Simpathtic observer

Columbia, KY

#23 Jan 4, 2010
Hey you guys should give this Mike guy a break. So what if he likes to look at little girls. So what if he's a pervert, and so what if he's an ass. He works for Ken's Beverage and that's those northern chumps are. So I got your back Mike you stay an ass cause the north likes it that way.

Elizabethtown, KY

#24 Jan 5, 2010
This has got to be the lamest post on Topix. I thought some of them were really bad, but when one person comes on a post and makes 90% of the comments pretending to be a multitude of different posters, well....that is moronic!
Johnny B

Columbia, KY

#25 Jan 7, 2010
It must be bad when this many people talk bad about a guy who acts like this. To curious I think you might need to go work for this guy. Then you would see if it is moronic, or your just as much of a dumb ass as this guy.

Lexington, KY

#26 Jan 7, 2010
This is too funny!!Thanks!! I had several good laughs!! If it was a police officer typing he needs to go back to school and learn how to spell and use words in the proper context.
Too Much

Columbia, KY

#27 Jan 8, 2010
This is hilarious, I haven't laughed this much since I was born. I love it. This company and this guy must be something else. I am glad that I like my job. So Mike stay where you are I don't need this at my job. LOL

Leitchfield, KY

#28 Jan 9, 2010
of coursed they dropped it if you played the race card. god forbid someone black gets what they have coming to them. it's never their fault, it's always because they're black.
Low wrote:
I just read this forum and I know this guy, Mike Quinton right. Yea Ken's Beverage Suchs. They fired me because I was black, and even tried to deny me my unemployment. I had to appeal it five times. Then when I said it was race related they dropped it quick. It was Mike who was behind it all. He used to say sexual things about little girls on jobs. I would get offened, but couldn't say anything do to fear of losing my job. He is a scumb bag. He would be a perfect priest so he could feel up little boys. I hope he would get fired, but he is in the perfect place, KBI. They are just as sorry as he is, and don't care about anyone except their bottom line. GO to HELL MIKE and KEN'S BEVERAGE!

Trinity, TX

#29 Jan 9, 2010
What would you call it if they fire me, two other guys and the manager in charge. Then everyone gets unemployment but me. We were all fired for the same thing. So it was race related. To worker you can kiss my black ass and if I could meet up with a chump like you, you would see that my foot isn't prejudice to who's ass it kicks.
Black and pissed

Trinity, TX

#30 Jan 9, 2010
I can't believe someone would say stuff like that, guess you still have your KKK card huh worker. I work hard for my money, and people like this just get my blood boiling. Sounds like you should go to work at KBI, and with Mike. They like raciest like you.

Trinity, TX

#31 Jan 12, 2010
That is messed up about this company esay, I came to America to help my family, I don't want to work for these people. I can't believe that someone would comment on someones race like that. Where I come from you could get your throte cut esay.
Store Owner

Trinity, TX

#32 Jan 15, 2010
I just read this forum, and I have to say I am GM at a very successful resturant in Etown. Kens came in there last week, and messed up more than they fixed. I called them back they sent a diffrent person. Kept saying it was fixed but the machine just kept doing the same thing. I called the Company up and talked to the manager. Mike told me he would come out personaly, and fix the problem. He never showed up, and it never got fixed. Very unreliable unless you need the problem to not be fixed.
SPI worker

Crockett, TX

#33 Jan 20, 2010
I work next door to this Ken's Beverage, I don't really know anyone there, but they seem to go through people, like sands though the hour glass. So I guess the things they say about this Mike guy must be true.

Plymouth, MI

#34 Jan 21, 2010
I worked at ken beverage.The more i fine out about the company the more it sucks. People would not dog the company if they were not treated like shit. Sounds like Mike is like the A HOLE i worked for.SO F THE HOLE COMPANY.

Elizabethtown, KY

#35 Jan 25, 2010
This is extremely funny and very true! If the company and Mike Quinton didn't treat employees like crap, they would succeed. Ken Reimer, Phil Morris, Jeff Stanton, and Mike Quinton need to learn how to run a company, train employees, and treat people with respect. Wish you all the best in 2010. SMJr.

Nashville, TN

#36 Jan 25, 2010
wow this guy is an idiot. I guess he thought people would actually believe there are 4 or 5 people all posting about one dude in the E-town forum who has their internet in Leitchfield.
Anthony Boston

Crockett, TX

#37 Jan 25, 2010
I used to work at Ken's Beverage with this guy Mike Quinton. He is a jerk form boston, and not Boston Ky. He is such an ass, all he did when I worked there is bad mouth me and everyone else. I can't believe it has gone this far. I guess everyone is seeing what an ass he really is, and will continure to be. Even people from Michigan are bad mouthing Ken's Beverage Inc. If you want to work for a terrible company, go to work for these guys. What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!
James Bowman

Buffalo, TX

#38 Jan 27, 2010
Yea I know mike and worked for Ken's Beverage. They are the biggest joke. They fired the best manager they had Steve Morgan. Then made Mike the manager. I am a pervert don't get me wrong, but I look at women my own age. This guy is always looking at little teenage girls. I quit this job after Mike Quinton kept running his mouth. If you work there and are reading this I would quit or start looking for a job soon. That way you won't be on unemployment long.
KBI sucks

Lexington, KY

#39 Feb 6, 2010
I have just read all of these posts and I know many of these people. If they were treated like me, then I would say that everything they say is true. Mike was the supervisor when I worked there, and he was a jerk then. I couldn't amagine how big an ass that he is now. I would get called names by him, and just talked down to like a dog. I hope that he gets his, and that KEN's Beverage Inc. goes down the toilet where they belong
D Rob

Lexington, KY

#40 Feb 8, 2010
Yea I used to work for Ken's Beverage Inc. I worked there for years. They would work me all types of hours, and didn't care. But that isn't the half of it. After Mike took over things got even worse. He fired the people that did their jobs and got things done. Then after no training on new equipment they repeatedly sent me out to do work that I didn't know anything about. Then after two to three time of not fixing the problem and saying out all night. He tried to send me there again. Even though the company policies is not to send the same tech on two or more repeat calls unless the manager or supervisor goes with them. When I refused he fired me for not doing my job. At least that's what he said, and then denied my unemployment. That's ok Mike, because your going to have to pay. Sorry KBI "Kens Beverage Inc" looks like you have some more unemployment insurance to pay.
Unhappy Customer

Campbellsville, KY

#41 Feb 15, 2010
I just read and posted on Ken's Beverage topic, and read this one. Too funny I used to have them come fix my fountain, but they couldn't fix it. I had to switch to pepsi to get some real people to fix problems. I can see why they can't fix anything if they are firing people and don't train them. Seems like everyone has a problem with Mike. I can see why because they didn't fix my fountain. I would think that someone could do something about this guy in the company. I guess they just don't care. Just like the people say. I hope I never see a Ken's Beverage employee, because it would be too soon.
D Rob

Huntsville, TX

#42 Feb 18, 2010
Yea had my Unemployment hearing with Ken's the other day. Not sure if I won but I think that it will be a good decion at least for me. They were lying through their teeth. Aint that right Mike Quinton. Steve put you in your places. Not sure why these asses just don't pay up. I made the shit hole so much money at the least they could do is pay some unemployment when they fire someone.

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