with them being happy and less time on here making yourself look foolish.
Shame on you

Bonnots Mill, MO

#19 Feb 23, 2009
There are a few really good people here and even the ones that bash and try to destroy each other, yes, I am sure that there is some kind of goodness in them.
Now, as for the ones that get on here and defend these gossips and hateful people. Shame on you!
You say, it's only human nature for people to gossip and try to hurt each other.(So it's alright?) Shame on you!
You say, if you don't like it here leave or if you don't like what you read on Topix, then don't reads it. Shame on you!
And then when people are concerned about the hatefull way you call them names and become haters your self. Shame on you!
What happened to people trying to help others do better and be better?
What happened to people giving guidance to ones that have lost their way.
But then you say it is none of our business, but your wrong, it is our business we live here and hopefully we all want our town and county to be a good place to live and raise our children.
You say it's just a few bad ones. Shame on you!
Evil spreads quickly. Wake up and look around it's not just on this site.

O Fallon, MO

#20 Feb 23, 2009
What happened to people getting on their soapboxes and preaching to others and casting the first stone?

Oh wait, you got that one covered!


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