Do you approve of Michael Smigiel as ...

Do you approve of Michael Smigiel as State House of Delegates -- Member?

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#1 Oct 22, 2011
Smigiel is a bully who cares only about his personal agenda, not the best interests of the citizens
Elk Citizen

Neavitt, MD

#2 Oct 24, 2011
citizen wrote:
Smigiel is a bully who cares only about his personal agenda, not the best interests of the citizens
He is always negative and seems to declare war on those wo oppose him in any way. The "3 Amigo" commissioners seem to follow his directionin harming Cecil County. I would like to see him go...but not by electing him Judge.
Another Elkton Voter

Salisbury, MD

#3 Oct 28, 2011
He has too many BACK DOOR BUDDYS. We need new unattached and promised things to people who get him elected .

Havertown, PA

#4 Nov 4, 2011
Can those posting the nonspecific personal attacks enlighten the rest of us with some facts instead of innuendo? Is there a bill he supported or policy he supports you disagree with? If you can't name one actual wrong vote, then you really need to stop the politically motivated, anonymous attacks on people you disagree with and try to engage in a constructive discourse.

Since: Jul 10

Everytown USA

#5 Nov 4, 2011
I think Mikey, the rest of the Smipkins, and you Snoopy, need to remember their motto,'What goes around, comes around'.

Here's one to think about, Snoopy. EJ and Mikey spent a a great deal of money trying to trash charter government. And then they sat like 'Lords of the Manor' in judgment of those who supported the issue.

Now to take that one more disgusting step further, EJ may actually try to run for County Executive. I am sure they will trash their opponents (as the regime has already started to do) in their usual way. And if the regime looses, of course there will be the post election garbage and retaliations.

I hope you have a good sense of smell, Snoopy, as you certainly can't see the reality of politics in Cecil County.

Havertown, PA

#6 Nov 4, 2011
Cecilian, your non specific allegations are just as devoid of substance as the others who wrote hate pieces. All I gather from your post is two elected officials worked against a political position you favored. Who did they bully and how? What "self serving" act was Smegel guilty of? Give some real examples, otherwise it sounds like you are all just experiencing political sour grapes. Put your big girl panties on boys, it is just politics.

Since: Jul 10

Everytown USA

#7 Nov 4, 2011
You must be new to Cecil County Politics. Read back over the posts to discover detailed data regarding corrupt campaign practices and hate remarks aimed at the Smipkin regime opponents. They prefer dirty politics, so this time it will come their way.

You seem like a defender, so I will ask you...What has Mikey, EJ or the other Smipkins done for Cecil County? I can't come up with a single thing.

Washington, DC

#8 Nov 4, 2011
"Old Posts" does not tell your readers anything specific. You have still failed to name one specific item.
What corrupt campaign practice are you saying either has ever been charged with let alone convicted of?
Name one specific hateful remark from either the Senator or the Delegate. Where and when was it said or written?
I am not a defender of anyone I would just like to see one fact associated with your allegations. It appears you are unable to provide any because once again you have resorted to demonizing elected officials without so much as one single dated incident.

Since: Jul 10

Everytown USA

#9 Nov 4, 2011
Mikey, the all powerfull, all knowing, all perfect…

Mikey, who lectured the county commissioners and ‘Friends of Charter’ on the use of the County Seal…Mikey, who launched his campaign for Cecil County Circuit Court judgeship, misappropriated the official seal of the state judicial agency. Of course, that official seal would be more impressive in his letters seeking contributions. I guess he missed that little detail. Think ‘sealgate’.

Mikey, who has repeatedly failed to comply with campaign finance laws mandated filing of campaing finance reports. He has been fined repeatedly by the state Board of Elections for missed deadlines in filing reports, and at times for over a year. These, Snoopy, are campaign finance laws.

Mikey, who helped fellow Smipkin Broomell, try to side step legal agreements for her own agenda…or was it more of a Mikey vendetta?

Mikey, is the guy who opposed such dastardly issues as the slots referendum and Charter Government, both of which were approved overwhelmingly by state and county voters.


Mikey, attacked the Cecil County SPCA (think get even time). A State police investigation, reviewed by the Caroline County State’s Attorney’s office (real lawyers Mikey), concluded that Mikey’s allegations were unfounded and that his key ‘witness’ admitted to perjury and failed a police-administered polygraph test. Details, details, details…

Well, maybe he wants you to think he is an animal lover, but his failed bill to allow deer hunting on Sundays in Cecil County makes you wonder whom he was trying to annoy in church.

Of the 16 bills Mikey was lead sponsor ealier this year, only three wimpy, non-contentious bills won passage.

I guess Mikey just doesn’t think laws apply to him. I guess Mikey just doesn’t pay attention to details. I guess Mikey doesn’t have much of a political success record.

Now, Snoopy, tell me one thing Mikey has done FOR Cecil County.





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United States

#10 Nov 5, 2011
Cecilian, sorry it took so long to respond but I wanted to do the research in order to address the issues you raised and to answer your questions.

Your first statements about Mikey (your dismissive disrespectful way of addressing the Delegate) are factually untrue. Not one single letter was ever sent out by the Delegate. An E-mail was sent by a volunteer and before anyone knew or complained the Delegate himself reported the matter to ethics counsel, and the assistant attorney general and was told that it was simply a mistake that the delegate handled appropriately. You tell me what more do you want of a public official who finds a volunteer sent out an incorrect e-mail? He reported it and
fixed the problem. If that is the best you got, that is pathetic!
On the campaign finance laws, again he has
never been in any trouble other than getting info.
filed past the deadline. From what I can see he
was never a year late either, there was an audit
done of an old filing and he was told to provide
addresses for stores and some companies where
items for a fund raiser were purchased. Again, you appear to be trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Again, he was not even fined for this routine audit's supplementation request.

Your credibility is seriously put in question when you get things so wrong.

As for his opposition to Slots. As I read it he sued the State Comptroller's Office ( at his expense) to keep slot's from being put in the Stste Constitution and was successful in getting the language changed on the ballot question to tell the public the money raised from slots would not all be spent on education as the people were incorrectly being told. Would you prefer he allow the State to mislead the public on the slots ballot question?

As for Charter I see the Delegate was a member of the previous Charter Board and helped write the Charter. It appears from the public statements he made that his objections to the current Charter Draft were that it would make Gov't more expensive and failed to protect against property tax increases. Whether you agree or not with his political position should be irrelevant to the question of the man's ethics.

Attorney Kramer is a Democrat who volunteered his services along with the Republican Delegate to to stop a 1 1/2 Billion Dollar Tax increase.
Commissioner Broomell says when she was looking for an attorney to answer some questions, Senator Jacobs' chief of staff told her that Irwin Kramer had worked with her at the same tv station and he was a Constitutional Law professor. It sounds like you are playing the Kevin Bacon game of six degrees of separation. Anyone who spoke to anyone who knows Delegate Smegel is the Senator are somehow tainted in an evil conspiracy.
I will post more later, my grandchildren want to go out for a walk.

United States

#11 Nov 5, 2011
Cecilian (AKA Ms Nancy Schwertzler)

As for the horrific inhuman acts that occurred at the Cecil County SPCA which led to the resignation of Nancy Schwertzler, they were not made by Delegate Smigiel. If you go to you can look up all Of the more than a dozen former employees, volunteers, and citizens who were just visiting who all signed affidavits swearing to the abuse they witnessed. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations had expired on many of the cases of abuse so prosecution could not take place.

You fail to mention that you and all the other employees at the SPCA refused to take polygraph tests about participating in or having knowledge of those who were abusing the animals. One young girl who worked there and a who made allegations about seeing cats shot was asked questions before her polygraph about her husband's physical abuse of her. She claims she was upset and crying during the polygraph she volunteered to take and felt she was made the target and not the complainant. Even if you dismiss her you have over a dozen other former employees, volunteers and citizen consumers all still maintaining the witnessed animal abuse of the most vile and heartless kind. Cecil Countie's own Cruella de Ville, Nancy Schwertzler, and the Veternarian who allowed non qualified persons to perform surgical procedures and who used a heart stick to euthanize animals without proper anesthesia also resigned.
From what I can see Delegate Smegel never made a single allegation but rather merely reported the allegations made to him on sworn affidavits. Isn't that the Delegate's moral and legal obligation to do so? What would you have preferred that he do ignore over a dozen different individual's first hand complaints?
Clearly you are involved with those who committed these acts because no one could chastise the delegate for acting upon the numerous citizens complaints unless they were the one feeling the repercussions of the reporting.
To be fair I should mention that in order to get some of this information I called Delegate Smegel (surprisingly he makes his cell phone number available to the public and invites calls at anytime of day or night) to ask him about some of the things being written about him on Topix.
He said he doesnt read Topix because that is where the disgruntled former head of the SPCA hangs out pretending to be other people so she can write lies and spin conspiracy theories about me. I asked him questions about the things I saw posted and he addressed all my questions and gave me information on where to find verification of what he was telling me. Since I now know how to contact many of those who made complaints to the delegate about the SPCA I will have some of them come on to Topix and tell you about their own first hand experiences. I will address the rest of your points when I have time later this afternoon.

United States

#12 Nov 6, 2011
Cecilian, it is my understanding that the Delagate ran as a prohunting pro gun candidate. While I don't hunt, I understand his wanting to allow those who do hunt, additional days to do so. You may disagree with the bill but to say that the delegate was trying to annoy someone in church is pathetic. Get real.

I will cover the 16 bills in a bit.

United States

#13 Nov 6, 2011
Your argument that the Delegate only passed 3 of 16 bills is your weakest of all. For any Republican to get three bills passed in the Democrat controlled Maryland Legislature is amazing! You say the 3 bills were noncontroversial. Well one of the Republican Delegate's bills was supported by both the Democratic Senate and House but the vetoed by the Governor. How much more controversial could a bill be? The bill would have required the court system to change a practice that costs the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of additional dollars every year. Another of the bills Smegel was lead sponsor on was one he worked across party lines on with Senator Gladden. As a result of the passage of their bill to protect the trusts set up to care for children and adults with special needs the Senator and Delegate were named as legislator of the year in the House and the Senate. How can you imply that is fluff legislation?
Of the bills that did not pass they seem to be conservative, liberty driven bills such as prohibiting Obama care from being implemented in Maryland and asserting our 10th Amendment right to be free from federal government unfunded mandates. There were bills to
allow the public to go to referendum to challenge any tax increases and a bill to prohibit the government from using eminent domain to take private property for public good as oppossed to a public use.
I have to ask you again, what bill or policy of the Delegate's do you disagree with? It appears to me you have a very effective Republican Delegate working very hard for the ideals he exposes. it also appears there is one or two people who gather on Topix who care nothing about the truth in their efforts to trash a good and effective legislator's reputation.
You asked what has Delegate Smigiel done for Cecil County? I suspect you very well already know but perhaps the five or ten readers who stumble upon your rubbish filled rantings won't know, so in closing I will postsome of what I can find when I get back from church.

Since: Jul 10

Everytown USA

#14 Nov 6, 2011
Careful Mikey, don't hurt yourself with all that twistin' and turnin'. You won't convince anyone except your buddies or those who need a favor.

At least try a different writing style.

Norristown, PA

#15 Nov 6, 2011
Interesting that rather than support your lies with facts you try to change the subject by now accusing me of being the object of your scorn? I assure you I'm not the Delegate and I'm willing to meet you in a public place to prove it, are you, Mrs Schwartzler?

You asked for one thing the Delegate had done for Cecil County. Here are just a few which I could find: the first would be keeping his promise
to give Cecil an elected school board. The
Delegation actually gave up power they had to appoint members to the school board in order to allow the public to vote the members onto the board. In fact all the counties represented by the delegation now have elected school boards.

The creation of the USRC by the Senator and Delegate led to Broadband being installed on the whole shore and to growth of the vineyards industry on the Eastern Shore. The new emergency center on Kent Island is due to the work of the delegation.

The first correctional office'rs bill of rights Interesting that rather than support your lies with facts you try to change the subject by now accusing me of being the object of your scorn? I assure you I'm not the Delegate and I'm willing to meet you in a public place to prove it, are you, Mrs Schwartzler?

You asked for one thing the Delegate had done for Cecil County. Here are just a few which I could find: the first would be keeping his promise
to give Cecil an elected school board. The
Delegation actually gave up power they had to appoint members to the school board in order to allow the public to vote the members onto the board. In fact all the counties represented by the delegation now have elected school boards.

The creation of the USRC by the Senator and Delegate led to Broadband being installed on the whole shore and to growth of the vineyards on the Eastern Shore.

The first statewide correctional officers' bill of rights was sponsored by the Delegate and passed in Cecil County.

The Delegate passed legislation to amend the Constitution to protect citizens rights to Appeal
(poor man's appeal). There was also the bill that prevents police from being required to fulfill quotas for arrests or issuing tickets.

The Delegate has also written about how last year he had three bills pass that were the three toughest laws against child sexual predators in the country.

There are about a dozen or more major pieces of legislation that Delegate Smegel has passed I am sure you are aware of them so I won't waste my time putting them up here. I am still waiting for you to name one bill or even vote of the Delegate's that you disagree with. You still have failed to do so instead you fall into your conspiracy, name calling way of handling all questioning of the weakness of your position.

I suggest you get a life of your own and stop criticizing everyone else. As for me I'm going to find a site that fosters creative thoughts and good conversation instead of the intellectually devoid spewings of sad pathetic shrew.

Since: Jul 10

Everytown USA

#16 Nov 7, 2011
First Mikey, or Mikey lapdog, I am not Nancy Schwartzler. How pitiable that you think she is the only person who pays attention to Mikey’s pathetic attempts to contribute to society as a whole.

Second, repeating yourself in a blog doesn’t give you twice as much credence…you just take up more space.

USRC…the Smipkin team that is only missing Dunn to be complete, is a political posturing, loud mouth regime team with promises left unfulfilled. Broadband? Tell that line to those who suffer from dial up speed and lack of service or inconsistent connection. Calls to the provider are recorded on an answering machine…calls, never returned…and forget about any service on weekends. Oh, yes Mikey, that’s real economic development. I am sure there are many small and large businesses clamoring to join the 20th century.

The emergency center on Kent Island did produce some economic development and will provide medical services, just not for/in Cecil County…in case you haven’t noticed, that is the County of my concern. If you go on their website, type in Cecil County…whoops…”Your search – Cecil County – did not match any documents.”

Many of his other ‘bills’ create more bureaucracy and redundancy to laws that already exist, though not enforced.

You still did not answer my query as to what Mikey has done for Cecil County. He seems to care a whole lot more about his other counties. Cecil County exists as his lair, where he can bully his way to fit his needs.

How does Mikey contribute to the local economy, local charities or local development? It appears he only takes part or shows up if it fits his political agenda and provides an opportunity to pontificate or deprecate…his two favorite activities.

“Stop criticizing everyone else”? I will when Mikey does. Does he and the other Smipkins think they can keep winning by playing dirty politics? It has worked in the past, but perhaps now the tables have turned.

I hope you are not posting and reading this blog while you are driving around Pennsylvania. That is illegal you know.

By the way, thank you for the little list of what Mikey, or you Mikey suckup, might consider accomplishments. It really is feeble.
Nancy Schwerzler

United States

#17 Nov 7, 2011
Snoopy, since you say you are not Smigiel, perhaps you should consult another attorney on defamation law. Mis-spelling my name does not diminish the defamation.

I am not "Cecilian," and I have my own website on which I report on public documents and politics so I don't need to waste my time or words here.

But the facts are: I voluntarily left the SPCA board in late 2010 to focus more time and attention on my website. Smigiel's trumped up accusations were dismissed by State police and the State's Attorney and forensic experts in May or June of 2009. That's a long time lag, no?

As far as what Del. Smigiel has or hasn't done for Cecil County, the appropriate question now that he is running for judge is what is his record on relevent legal issues-- such as ending Maryland's status as the only state with an unreasonably high standard for issuance of protective orders in domestic violence cases. His position in 2010 on HB700 was condemned in a Washington Post editorial as on that "endangers lives and makes Maryland a national disgrace."

We won't even get into the privatization of MEDEVAC helicopters he sponsored, or using a blow-up of ill-gotten executive session minutes of the county commissioners at a public forum. Or a year and half delay in obeying the election law for filing his 2008 campaign finance report.

There are more than enough facts upon which to base concerns about Mr. Smigiel. But there is a bit of Johnboy deja vu in Snoopy's rants from atop the doghouse.

United States

#18 Nov 7, 2011
You are correct, if there is a Schwartzler" out there, I defamed her if anyone confuses her with the discredited former Cecil County SPCA president, Mrs Nancy Schwerzler"

When you used the Sunpaper as support for your position I really had to check it out. It appears the Delegate was guilty of wanting to allow women who were given protective orders by a court to be issued permits to carrry handguns to protect themselves from their abusers. Sounds good to me.

It appears you have misplaced your anger at the more than a dozen former employees, volunteers and customers of the SPCA who reported their complaints to their elected official. Let it go before it makes you crazier than you already are.

You have been exposed for what you are. I have nothing more too offer you other than my prayers and my pity. Get help!

Since: Jul 10

Everytown USA

#19 Nov 7, 2011
Johnboy checking out twice...NOT...just your inability to let it go. Classic and true to form. The writing is a little more coherent. You must be getting help from the adult Smipkins, remembered to use spell check and back on your meds.

Just can't keep a good lapdog down.

Are there any other Smigiel supporters out there?
Elk Citizen

Churchville, MD

#20 Nov 7, 2011
Dear Snoopy-John,
Good of Smigiel to provide you with his standard talking points and biased justifications. Ask him to show you the sleazy mailers he and Pipkin used to stab Delegate Sossi in the back. Shameful.

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