I lived in Elmont, NY for the first 17 years of my life...born and raised there. I loved it...I guess because it was my home. I loved playing "stick ball" on the side street with all my friends. I loved going across the street to my friends pool---we had one, but their's was a bigger, deeper one. I loved going to EMHS....all my friends were there. I loved playing touch football on the gulley grass. I loved riding my bike up to Carvel's for that so good ice cream. I loved taking accordian lessons at the music store on Linden Blvd. I loved riding the bus to Alden Terrace Elementary School where my Mom was the PTA President. I loved cutting classes and going across the street to the bowling alley and hanging with my friends. I have such good memories of my childhood in Elmont. I now live in Cincinnati, Ohio.