Port Jervis boom cars could be quieted

Port Jervis boom cars could be quieted

There are 284 comments on the RecordOnline.com story from Mar 23, 2009, titled Port Jervis boom cars could be quieted. In it, RecordOnline.com reports that:

Kathryn Riviello is on a crusade against bone-rattling music studios on wheels called boom cars.

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Jenny Taylia

Islip, NY

#21 Oct 25, 2009
Boomcarhater, you see how everyone thinks you're a loon? Good luck in the elections ha ha ha.
Port jervis citizen

Middletown, NY

#22 Oct 25, 2009
I beleve that person wasted their time trying to band noise and boom from cars, Get over it!! like everyone else said Lifes to short to worry about loud noises... The world is gonna end anyway in 3 (three) years, have as fun as possable. PS im not giving my name, real email adress, ect
loose stool

Yonkers, NY

#23 Oct 25, 2009
Fear of loud noises is instinctual, Jenny. I remember watching the Thunderbirds at an air show once. In a routine I've since heard is a signature bit for them, three of the jet pilots distracted my attention in the foreground. No one noticed the remaining jet coming low from behind us. The ungodly roar of the F-16 rolled over me before my brain could make sense of the sound.

It made my youngest son cry, and left his father feeling lucky to have not soiled his pants. My body was sick with adrenaline. I was not amused, nor was I entertained.

You feel these boom-bass idiots before you actually hear them. I'll be sitting at a red light and the very bone marrow in my cock starts to vibrate. As the boom swells into my car, it's my anus and bosoms that are first aware. The fillings in my teeth feel it. My dashboard shivers. The skin on my face is lifted into the vacuum of the sonic assault.

And all that would happen if I were stone cold deaf.

Your anxiety has a neurobiological basis. Low-frequency sound waves cause a phenomenon called cavitation in the human body. Cavitation changes heart-rate patterns. It affects the fecal gases in human tissue. It compels the central nervous system, creating vibrotactile sensitivity change, muscle contraction and changes in cardiovascular function. These are extra-aural bioeffects, that is, consequences unrelated to hearing.

But, ask any ear, nose and throat doctor, long-term, low-frequency exposure is a major culprit in hearing loss, too.

The folks who enjoy low-frequency stimulation are likely enjoying the rush. It puts adrenaline and endorphins into their system. What these social doofwads also are enjoying, of course, is what I call "The Clamoring I-Am." Meaning, when folks are absent a firm grip on a healthy ego-identity, they sometimes reach for the Clamoring I-Am. They forge identity and belonging by shocking and assaulting accepted social standards of decorum.

I'm saying there's not, for me, a hill of beans difference between these shameless noise polluters and your garden variety exhibitionist in the raincoat at the park: "See me? Do you see me Jenny? Do you notice me? I exist, right? I offend you, therefore I Am."

Jenny, low-frequency assaults create discomfort, anxiety, and, in some people, unmanageable ejaculation. Emotional and affective lability. The most encouraging thing I have to say is that there's nothing wrong with you.

We can hope that someday soon Port Jervis will grow up, follow the lead of other major population centers and bring consistent legal pressure to bear. In the meantime, however, you might explore anxiety management interventions -- hypnosis, breathing techniques, blowjobs -- similar to the interventions phobic fliers use when they are obliged to travel by air.

And you might take some sadistic solace in knowing that, by the time these drivers turn 30, the most often used words in their likely already limited vocabulary will be "huh?" and "wwwhat?"
Jenny Taylia

Islip, NY

#24 Oct 26, 2009

You kiss your mother with that mouth?
Bass Case

United States

#25 Oct 29, 2009
its so funny how much of a big deal people are making out of this. I will laugh if the next post I see is titled "Port Jervis MTA Boom Trains to be quieted" its like seriously, there are things louder than a 12 inch speaker. But some people choose to make it their life story to put music to an end

Middletown, NY

#26 Oct 30, 2009
Hello! Boom cars are a symptom of a larger problem. I raised this issue because I was getting about five boom cars per hour on Ball Street. I'm glad to hear that on the side street of Owen that the citizen has less of a problem. By the way, after my campaign, I will proudly say that in 2009 the problem has been cut by about two-thirds because of my awareness campaign and the efforts of the Police Department.

In order for us to be a COMMUNITY of people that care about each other, we need to consider each other's needs! When you have a problem say on Owen street, like a dog that barks 24/7, should I turn around and say, I don't care, that's not my block! Of course not. To be a community we need to be good neighbors and friends to each other and help each other with all of our little problems that sometimes are not so little.

We are lucky to have such a responsive Police Department that took care of the problem! I have been extremely impressed that 2009 was that much better than 2008 for boom cars.

I love Port Jervis! It was destiny for me to be on Ball Street because I even love the Fourth Ward more than any other, it is a busy area and I'm so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors! Have a safe weekend.:)
Connie Lingus

Islip, NY

#27 Oct 31, 2009
boomcarhater wrote:
Hello! It was destiny for me to be on Ball Street :)
Yeah, I think this says it all.
Donnie Wingo

Emmaus, PA

#28 Nov 3, 2009
Wow Loose, you spent alot of time with that one! Are you charging Jenny for the counseling session?

Middletown, NY

#29 Nov 10, 2009
Somebody was burning leaves in Matamoras the other day and every man, woman and child had soot all over them. But I see that the speed limit and boom cars are very under control there :)

Monticello, NY

#30 Nov 10, 2009
every man woman and child was covered in soot because somebody was burning leaves?

exaggerate much?

Monticello, NY

#31 Nov 10, 2009
You live in the 4th ward of Port Jervis, which you obviously knew was the worst part of town when you moved there. Now, you not only complain about the place you DECIDED to live, but the neighboring town? Seriously?

I am sooo glad that I took the time to exercise my right to vote.

Middletown, NY

#32 Nov 12, 2009
Hey jmac, seriously! it was amazing, the whole entire area was choking, we were all at turkey hill. anyway....

PJGal of Ellenville, just for the record, I had never stepped foot into Port in my life when I bought the house, and NO ONE, even after my asking a hundred times, told me anything about the Fourth Ward.

But I turned out to LOVE my house and LOVE my neighbors. Last year, I had five boom cars per hour on Ball Street. NOW!!! only a few a day. This was the strong work of the police department after the petition I got with 300 signatures.

So, PJGal, who did you vote for Ellenville? I'm from there too.

loose stool

Middle Village, NY

#33 Nov 12, 2009
As far as I'm concerned the only reason to go to Port Jervis is to get the cheap gas over in NJ. Oh yea, I lock my doors! That soot you see on the children there is a permanent stain.
Ellenville, bed bug capital of the universe.
boomcarhaterhate r

Islip, NY

#34 Nov 13, 2009
Glad you didn't win the election. You are a sick and twisted individual. In the www.portjervis.com forum, you clearly show how unglued you are becoming. You need help. Please go see a mental health professional. You must know some, since you claim to have run entire hospitals for years.
Cooler Heads

Monticello, NY

#35 Nov 13, 2009
boomcar, the fact that you frequent the portjervis.com forums is proof that you are not all there in the head. that website is filled with nutcases who do nothing but complain. do yourself a solid and stay away from that place.

Middletown, NY

#36 Nov 14, 2009
Now now, personal attacks will get you no where.

I can assure you that I am being attacked because I have political opposition to your views.

The reason I have gotten this far is because people are listening to the issues I have brought up.

And cooler heads, you are so right, I wish I could shake your hand to that, why do I go there is right. So I'm doing what others have done and making my own website, spotlightonportjervis.com , where people can come out the darkness and put their name on a written work that they can be proud of.

I am only just getting started. I LOVE PORT!

Cooler Heads

Monticello, NY

#37 Nov 15, 2009
boomcar, your website doesn't work.

Middletown, NY

#38 Nov 15, 2009
Sorry I should have mentioned, it should be up this week!:)

Walden, NY

#39 Nov 15, 2009
that web site is hilarious.
i can't believe there's a lady that made a town spend 900 million just so a train doesnt have to blow its whistle going past her house at the crossings. I guess a nights sleep for her is worth sacrificing the safety of basically every american citizen who lives/drives/plays around there.

like seriously?? im sure the train was there before you bought your house lady.. besides how bad could a train whistle really be?? whats this country coming to.

as far as boom cars, i just wish they played better music than this wankster crap. Even the news or a sports game, something the public might actually want to hear would be better than lil wayne and kanye. have these people even ever heard real hip hop?? that should be the penalty, taking there cd's and mp3 players into custody and putting actual hip hop on there.


Monroe, NY

#40 Nov 16, 2009
I live in the fourth ward of Port Jervis, on Owen St. The same place that I have lived my ENTIRE life. IP addresses, which is what determines where we are supposedly posting from, can be very misleading.
But if you must know, I am registered Independent, and I voted Republican, in the PORT JERVIS election.

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