Avoid this place at all costs. I took my Epson All-in One printer to Computronix after talking with Wade, the presumed owner of the store, about the print problem. He explained the problem was probably minor, but naturally he would need to see the machine to properly diagnose and repair. When I arrived at the store, eerily empty with no repaired equipment on the shelves (should've been my first clue), and lugged the nearly 100 pound machine from my car to the counter, he advised that a $125 deposit was required! I should've gathered my printer and left then and there -$125 deposit??
I figured the labor would probably be at least $125, so made the mistake of authorizing the diagnostic service. Long story short, 10 days later, no call back, no one answers the phone when I call. Finally reached a clueless associate who advised the part was on backorder, couldn't estimate when it would be available, but no time soon and after the holidays. Talked to Wade the next day who unapologetically suggested I buy another printer, no doubt one he had in his shop from some other unsuspecting schmuck. I took my machine to Deens Electronics in Fremont, the other local, authorized Epson repair service -$35 diagnostic, part in stock and my printer repaired in two days. Computronix is a rip-off and preys on unsuspecting customers who presume good faith and professionalism. Save yourself some time, money and frustration avoid Computronix, you’ll thank me later.