Porky's Famous Steaks & Buffet, The G...

Porky's Famous Steaks & Buffet, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Allen Miller

Wendell, NC

#1 Sep 10, 2012
Porky's Famous Steaks & Buffet, Whats famous about it, sure Hills did a nice remodel but its Prime Steer all over again but this time with beer and wine, Every time I have been there with my family the Hills employees are there acting as if the are the managers, and the new bar / pub what ever you want to call it is the employee hang out! Order something from the kitchen? Good luck getting it right,(was there any training before they opened the place???). The buffet is like a trip back to the 80's (If you want Buffet drive to Golden Corral it's worth the drive) come on Hill's, you spent how much doing the remodel then cant do any better than the old manager with the 80's way of operating? Close it and start over again!!!
Misty Dawn

Farmville, VA

#2 Sep 19, 2012
I agree with the comment above. And no, there was no training before opening. The manager at the time told the owners training was needed but they only provided 2 hours of training for wait staff. And that was only on the computer and nothing else.

United States

#3 Oct 8, 2012
Try it again. It started out badly but has now recovered. I think you will change your mind.

“Venimos en son de paz”

Since: Aug 12

Location hidden

#4 Oct 10, 2012
El Cerdito es nice restaurante

United States

#5 Nov 12, 2012
Is the biggest joke of a restaurant i have ever been in..the foods is terrible..the bar is like said above nothing but an employee hang out..they put everything in the building but nothing in the staff..they let there best servers go and kept the ones who suck up to the male mangers..notice any male servers? I did not..basically a whore house with a 5 dollar buffet..not worth five cents..if you have an issue with food or service good luck getting a manager..they are locked up in the office and won't come out..if they did not have all that back up money it would already be closed..basically a tax write off for the hills..i believe every body knows exactly what I'm talking about if you know the hill brothers..i know many people who have gotten I'll after eating there..I'm sure there paying off the health dept as well..there is no way that place could pass an eco sure inspection...I've worked restaurants for 20 years and porky's is an epic fail...
queen b

United States

#6 Nov 12, 2012
I agree with comment about male servers. Had one awesome male server in beginning. "Sam", was the best server Ive had in years. Truthfully the only good thing they had going for them was Sam. But just like anything else hills brothers, no jugs no job. Prevented nasty old ugly ass men, that couldn't get good looking girl on there own so hire nothing but women. Even though I git sick everytime I ate there, I Still went back for the great warm service from Sam. But last visit months ago, heard Sam was demoted and quit. Rightfully so Sam. You go! So no reason for me to go back. Poor food service, nasty food, and managers? what managers, definitely at the bar/employee handout. Oh that's right standing back and watching it crumble like prime sirloin and the steer.

United States

#8 Nov 23, 2012
I am disgusted at the comments people have made about Porky's I am a respected member of this community and a employee of Porky's. I am a married woman who works 2 jobs takes care of my family and for someone (Sam) to post these LIES shows what a low life person u really are!!! You walked out and quit during the middle of your shift because u weren't man enough to do your job! That's why u got the bad sections because of a bad attitude. I don't usually respond to trash talk but you are a "lil boy" who can't handle real life work situation. This is a person who doesn't pay his child support and take care of his kids!!!!!

Nashville, TN

#9 Nov 24, 2012
I also am discussed by the comments left by "Sam". I have been to porkys and yes as said above, they had a slow start but now they are cleaning house and making it a better place. So called "sam" was not the greatest server and acted more like a drama queen than a man. Porkys is NOT a whore house because once they found out people like that worked there, they were let go on the spot. Especially when employees are suspected of sleeping with under age boys. Next time someone decides to post slander on here about porkys please get your facts straight!

Galax, VA

#10 Nov 24, 2012
i chuckle to myself as i read the comments.....first lets start with the food comments.....if the right people are cooking the food is amazing.....other times it is awful.....and the buffet food is not kept at proper temps. but the price is cheap......i dont think the health dept. is being paid......now on to management yes the management there sucks bad.....the general manager hides in the office and calls employees fat and makes rude comments to them but as an employee i can say there is nothing we can do about it because in this area there is no jobs and the the management and owners knows this so they treat us however they want....the general and asst. manager makes the rules up as they go and it only applies to certain employees....but you just have to smile and go on.....as far as the place being a whore house that is wrong however if they did drug test we would lose have of our staff.....so to sum this up come eat and porkys so myself and other employees can get a check but dont expect nothing there to brag about
Not missing anything

Scottsville, VA

#11 Nov 25, 2012
Been there food not good at all what you fix at home is 100 percent better. Did the bar and got sick from it, then i found this on the Virginia Dept of Health site and answered why i got sick.... http://www.healthspace.com/Clients/VDH/MountR...
Wont chance it again
Allen Miller

Boone, NC

#12 Nov 26, 2012
Well what can I say, the more things change the more they stay the same!

My family and I went back over this weekend and tried it again thinking that its been a couple of months now and the bugs should be worked out, WRONG its not changed, we ordered potato skins and the cheese wasn't even melted but when you use imitation cheese it wont melt, the chicken wings (hot wings) were not worth the price paid (wings need to be breaded then cooked then sauced like Buffalo Wild Wings), between myself and family members we ordered 4 different steaks and Buffet, all the steaks came out over cooked (really the Hill brothers need to hire a good chef to train the kitchen staff). Again the buffet was a trip back to the 80's (Hill brothers go check out Golden Corral for some new ideas for your buffet).
Sure the girl waiting on us was pretty to look at but was a dumb as a bag of rocks meaning NO SERVICE! but the sweet tea was good when it was finally refilled, had to beg for refills.

No offense to the employees but the Hill brothers need to look at what is going on there, replace or find some real managers, work on service and hire a chef.

Oh and when we left the employees were still using the bar for the hang out, nice job guys!

Charlottesville, VA

#13 Nov 26, 2012
I can agree with many of these comments that people have left. What is so sad is that many of these comments are true. The whore house comment is TOTALLY rude and false and someone should feel so ashamed of themselves putting that since many of the young women that work there are simply trying to make a living, not their fault the manager is a poor one and doesn't fix the inside problems of the place. Yes, when Porky's opened it offered many people jobs and offered hope in their lives since jobs were so scarce. When managers talk to their employees like scum, never say thank you for ANYTHING, or only want the prettiest girls in Galax working for them, you have a major problem and you are on the road to failure. Porky's is a beautiful place and it is so discouraging to see people talk about it like dirt, but I guess what you put into something is what you get out, right? Right! Management is simply horrible. I cannot believe some of the things that I have heard and I know that word travels fast among the public. Maybe they should try treating their employees like they should be treated and not letting the prettiest ones do whatever they want and they probably would have a great future. It would be so discouraging as a young woman to be purposely called ugly or fat simply because a man of the management wants to judge them on their looks, not on their talent. What is this world coming to?? And as far as the rumors of people sleeping with underage employees, that's a rumor that I hope is not true for the restaurants sake. I guess when rumors and statements start, they never end. So Porky's, I guess you have A LOT of rumors and mistakes to clean up if you ever want to recover.

Fries, VA

#14 Nov 26, 2012
To the comment above, you are right. I too have heard a lot of the rumors about Porkys and most are true. Many employees up there are great at what they do but are miss treated and talked down to by the male manager. If he was to be let go, the place would do so much better. I noticed awhile back when I was in there with my family that their was a lot of favoritisim going on from the male manager. Porkys if you really want to do better, get rid of him and start hiring girls based on what they can do not on how they look.

United States

#15 Nov 29, 2012
To Cathy and Wendi...get your facts straight before running your mouth..you know nothing about me personally or professionally...i excepted work there on the basis of lies told by management..i have worked bigger and better and have a shinning resume...so make your assumptions and enjoy theun employment line as it is sure to come...every thing i said is the cold hard truth and every body knows it...and before taking smack about me check your facts..of course you and who ever going to defend this business..it's prob the only job y'all could get..the business is trash..so only makes sense for trash to work there..as for drama...look in the mirror..i never said or did any thing but my job...but since i was not flirting with the old man that was not good enough..they used there good severs to get through the rush and after that was done and over with...quicker than most new places..they only kept the girls who shook there fat assess for the quote un quote bosses...think I'm the only person with this option? Ask around and open your eyes...

United States

#16 Nov 29, 2012
And when i say whore house it's a metaphor to those of you who understand the meaning if the word...figure it out if you can Wendi and cathi..and as for work I've never been without work since i was 15 meaning I've worked every gay day of my life..if you paid any attention i got the big party section every night i worked until got cut down to 2 days a week when business dropped because if poor service and bad food..you got to know when to hold em and when to fold em..have always got full time..trading positions..shift leaders and management at bigger and better places than Porkys in galax...so while y'all struggle know I'm on to bigger and better and making 10 times the money all you hating bith z are...enjoy your welfare christmas...

United States

#17 Nov 29, 2012
And in response to getting sick from eating there...no one that works there was tested on safe food service...no servesafe..no ecosure..no food handlers cards...absolutely no health regulations being followed what so ever...hot food needs to be cooked to 160 and cold food held at 40 degrees..neither are happening there..food is not being rotated...sanitation in general not happening there..won't be long till some body really gets sick and sues..

United States

#18 Nov 29, 2012
One last thing...more than several people were lied to and cheated out of pay they worked for..so keep on defending them...it's just going to get worse...lmfao...

Charlottesville, VA

#19 Nov 29, 2012
People spending time on here arguing about things that they have no idea what they are talking about doesn't help matters what so ever. People should not lower themselves to get on here and bad mouth one another like little children. I have read so much junk on this page that makes me think that little children are in day care arguing back and fourth. The restaurant is what it is and people shouldn't waste their time fighting about it, but when you say things about people that you have no idea what your talking about, that's stooping to a all time low. Grow up people!

United States

#20 Dec 1, 2012
I have never and will never be on welfare thank u very much Sam. I only based my comments on what you told me. I'm not going to have a "drama bitching" match with you cause I'm sure you would win! I'm done with this. I make very good $$$ there because I AM a great server and take care of my customers. But 1 last thing....... if your so good why can't you keep a job in the same place for any length of time?!?!?! Best wishes to you and wish you well.

United States

#21 Jan 12, 2013
wow..have to say i agree with sam..after seeing that tv interview few months back I'm surprised it's still open..ate there one time..bad food..worse service..but the building looks great...such a waste

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