"Nystedt’s back-of-the-napkin idea three years ago was prompted by residents who were peppering Ellensburg utility officials with questions about installing solar panels on their homes and tying into the grid, which can be a tricky proposition."

What tricky proposition? You either spend the money up front and make the necessary adjustment to your landscape to insure good solar energy harvest or you don't. So is this the NIMBY cure for going solar? Put the 'ugly' energy producing products in an 'energy park' and reap the benefits of the solar energy output. When solar PV is on your home, you can insure the damage or loss on your homeowners insurance policy. What happens if the panels in the 'energy park' get damaged or stolen? Who pays to replace them? If you sell your home, does the solar rebate go with the previous owner or is it tied to the property? Can you take depreciation on the panels your investment in the solar park bought? Are there capital gains taxes each year on the energy produced by your investment in the energy park? Need less feel good, more input to determine if this type of local energy production actually has a benefit over putting solar on your home's roof.