I saw this website a few days ago and was astonished at all of the talk about how worthless Shane has been as a father. I am friends with Tanya and I told her about this website yesterday. She told me that people have been calling her nonstop about it. She said the only thing she is shocked about is that she assumed when she left Ellsinore, all of the talk would be about her and how she must've done something wrong. But, hey, the truth always comes out, right? I guess Shane and his woman weren't as good as they thought about keeping what they have done under wraps. Tanya is happy now. She has found someone who loves and takes care of her and the boys very much. The only thing I will comment on as far as the lies goes is that there is no way that Shane was seen with Ethan Sunday or Monday because I know for a FACT that he has not seen his kids in two weeks. And, that is only if he went to see them while they were at his mom's house because Bunny is the only one that ever calls to see those kids.