Wallyworld (walmart) at Napanoch


#21 Feb 19, 2008
What does Monticello have to do with Ellenvilee/Napanoch? I have never been there and wouldn't drive there for a staple.
Howard Baul wrote:
<quoted text>
Hasten the closing of what local shops??? 2 dollar stores? The closing of all of the local shops already occurred, where have you been. We do have 10 gas stations within 8 miles of eachother, so if wal-mart starts selling gas, I guess they could worry?
Lets Go Walmart

Hurleyville, NY

#22 May 27, 2008
If it helps the town, fine.
If it puts the final nail in the coffin, fine.
Anything is better than this slow agonizing death called Warwarsing.


#23 Jun 1, 2008
walmart, kmart, target...whatever it may be...let it be something...this area is in desperate need..and i am sick of traveling 30 miles to shop......come on people...speak up...its your town....lets grow and prosper....even the smallest of towns up north have walmarts in their town...its a way of life...dont let the politicians bully the people out of it..like they are trying to do to the poor woman trying to run a hotdog stand....how petty and ridiculous...speak out...stand up......demand some upgrade and improvements...everyone makes fun of this area...how poor and run down it looks...lets show them it can improve and prosper...
Eileen Baul

Redmond, WA

#24 Jun 27, 2008
It will be great to have a Walmart here, but I hope Walmart mostly has non food items. I will continue to shop at Peters market and Shoprite for better produce and meat. I like Walmart, but I also like Shoprite and I love Peter's. His quality of cold cuts will continue to excel Shoprite and Walmart as it has for the 33years that I have shopped there.
Eileen Baul

Redmond, WA

#25 Jun 27, 2008
Lyric Lover wrote:
Walmart is not a necessity, they only want you to think they are. They are corporate sellouts, importing poor quality items from forced-labor countries. We need to invest more in American Made products. It's been some time since I saw a garment label that said Made In America. When I was a kid, we used to go to the local Mom-N-Pop store to buy our jeans, all brands from Sweet Orr (they had a factory in Wappingers Falls, NY) to Levi's Carpenter/painter pants.. Now that is gone. You have to go to the mall and 5 different stores to get a decent pair of jeans that aren't faded, torn, bleached, maintain your modesty and self respect, etc..., and they will cost you dearly.
Walmart buys cheap items for pennies on the dollar and makes a killing on their "cheap" prices. You really have to wonder how many labels, toys, food packaging, etc.. really contain harmful toxins including lead. Walmart doesn't care nor have they been testing their items to make sure what they sell is safe. They simply do not care.
Chain stores are just as bad.
Who is accountable? We Americans are and we need to stand up and stop importing items and products we can make right here in the Good Ol' U.S.A.! Haven't we had enough factory closings and outsourcing? I sure have.
I do buy at Walmart, but I try to boycott things made in China as much as possible, because of the inconsideration they have shown for out safety in the past.
I especially boycott fruit juices that contain concentrate from China. They hide this legally mandated statement by putting this fact in small letters under the upc code or under the expiration dates. You may need a magnifying glass to see this.

New York, NY

#26 Nov 13, 2008
Let WalMart in & say goodbye to your town's individuality, character & potential for mom & pop shops to make a comeback. You don't "need" WalMart. Cheap goods made in China aren't good for anyone - especially those of you who who shop there. Without WalMart there will still be room for the local businesses to re-emerge.

Monticello, NY

#27 Dec 31, 2008
I imagine that it wouldn't hurt to have as walmart in Ellenville. Except for a couple of small things. First of all the only way it will help the local economy is to give a few people minimum wage jobs, most of the higher paying jobs it will have will be people brought in with it. As for local shops it is true there aren't many but there are a few. A couple of places WILL be run out of buisness. The walmart company would not be coming here if it weren't for the fact that someone is giving them tax breaks to do so. Understand that it is policy of most larger companies to only open where it is more beneficial. Think about it why would walmart open here if they werent getting something. Most of the people reading this drive to the next nearest one anyway and will continue to do so, with the understanding that any other store you might need to go to is in Middletown or Kingston or Monticello anyway (ok maybe not monticello) but the other 2 anyway.
I do have to say that any one who complaines that walmart is coming should ask themselves what have they bought from a local mom and pop lately. The smaller shops have been trying to tell you for a year it was cheaper to buy from them than to drive 20 miles to the next town and no one listened to them until now. I personally always try to buy things from the smaller places if I can and never go into walmart ANYWHERE. Most of the people who shop our local buisness do it out of nessecity, maybe they don't have a car, or can't afford the gas to go to Middletown, whatever the reason. I still don't see the people whom I know have money shopping in these smaller stores which is unfortunate since they own some of them. These people know who they are and should be ashamed of themselves. It just shows that people who have money want to keep it to themselves.
Let me finish by saying that I could care less if walmart comes here. I won't shop there anyway. However you feel about it I assume that by now it is too late to do anything about it anyway. If you want to support walmart shop there. If you want to stop walmart don't shop there. It's that simple just remember whatever you decide it does not affect just you but everyone around you as well.


#28 Jan 11, 2009
Christina wrote:
No Walmart please. Target, KMart, Sears, anything else. Walmart gets all their crap from China and it is low quality. It will eat up Ellenville and do more harm than good. They idealy could put in more than one store on that land. That would give us more choices. Walmart does not believe in sharing. The lose to local established business will be devasting.
Target,Sears,K-mart-all produce their products overseas including China.If people want to buy products made in USA they have to be ready to pay more and products must be of good quality.Its complicated subject,but try to find easily things made in our country,and you will find out its not as easy.Its possible ,but its not the point.
the barber

Highland Falls, NY

#29 Feb 19, 2009
idiots.. yea lets bring in a chain store who is already in chapter 11... let walmart come and be happy, we need it here and thats that! compare prices at ace to walmart or to lowes or home depot.. you are being robbed!


#30 Mar 23, 2009
i to hate driving 30 so miles to grab 1 thing when my kid needs something for a school project etc but has anybody done research on wal-marts the things im reading and seeing arent to promising
and did you think about how we r going to pay the our new property taxes when they go up?????
heres one site to look at
a good book is "how wal-mart is destorying america" By Bill quinn
A good documentery to see is "wal-mart the high cost of the low price"
they all have me thinking

Monticello, NY

#31 May 9, 2009
Please take a ride around the area.....it's pathetic. There isn't anything here. Go into Ellenville and its one store after another..closed. At one time this was a
thriving community, What happened? We need a
Walmart here, driving 30 miles to do some
shopping is absurded. I also think Shoprite
could use some competition as there prices are
also getting high. Bring some life into this


#32 May 19, 2009
Open the Walmart in Napanoch! We need it! Open it Soon! Ellenville is Dead! I have lived here for 30 years and you know that when a Pizza Hut closes that it is basically a dead town/village. What might you lose Dollar General and Family Dollar? Shop Rite is Price GOUGHING you as they are the only game in town. And SRS/Shop Rite is NOT HANDICAPPED FRIENDLY. THE MANAGER IS RUDE! Just because she was demoted from Management at the SRS Headquarters for Shop Rite in Florida does not mean she needs to be nasty to the handicapped. Walmart is Handicapped Friendly! Open Walmart ASAP!


#33 May 23, 2009
The other day I related to a friend of many years, that his former apartment building had finally been demolished. He had lived there for over 30 years, and was forced to relocate after the building was sold to investors who will build condos or townhouses. The site is in a very upscale location, near a major mall and hospital
and had been an eyesore for years. To soften the reality of the demolition, he decided to splurge and buy a new HDLC TV set, to replace the old set he had had for many years ( will not work after the digital conversion ). So, out with the old and in with the new., tramatic for him. Sometimes it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Anyway, I drove to the Target complex..specifially Best Buys (Circuit City had filed for bankruptcy and liquidated all of it's stores nearby). The traffic was horrendous, and the store was packed with customers. He picked out a 19 inch color TV, with DVD attachment. But still having his old VCR set, he insisted on any TV having the adaptability. The saleslady told him it did.

My point, whether Target, or Circuit City, or Sears-K-Mart...the complex has changed completely
what had previously been a run down section of town. There was no shortage of drugs or people on drugs. Whether Target exploits Chinese labor ( they, like Wal-Mart, buy from that country) was irrevant. The current recession was not in evidence at all..and from what I observed, the customers at the huge mall seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Ellenville-Napanoch could use a little of this
optimism, in my opinion with a lot less complaining.

As far as the politics..I have said for years, let the market decide. If a chain store other than Wal-Mart wanted to risk it's money in the underutilized mall, it has had years to make it's offer to the owners.

Food for thought.

Ahoskie, NC

#34 Jul 19, 2009
Does anyone know fer sure...when is it going to happen??

San Jose, CA

#35 Sep 6, 2009
i no llngr live in the area but while "WALMART' will offer construction jobes and min wage jobs they may drive out all local markets including good butchers and grocers.

Monticello, NY

#36 Sep 12, 2009
Hey Rodriquez, Why did you leave the area, No jobs, No stores, No future? You have to earn a living to be able to go to the butcher or grocer.
Wake up and smell the roses, if you can find them.

New York, NY

#37 Sep 29, 2009
saw this on the history channal the other night talking about walmarts inpact on communitys they talked about ellinville for a while,,,hope this happens it will revolutionize the area


#38 Oct 1, 2009
My family has had a home in Napanoch for over one hundred years. There has been a tremendous loss of jobs in the area. Channel Master, Imperial Cherade, the Paper Mill, just to name a few. Walmart is the positive change the hamlet needs. Some new jobs are better than no Jobs. Peters market serves a unique place in the Napanoch economy and will survice as will James General Store. Additional traffic will bring money into the area. Lyle Irwin, if you know Kirk Irwin give him my email address [email protected] Id love to here from him after 40 yrs
Buy Local Please

Brooklyn, NY

#39 Oct 3, 2009
If Walmart opens, you will hurt every farmer in the area. You close more businesses than employees they hire. You will all be funding China and spitting on the local community. Cheap prices are not worth the global sacrifice. I do totally understand everyones point about their being nothing in the area that meet 2009 shopping needs especially with in what has been a depressed area for buying goods. I don't have the right answer, but I do know that Walmart would be the wrong one.

Why not encourage Hannaford and Sears to come in? At least this would ensure the consruction phase to go union to much needed jobs. Buy Local. Don't support the biggest comany retailer in the world.

Highland, NY

#40 Dec 3, 2009
Why are people opposed to opening a walmart? The local stores stink around here,,especially in that Ames plaza,,the service and food is horrendous.This town needs the business ,why would you fight progress?

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