My daughter and I switched dentists, going back to Dr. Kassab in Mt. Joy after being with Dr.(term used loosely) Clair Dale Treese for the last six years. Our last appointments with Treese were in the spring of this year.

I went a few weeks ago & was told I will need four hours of cleaning to deal with gum disease that somehow went undetected. Dr. Kassab told me I will have regular three month dentist appointments for a very long time, and asked if Dr. Treese ever said anything about this. The answer was no....he frankly spent most of his time talking about golf.

Now, my 19-year-old daughter just came home to tell me she incredibly has four cavities and even had scrapped off a tooth cement from her braces(which she had removed about four years ago). How does one get four cavities in seven months with regular brushing?

Please pass this story along to everyone you know......