Capital Meats Truck-Buyer Beware

Morristown, TN

#256 Dec 29, 2012
quit crying wrote:
I agree with u on this one me and my grand father has been eating on on CAPITAL MEATS sense 1999 and it has been great but u always have people that want something for nothing. My best advice is use what u read here for food for thought and make ur own mind on it. Fact is my neighbors are very judgmental and I went to the house with my sales man and had her buy one small box and she loves it so make IR own mind up for your self and try it

Ellijay, GA

#257 Dec 29, 2012
Can anyone tell me why the people supporting this company have no comprehension of how to properly compose a sentence? Please....learn to write properly and you will have much more credibility.

Ringgold, GA

#258 Dec 31, 2012
I bought a turkey from them. It only had a few feathers and they forgot to wipe its ass.

Quarryville, PA

#259 Jan 8, 2013
Funny, I just searched "capital meats came to my door" and found the exact same experience here:

They're going door to door in central MD pretending they had a deliver to make ("in the area") and have some "extra cases" on the truck and "can make some excellent deals" ...

Even used Christmas boxes. Funny enough I was 100% honest that I just brought home enough chicken and fish to fill my freezer and the wife doesn't eat steak. They left their truck blocking the street as traffic backed up.

United States

#260 Jan 20, 2013
nick wrote:
They just came through my block. As soon as my dog started barking they took off. Complete scam. Seems fishy to me that they ran.....
nofucking sherlock hint dog wtf

United States

#261 Jan 20, 2013
Bigfoot wrote:
Can anyone tell me why the people supporting this company have no comprehension of how to properly compose a sentence? Please....learn to write properly and you will have much more credibility.
go fux urself

United States

#262 Jan 20, 2013
I work for them and u dum fux wanna go pay 15 bucs for a steak go a head and its dum fuxx like yall who make it hard to support my family and im sorry I make more than yall in a day than u make in a week suk more dick it might pay off ha

United States

#263 Jan 20, 2013
How bout I give u a steak to choke on go aet that brown steriod meat if u want thats y u kids r gunna look like sluts wen there ten future hores hahahahaha meatman for life lol
Big Bertha

Jefferson, GA

#266 Jan 20, 2013
Roger wrote:
a bunch of nothing
Are you really this stupid?
Do you have to work at being this stupid?

Nah...I'll bet you are a natural!
Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VA

#267 Jan 28, 2013
Irritated with lies wrote:
We bought using a post dated check, which the owners son promised us would not be cashed until the date on the check...well he lied and when my husband questioned him about it, he said their musthave been a miscommunication. Now this caused our account to overdraw by a few dollars, and they wont return any calls. I will never, ever buy from them again, nor will anyone in our neighborhood!!!
Same thing happened to me. They took two post dated checks for 4 boxes of meat. After they left I noticed the brochure they gave me had a different name then what my receipt said. I googled both companies and was shocked at all the negative reviews. I called the number on the receipt and got no answer. So I stopped payment on my checks. Its a good thing too because they tried to cash them immediately. Then one of the salesmen had the nerve to call me and want to know why I gave them a bad check. I said, "how would you know, when you weren't suppose to cash either of them for two weeks". I then told him I stopped payment because of the bad reviews. He said that Capital meat company was trying to get away from the bad reputation of the other company name(can't remember the name of the company).So they changed their name? Both reviews said that the farms the meat came from were filthy and dirty. Some reviews said it was not even cows, but some other unidentified beef. Apparently they were shut down many times, but just kept moving around. I was so disgusted I told him to come get the boxes. Of course he tried weaseling out of it saying that he guaranteed the meat. But at that point I had lost all trust in the company. Finally a week later a young girl showed up in a little pick up truck and picked up the meat. This all happened about a year ago. I was so mad at first especially since I had to pay $60.00 in stop payment fees. But I guess it could have been alot worse. The reason I googled it today is because once again they had the nerve to show up on my porch. I told them to get off my property. I wished I had posted my experience last year. Then maybe I would have save just one more person from being ripped off.
Also found out they inject the meat with all kinds of things plus fill it full of water and then freeze it to increase the weight.
Ga Girl 56

Roswell, GA

#268 Jan 28, 2013
921Sunset wrote:
I bought a turkey from them. It only had a few feathers and they forgot to wipe its ass.

Bowie, MD

#269 Jan 31, 2013
This is a SCAM! They knocked on my door despite the "No Soliciting" sign. Tried to sell me on the lie that the neighbor's Credit Card didn't clear. They basically want about $20 per pound for frozen meat that is hard to tell what quality it is. And you have to buy a case of it to get that price. Jackhole got angry with me too when I said thanks but no thanks.
Buyer Beware!!!!!
mydumbassgotscam med

Herndon, VA

#270 Feb 1, 2013
Take action quickly if you fall victim to this!

This is what the USDA has to say and has done about meat trucks, note the section about having 3 days to cancel your order. It will also say this on your receipt. If you paid with a CC then immediately write a letter via certified mail saying that you want to cancel your order. Then call your CC company and dispute charges, tell the truth, you were mislead to believe the meat was high quality and the company you purchased from did not live up to their end of the deal, which was to deliver high quality all natural meat. Did you guys the 1% fat burgers pitch? How did I fall for this, so embarrassing!

Woodbridge, VA

#271 Feb 16, 2013
I fell victim to the good ole Capital Meats scam. This dirty nasty meats is probably from old dirty dairy cows...the meat is so friggin nasty. It tastes disgusting. There is a gooey slim that is all over each steak when the steaks thaw out. Any the meat is tough and lacks and kind of good flavor. I wasted $150 on this garbage. DOn't even open the door when these crooks show up. It would not even be worth it if they gave you the meat for free.....not even good enough to feed your dog...nasty old-cow meat....

Woodbridge, VA

#272 Feb 16, 2013
Yeah, me too...unfortunately I bought some of this junk too. Everybody, please heed this warning....DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM CAPITAL MEATS....YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF, YOU WILL GET OLD NASTY-TASTING GOO-INFUSED MEAT.


Woodbridge, VA

#273 Feb 16, 2013
Oh, yeah, by the seems that Capital Meats has gone as far to set up numerous review sites with customer feedback that is as much bullsh!t as their steaks are. These Capital Meats websites have comments from customers claimeing they got the best steaks, and the meat is outstanding....IT IS ALL A BIG SCAM!!!! All of it...the meat they are selling is the lowest grade garbage should not be even sold for dog food!!!!

Don't trust any good reviews...this stuff is complete crap...complete waste of money...get the word out!!!! STAY AWAY FROM CAPITAL MEATS!!!

Woodbridge, VA

#274 Feb 16, 2013
*****ATTENTION, PLEASE READ THIS!!!******* If you are thinking about buying any Capital Meats Inc. products, please listen...I got ripped off for $150 by buying this disgusting, nasty, pink-slime, goo-injected meat. You have heard all the stories, these guys stop by your house with a BS story about how they are in the area selling or they have extra meat on the truck after completing their route in your neighborhood...either way, it is all BS, they are door to door salesmen that prey on those that have never bought from them before. Think about it, why would a company with any kind of good reputation need to come to your house and pressure to buy good quality meat?? If the stuff was good, they would have problem selling it. The truth is that some a@@hole decided to use old dairy cows, that were otherwise going to be cut up for dog food, and sell them as "top quality" beef. This stuff is nasty...READ THE REVIEW ON THE INTERNET....BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO READ THE LYING REVIEWS ON THE CAPITAL MEATS WEBSITE!!!! The reviews on the capital meats website talk about how good the meat is, and every customer was extremely satisfied....this is all part of the scam. GO TO ANY THIRD PARTY REVIEW SITE AND READ THE TRUTH!!!!!! You will find out the true story of Capital Meats...tough, nasty, goo-infused, old dairy cow beef......slightly below the grade of what would be used for the lowest grade of dog food. Absolutely nasty. Please get the word out....don't be a victim like me... STAY AWAY FROM CAPITAL MEATS!!! You will get disgusting nasty-tasting, goo and slime infused meat.
Linda in Chatanooga

Albuquerque, NM

#275 Feb 18, 2013
I'm not too upset about my purchase, even though I was directly lied to - The man at my door assured me there was no water in the steaks, but after he left I found on the labels that there is up to 15% water and other additives added. I avoid stores that do that, and I certainly won't buy any more from Capital Meats. BTW, I paid with my own money! I did refuse some of the products and dickered down the price so I can probably make somewhat economical meals with the purchase, but I really don't like to be lied to. And the poundage was not what I expected - I think 6 strip steaks should weigh at least 3 pounds, especially with 15% water.

London, KY

#276 Mar 4, 2013
Well I live in Kentucky,(say what you will) but if these people are ripping off others its truely wrong! I have just been visited today myself after a long business trip and I had no desire to deal with them. The were NOT very professional at all trying to lay their meat boxes all over my driveway. I tried to do some research on the ( ) and my server said there was not a such dot com as listed. These people are "subcontractor" I guess but if there is a true company that provides these different meats someone there SHOULD be resposible for them since it is their products!
Peggy Clark-Knoxville TN

United States

#277 Mar 7, 2013
I have purchased from Capital Meats over the last two years and have been EXTREMELY pleased. They have top quality meat and seafood and my salesman is very professional. I can call at anytime and know that my questions will be answered and my product will be here within 48 hours. The prices are amazing and if I have a problem, it is resolved immediately. The only problem I have ever had us the fact that I did not like the lemon pepper chicken and it was exchanged for the Italian chicken (my personal favorite) Give Capital Meats a chance... You can't go wrong. Does your grocer give you a guarantee? I will not buy meat from any other place.

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