Cecil county Sheriff's race

Cecil county Sheriff's race

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We need a change

Fort Wayne, IN

#1 Jan 8, 2010
There is alot of talk about the Sheriff's race already. I would hope that everyone get all the facts before making a choice. I personally beleive that we need a change. Mr. Janney announced his re election bid recently and it seems to me that all of his accomplishments were last term items and not any on current crime fighting issues. I like Mr. Suttons ideas and his personality I beleive he has earned a chance to do the job. Mr.Slater has some good ideas as well but I dont know if he has the experience. I heard Skip Dewitt is running also Skip is a liked guy but has no leadership experience and alot of personel issues that make him a bad choice for the job my gues is he is going to run on his Dad's merits well he is not his father. I don't know if this is true but the rumorm from the deputies is that Barry worked out a deal for him to run against Sutton in the primary. This was confirmed by some of Janney's poilitcal and professional staff. They may not admit it to you now but it happened I don't want to reveal their names because they could loose their jobs or pay a high price in punishment. I realize I am not here to trash any of the candidates I just want one who wants to be Sheriff for the right reasons adn will give a 100% effort and I beleive that Mr. Sutton will and has earned a chance to prove himself please check out all of the candidtes websites

United States

#2 Jan 8, 2010
Skip doesn't need to run off of the merit of Jack DeWitt. Skip is well known and liked. The rumor from the Deputy that I spoke with was that Skip went to Sheriff Janney and told him of his intention to run for office. Sheriff Janney would have cut an offer right then and there if he thought Skip would take it. Skip was raised in politics and would never cut a deal out of party lines. The respect that he displayed for the current Sheriff is something you should admire instead of criticize. Bring one witness forward to prove otherwise. The excuse of retaliation is not justified since you still have your job. You write that you are not here to trash the candidates but that is all you do. A very wise Deputy once told me to write a letter and walk away for a day. If you feel just as strong about what you wrote the next day, send it. Take this advise and forward it to your supporters since none of them are helping you with their slander.
To-Chris Whatever

Fort Wayne, IN

#3 Jan 8, 2010
You must be a fool if youm think Barry Janney is going to meet with someone for hours if the other person is telling him he is running against him. Also I do know Mr. Sutton and he did goto the sheriff and let him know that meeting lasted about 30 seconds so why would one last hours. I agree Skip did grow up around politics that is why this is the oldest trick in the book Skip himself has told me that his dad used to pay people to run against an opponent just ask Skip he will tell you that so please wake up and see what is going on here As faR AS cutting party lines I beleive he was at the polls for Janney waving signs I'm not sure what you call that but pleae wake up
The Analyst

United States

#4 Jan 12, 2010
There will be a lot of false rumors when it comes to this Sheriff's race, just like Sutton going to Sheriff Janney for 30 seconds. You are also stating that "someone" said DeWitt made a deal with Sheriff Janney. These are pretty serious allegations. I am guessing that you wouldn't be able to provide proof because this didn't really happen. In fact, this is just another ploy to make any other candidate look bad. One of the oldest tricks in the books is to point the finger at someone else to get the attention off of yourself. The "suspect" usually stands in the crowd and starts his story with a group of "un-seasoned co-conspirators" who in turn, run with the story because they don't know any better. The "suspect" enters a state of denial and attempts to "console" the victims. Meanwhile, the "co-conspirators" have spread the story and even add a few twists of their own. This theory would leave me to believe that Sutton put Slater up to run against Sheriff Janney. Sheriff Janney will need to spend a good portion of his campaign fund in the primary against Slater so he can battle Sutton in the general. If DeWitt gets pushed out before he gets started, Sutton won't need to touch a dime since he won't have competition in the primary. Sutton will have a heavier "war chest" to go against Sheriff Janney in the general election. There is one more candidate out there...just in case DeWitt does submitt his bid. Putting an independent out on a tree limb is a smart move on Sutton's behalf. The voters that are left dangling from the loss of the independent candidate will lean towards their pity for their losing leader and support whoever he joins.
Don't be afraid to ask the candidates about what you hear. Everyone has a past.

Mount Laurel, NJ

#5 Jan 12, 2010
Wow! Analyst you put a lot of time into your post and are wrong on almost every count. Slater is a very serious candidate and although on good terms with Sutton would still do whatever it takes to win, whether against the Sheriff or Sutton. Many believe he is running this time knowing he will lose but to build name recognition for four years from now. If you knew him you would know it was his choice to run and he has done a lot on a shoe string budget. As for DeWitt, he did have a one on one with the Sheriff, it was witnessed by several and is TOTALLY OPPOSED by Sutton. The one thing DeWitt has is instant name recognition with the only people that matter at election time, senior citizens. They vote in higher % than any other group. Many of them fondly remember when DeWitt's dad was Sheriff and wish the County could go back to the good old days. Sutton does not fear the Sheriff or Slater, he does fear Skip and is very unhappy that DeWitt would enter a race that Sutton has waited 4 years to run. Supposedly DeWitt went to the Sheriff to officially notify him that he would be running and to prevent it from being a surprise. Others do not believe that but, none of us were in the room... Or were we?
The Analyst

United States

#6 Jan 13, 2010
I am more correct than what you would like to admit. I just received a call from someone that wanted me to read what "The Analyst" wrote. After pretending to read it and acknowledging the good points made, I am pleased to announce that I didn't put as much time into it as you think. Obviously, I am not the only person that has noticed these political games coming into play. DeWitt is a threat and from where I stand it looks as though Sutton should rethink his strategy and start cutting the deals instead of Sheriff Janney. DeWitt will pull off a win in the primary but will have his hands full against the current Sheriff in the general.

Rising Sun, MD

#7 Jan 15, 2010
SLATER FOR SHERIFF!!!! No more "good ole boys"
Common sense

United States

#9 Jan 15, 2010
voter who knows wrote:
SUTTON FOR SHERIFF!!!!! A Sheriff that can make Cecil County Safe Again!
Consider me plain folk. Isn't Sutton a deputy? If Sutton can't make the county safe as a deputy, how will he do it as the Sheriff? Is this the only democrat running?
Great Point

Fort Wayne, IN

#10 Jan 15, 2010
common sense You can only do so much as a deputy just like in any other job I beleive that Sutton coworkers for the most part are supporting him. I don't think they would do this if they did not think that he could do a good job. also if you talk to other deputies like I have you will hear that he is one of if not the highest producing supervisor in the patrol unit. ( Idont have the facts but this info did not come from Sutton but other Deputies) His website state that he has won MADD awards in his career so I think that it is unfair to say he is not doing his part but Like I said you can only do so much when your hands are tied. Give the man a chance One thing I know aqbout Mr. Sutton is that he will try hard and support his men
Common sense

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#11 Jan 16, 2010
While I understand that there is only so much a deputy can do in an eight hour shift, that is a cop out for not giving 110 %. I have spoken to a few of the Deputy Sheriff's and I would say that 1 out of 4 said they supported Sutton. I had 1 tell me that he was not at liberty to speak about politics while on duty and he is one of the guys running (not Slater...dang...I don't remember his name...flat top, tall, and has glasses). 2 guys said that Janney had their support but they have to make peace among their co-workers so they keep quiet. I think Janney has tried hard and supports the men and women. I just don't think that some of the deputies have given him a chance or a fair shake on what he has done. I say don't fix what aint broken.
Great Point

Fort Wayne, IN

#12 Jan 16, 2010
comomon sense you are wrong and when you see the crime stats for the last fouyr years you may agree. Mr. janney did good in his first four years but he has become complacent and lazy. I dont agree with you about the deouties either when the FOP endorsement comes out you will see the truth to that as well remember these deputies have to worry about punishment from Janney he makes that clear if you dont love him or support him you will pay time will shw that I am right pay close attention to the next few eeks and wait to you see the crime numbers then ask Janney what steps he has taken to fix them His time is up and the deputies will make that loud and clear dont take my word on it pay attention to what happens
Sheriffs Corruption

Harrisonburg, VA

#13 Feb 22, 2010
Deputies act on orders that Sheriff Janney is responsible for. Do not blame any Deputy or Correctional Officer for Janneys short commings.

You may want to question how many Deputies Janney has on patrol and how many administrators sitting at a desk. The office is a lot safer!
Cecil County Citizen

Rising Sun, MD

#14 Oct 9, 2012
I have questions when it comes to Skip DeWitt wanting to run for sheriff. First is why is he running. What type of back ground as far as leadership, supervisor training and any advanced type training does he have to be sheriff. Then based on the information that I have received from several of his fellow deputies, what incidents has he been involved with as a deputy that caused him to be written up by the current sheriff. My information that soke of those things would have caused him to be fired in other departments. The only reason he wasnt was because the current sheriff wanted to keep any votes that he may have lost if he had fired skip. Then why did he leave the sheriffs office and go to work up in delaware at a hospital, only to be fired from there and then coming back to the sheriffs office begging for his job back. Would Skip answer these questions in public if he were ask by the citizens of this county. YES SUPPORT SUTTON THE REAL HONEST SHERIFF>>>>>

Bel Air, MD

#15 Oct 11, 2012
I just farted.
Lets go

Elkton, MD

#16 Oct 12, 2012
We are going to need an experienced leader for the next Sherriff. Ann Strkdowkas fits the bill.
ANN for Sheriff !!!!!!!!!!
In God we Trust

Easton, MD

#17 Oct 14, 2012
Lets go wrote:
We are going to need an experienced leader for the next Sherriff. Ann Strkdowkas fits the bill.
ANN for Sheriff !!!!!!!!!!
Her name is spelled Strasdauskas and she was asked by the Democratic party too run again in Baltimore County I understand. I knew her when she was Sheriff of Baltimore County. She did a good job but she is a rebel. LOL My brother here in Cecil County, I think supports Sutton.
Curious George

Baltimore, MD

#18 Oct 19, 2012
Are there any new candidates for Sheriff in 2014?

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