Hardin County CPS Makes National News

Hardin County CPS Makes National News

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Palm Harbor, FL

#1 Feb 3, 2011
Poor Parents Lose Kids to Authoritarian Welfare State December 5, 2007
Posted by Daniel Downs in Constitution, family, news, politics, welfare.
Tags: government abuse, Kentucky Child Protective Services, parental rights
(Parental Rights 11/27/07) While it may take weeks, months or years to take someone’s freedom away, on May 16, 2005, it took only 17 minutes to take three children away from their mother.
Vanessa Shanks of Hardin County, Kentucky, is one of the many parents each year who lose their children to the state, often in confidential hearings. Shanks was originally charged with truancy, but social workers later declared her home to be unsafe after they discovered an open bleach bottle on the floor: left out because she had just finished doing the laundry. Apalled by what they had found, Kentucky Child Protective Services moved to terminate Shanks’s parental rights to three of her six children.
The state accused Shanks of educational and medical neglect. The evidence? The social worker testified that Shank’s eleven year-old child had a kindergarten reading-level, and that some of the children had missed days at school, though no records or testimony from the school was produced. The evidence for “medical neglect” was equally spurious: the social worker testified that one of the three children, who had been diagnosed with spina bifida, had missed some doctor’s appointments.
But this scanty evidence was more than enough for the family court judge, who ruled after only seventeen-minutes that the children should be placed in the custody of the state.
“I didn’t see my children for 11 months. It is the hardest thing you can go through,” said Shanks.“It’s like someone close to you just dies, like you don’t have a part of you anymore.”
When Shanks decided to appeal the decision, the unthinkable happened: CPS came after her again, this time removing her other three children, as well as fourteen children from her extended family.
“The first thing they came to us and said was,‘Well, you started an appeal,’” Shanks said.“Nothing else.”
Shanks turned to local attorney Bob Bishop for help, who said he couldn’t believe what he saw when he took Shanks’s case.“There has to be something, some evidence of wrongdoing that has placed a child in danger or has hurt the child, and a pattern of conduct not due to poverty alone,” said Bishop.
In response, CPS removed Bishop’s adopted daughter from his home.“They said if you don’t cooperate with us, we’re going to take all of your children away, and we’re going to charge you with emotional abuse,” said Jennifer Bishop, the attorney’s wife.
In 2006, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled that the judge made a mistake in removing Shanks’s three children, unanimously ruling that the state had acted in haste and offered no proof of abuse or neglect. But reunions like this are rare: terminations of parental rights have been upheld in the majority of such cases before the court over the past 10 years.
Shortly after Shanks’s children were restored, the director of Kentucky CPS said that the state would review the way parental rights are terminated. Yet earlier this month, a report issued by the state inspector general found that some social workers have been accused of “suspicious conduct” by fellow social workers, including lost records and conflicts-of-interest in termination proceedings.
Vanessa Shanks’s story highlights the dangers that parents face when the state steps in and takes the role of the parent. It can take years to bring a shattered family back together, but it only takes seventeen minutes to tear one apart.
Please join with us to protect parental rights. Join the campaign today at https://www.parentalrights.org/petition .
To see the full report on Vanessa Shanks’ story, see this report done by Channel 32 News, Louisville, Kentucky.

Palm Harbor, FL

#2 Feb 3, 2011
The most likely reason for this?
the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997
Go ahead and google what that act says. For every child a state worker places with an adopted family, the state receives 4 to 6 thousand dollars in federal funding. If the state places more kids for adoption this year than last year? That is 20 MILLION DOLLARS in state funding. google it and see. This is the worst idea I have ever heard of and I can only imagine it causes cases like this one to happen all the time.

Elizabethtown, KY

#3 Feb 3, 2011
sounds like something of a horror story we would about a third world country, but right here in our own country?!? It is sad to know that our own government - our own society - has become so money driven that they have lost all compassion, common sense, and morals. What is even more sickening is that the people responsible for such crude acts as this want to claim themsleves as good people, and in some cases good "christian" people. I am sure that this is not an isolated incident, for I have heard similar horror stories about Hardin county's CPS.
Etown is Stupid

United States

#4 Feb 5, 2011
What national news for the last public outhouse being tore down?
What a world

Louisville, KY

#5 Mar 27, 2011
my kids was removed because i took action to place them in my sisters care after my home had an electrical fire....after i fixed the problem they came at me with neglet an dependence because i didnt let them stay in a unsafe place they change the reason every other month now i most likely wont be geting my kids......its amazing they are here to help but in return they get paid to screw you....

Bowling Green, KY

#6 Apr 8, 2011
Harding co cps is a JOKE. My child was with his other parent through multi calls, complains, hospital visits, they did nothing. Really, it went to court, found out they didn't even look into it. Even with all the medical records and witnesses. They don't do things when they are needed and they do dumb shiiit when its not.

“i voice my opinion just like u”

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#7 Apr 19, 2011
i was taken away from my mother and placed with my grandmother. my mom's house was clean, safe, well stocked with food, and i was in charge of getting everyone up and ready for school. my little brother threw a tantrum at school. and we got taken away; my grandmother is 60 and her house is so full of junk i'd be scared to walk a little hard, and CPS placed us in this home. i was 14 when his happened mom got custody back when i turned 16. and back in 2009 CPS was trying to accuse me of neglecting my daughter b/c of the "unfit environment" i was raised in. i took my daughter out of her car seat, out of her sleeper, and out of her diaper; handed her to the social worker and ask if she seen anything wrong with my 3 month old (reminding her that she was being recorded). if nothing drop the case that they were trying to start. she found nothing wrong with my daughter. and my case was dropped before it got started... guess i'm really lucky.

“i voice my opinion just like u”

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#8 Apr 19, 2011
on another note, did you know that if custody hasn't been established, and the other parent takes your child the police will do absolutely NOTHING!!!

"it's a civil matter and we cannot get involved"

been there too

Elizabethtown, KY

#9 Aug 1, 2011
Hardin county CPS Is I agree "A JOKE." They make me so sick I can't even explain it at this time. They took my daughter away from me. After a month of no phone calls and ONE visit (When she was at the hospital, mind you) The social worker called me and told me that both myself, and my family call her way to much and she "Just can't handle it, it's over whelming, I can't do this!) The foster parent cut my 3 year olds hair, she has never had a hair cut because she barley has any. The foster moms response to that was..."I couldn't manage it." Yes! You are really reading this. I am a good mother, and I will stop at NOTHING...to get my child out of that foster home.
legal kidnappers

Huntington, IN

#10 Aug 1, 2011
All across the country children are being kidnapped LEGALLY! CPS will take your child threaten you to let them in your house (we have a right to say NO, not without a search warrant) when you say no they say we will take your kids. They havent had a chance to investigate so they are having you build it for them by being compliant. Before you talk to them or your children tell them you are contacting you lawyer and wll schedule an appointment with the cps worker. Also cps write out a list of things you must do before getting your child back can we say ransom note!? And the best is that they get money from the govt! Your case worker doesnt care about u or ur family, just that pay check. So beware of them!
Loving Grandma

Gainesboro, TN

#11 Sep 8, 2011
There is another case in the Appeals Court right now from Clinton County. It's a nasty mess and Clinton County is just as bad. Will post more soon, can't say too much now.

United States

#12 Oct 15, 2011
Hardin Co. Judges Cps and SO CALLED LAWYERS ALL NEEF TO B IN JAIL Why is All their Dark Side Not coming out? How can Our Gov. Just think it will go away.I feel We All Need to get together amd walk fot Justice,Then The News Will Have a Story and a Reason To Hear Our Cries For Help

United States

#13 Oct 15, 2011

United States

#14 Oct 15, 2011
U cant keep thinking cuz u have a lil seat that u can juz keep taking a child from their mother,Cuz I have only one judge and his name is God so All of u that keep disobeying wut the Bible is saying to u,Cuz Hell is not a joke,but u can make it ur home cuz,u putting mothers threw it hell taking their child, but the,Hell u will go to is so much worst so All I can say is for God to have Mercy on ur Souls and Pray for U All Greed isnt healthy for U.

Bardstown, KY

#15 Oct 16, 2011
I lost my children on july 27,2010 and it was all over a bunch of lies.. In March of 2010 they claimed to have a witness say that they heard that my bf was beating me up all the time and that if I filed an epo on him I could keep my kids, and if I didnt I would lose them. So i went and lied on an epo and agreed to to what I had to to protect my babies and my bf went to jail for 11 days and we stayed clear of each other. Continued in and out of courts and still lost my 3 babies. while holding my oldest son the only one that went to court with me, I was told that if I didnt get off him I would go to jail. He was 11 and they wouldnt even speak to him about anything. All they would say is that he's gonna lie for his mother. Never even giving him a chance.

Clearwater, FL

#16 Oct 17, 2011
Record everything. Most people have video recording on their phones or at least a voice recorder or call your own voicemail and have it recording at least if nothing else. If you had a recording of them telling you to lie on an epo or even making it seem that if you didn't go get an epo they would take your kids then you would have been much better off in court. It's a hard lesson learned I know, it shouldn't happen but it does. From now on record record record. If they tell you to turn the recorder off, even if they threaten you with taking your kids right there for non compliance DO NOT turn it off. You DONT HAVE TO you have the right to record anything you want in your own home ESPECIALLY if you have clearly stated on tape that everything is being recorded. They can and possibly will leave with your kids for this supposed "non compliance" but they will have an emergency court hearing the next day (or monday if it happens on a friday) and the judge WILL give the children back if the only reason they took the kids was because you would not turn off the recorder. AND that social worker will be in deep trouble. I can't stress this enough RECORD EVERY CONVERSATION/MEETING NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!! I fyou have a smartphone most of them have call recorder apps to record your phone calls, GET THE APP and record all your calls with cps/lawyers/police etc. OR go to walmart and but a regular digital voice recroder, they all have a microphone jack so you can plug it into your phone and record both sides of a conversation. Or use speaker phone and record it but quality wont be as good that way. ALWAYS tell them they are being recorder, every conversation you tape say just to let you know I am recording this conversation between me (say name) and you (say social workers name) on this day and time (say date, day of the week, and time of day), say it often if you want, that makes sure the tapes will be able to be used in court if needed. If you don't tell them they are being recorded they can sometimes get the tapes thrown out as inadmissable or you could POSSIBLY get in trouble for recording someone without their knowledge (some state laws are different on that) so always always tell them they are being recorded WHILE you are recording at the very beginning of the conversation. Anything they say before you tell them that can be thrown out of court and not used as evidence if the lawyers are good enough so say it first thing and even if you want to repeat it throughout the conversation. GET A LAWYER, and not a pub defender if you can help it, look up low income pro bono legal aid in your area and try to find a lawyer who isn't being paid by the state to represent you, even if you have to work out a payment schedule or something DO IT.

Fort Knox, KY

#17 Dec 29, 2011
First I am going thru a divorce. Second the reason I am going thru a divorce because my soon to be ex wife is an avid pot smoker and spice user. We have been separated since May 2011 living in separate houses. When my kids (12 & 7) come to stay with me they have the worse attitudes I have ever seen in a kid, smell horribly of pot and cigarette smoke, dirty and unkempt, clothes always dirty and when I ask they have been wearing the same clothes for days. My 12 yr old and I have dropped off things she has wanted at her house and had to put them in her shed because she was not home and it was literally filled with trash and roaches were everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!!. One time we had a meeting at the school for my 12 year old and she can high as could be. The funny thing is that the school does not want to get involved and there is an E-town police Officer who lives 3 houses down from her. She has been charged will Child abuse once(not charged in ky), 2 suicide attempts and in Lincon trail once for a month. Still tokeing and smoking away and sees nothing wrong with it. She was so high one time while driving in e-town she side swiped a fire hydrent and kept driving. She has even had strange guys shaking up in her basement for awhile if I am to believe what the kids tell me. Yes, CPS in indeed a joke from a father who has a genuine concern for his children’s well being. Seems E-town CPS picks and chooses who they want and dont want to affect. Just look for the beat to hell green grand caravan and you know who to stay away from.
cps reform now

Florence, KY

#18 Mar 13, 2012
ths is a face book me and mt best freind started.i am filling a lawsuit with hardin county cps soon can use all the wittness i can get to there corpution and maybe it will help to reopen other casees o misconduct.

Elizabethtown, KY

#19 Mar 13, 2012
Maybe all of you should post the names of the CPS workers you have delt with and really bring these people into the eyes of the community. Publicity brings change!!!
why on earth

Nashville, TN

#20 Mar 13, 2012
she gets all her children taken away over a bottle of bleach (which IS a safety hazard but after just doing laundry? sounds like an honest mistake) and over a few missed dr appointments but i KNOW several families who do hard drugs daily and are in trouble with the cops all the time and they still havet heir babies? you cant leave out bleach but you can smoke meth and keep your kids. REALLY???

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