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Kingsport, TN

#265 Sep 21, 2012
Not so good news wrote:
<quoted text>
This man has a new sr pastor position in Erwin, Tn. Pray this church can survive his reign of terror, deceit and manipulation.
I can't believe this man got a position at another church. Do you know which church he is pastor of? He must have had a letter of recommendation, and wasn't checked out. It is a shame that churches do not tell the truth about their former pastors. Most get severance, and a letter of recommendation, when they are fired.
Not so good news

Charlotte, NC

#266 Sep 22, 2012
First Baptist Church, Erwin Tn.
Immanuel_the_STU CKUP

Johnson City, TN

#267 Oct 11, 2012
For those of you attacking Tim Tapp, GROW UP! I have met Tim on several occasions, never in church, and the way he talks about his current congregation and his former congregation is not reflective of what some of you jerks are saying. With the Christianity crap aside, speaking objectively, Tim is a productive community member, a great family man, and a person who upholds his beliefs and morals regardless the situation. AT LEAST Tim has the integrity, the will, and quite frankly the balls to get up in front of you crying little girls giving a message he whole-heartily believes in, only to have you all talk this way about him. The reason you people sit there behind your screen, using SN's instead of real names is because you are ashamed of yourself and not Tim. At least he had the will to enact his position. At least he got up when no one else would and led you sheep! At least he stayed at Immanuel while you rich stuck up snobs watched and waited for a fault to pick out against him. knowing the type of people at Immanuel, and I live in WestSide three blocks away I am surprised anyone would preach there. That church is the very definition of whats wrong with Christianity and it needs a wake up call. At Immanuel, like other "high-end" churches in the area, if you're not driving the right car, have the right job, and donate that 10% weekly, you are nothing. Immanuel and its whimpering congregation is the problem, it was not Tim. If anything Tim provided solidarity, you people ruined it by following (like you do best) word of mouth- just like everyone else in this small community... you never know when to shut up! SO SHUT UP!
Please People

Johnson City, TN

#268 Oct 11, 2012
To the previous poster,
I believe the main people who keep posting and saying nasty things on this thread are not even from this area at all. If you will look back, most of the posts are coming out of North Carolina and they are after that Duncan man, who I have never heard of and isn't even in Elizabethton any longer.

Apparently some little Baptist Church in North Carolina had some big blow all Baptist Churches do every so often..and that Duncan man was the pastor at the time and now they are following wherever they think he is and posting this stuff all over topix.

I really wish they would stop, it is of no concern to us here in Elizabethton and they are just making people here look bad.

I will say this..the entire thread should have never gotten started. And everybody who posted on here...if you are a true Christian, needs to pray and repent.

This is NOT the way to handle things. You all should know better. You make all Christians look bad when you do stuff like this.

You need to read your Bible on the correct way to handle disagreements...

Nowhere in the Bible does it say it's OK to come to an internet forum, hide behind a fake name, and post negative things about ANYONE regardless of whether it's true, heresay, or whatever.

If you have an issue with a Church member or leader, you are to address them face to person..and directly in the presence of others.

If that person leaves and goes somewhere else and you are concerned there might be a problem..find out who the leaders are and visit or call them in person.

If you are not willing to identify who you are and stand behind your words and accusations, then you are wrong to get on here and say things for which there is no way to verify whether what you are saying is malicious gossip, lies, slander, just sour grapes or what..there is no way of knowing who you really are or what your motives are.

I hear the argument given by some..."well, people need to know how this person really is, etc. etc."

Do you really expect anyone who has any intelligence about them to take heed to anything some anonymous poster has to say on a trash site like topix?? Only a very ignorant person would do that.

And something else, God is aware of everything going on. He is perfectly capable of handling things without you feeling the need to constantly "help things along" on your own in such a crude, undignified manner.

If you have concerns about anyone, you need to get off topix, read your Bible, and handle the matter in the proper way.(Not the way YOU think is OK)
This is NOT OK.

And to all of you from the North Carolina Church that keep this thread need to get your priorities straight.

Dealing with this stuff on topix is a reflection on all Christians and is a hindrance to both Christians and Non-Christians alike.

Let me ask you a question..suppose a person who isn't yet a Christian has just recently been witnessed to and is under conviction..they stumble on something like this where you people are arguing, tearing others down, gossiping about them, airing all of their dirty laundry for the world to see...what will that person think??? Do you think that person might begin to have second thoughts about becoming a Christian after seeing all of the stuff written in here by "supposedly" good Christian people who hurl accusations at others, but won't even use their real names???
Rod Propes

Cary, NC

#269 Nov 29, 2012
I for one came across this post and am more than glad to put my "real name" unlike many on this forum...I figure if you have "the facts" and "Know" what you are talking about you would at least not HIDE behind a fake name...I didn't know Macil from a church/business standpoint however I knew he had/has a heart for the lost...He had me in to perform and sing and I was interim MM for awhile...What I do know is there were some very mean spirited people in the church that was ALWAYS complaining about this or that and quite frankly created a spirit of division within the congregation...NOw I have no idea who is posting the negative things about him here but I will say this...YOU ARE WRONG IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! Whether these things are true or not God is his judge and EVERYONE makes mistakes...I for one am just glad God has had mercy on me so many times throughout my life and yet I DIDN'T DESERVE IT...None of us did. So with all my rambling said many of you have a heart of bitterness, anger and unforgiveness...It's been several years and you still harbor that hate...Shame on you and God help you. I haven't had much contact with Macil since he left Mulberry and I've heard some pretty angry people say some pretty harsh things but I do know this...GOD CAN CHANGE ANYONE...WOW What a concept...Forgiveness and Grace people...Goodbye
NC lady

Gastonia, NC

#270 Jan 1, 2013
So true. This man is really in need of spiritual healing. The devil has overcome this man.
Really Now

Jonesborough, TN

#271 Jan 1, 2013
NC lady wrote:
So true. This man is really in need of spiritual healing. The devil has overcome this man.
You people in North Carolina listen up. This dude is not in Elizabethton any more and hasn't been in a long time. Why do you keep coming on the Elizabethton topix and bringing this thread back up??

Whatever that whole debacle was is long over with and we are tired of hearing about it.

Quit clogging up our local gossip site with gossip we don't care about any more.

Now get lost!!!

Kingsport, TN

#272 Jan 8, 2013
Macil is now in Erwin, at First Baptist?!!
Let Down

Powell, TN

#274 Nov 12, 2014
All the negative comments were right....he's at it again! FBC Erwin didn't do all the homework and now the church has a pirate guiding the ship instead of a pastor!
I know you don't want this going on on this Topix site, but he has friends in Elizabethton who are working along side him that live in Elizabethton, and most of the chatter is here. Just wanted to let you all know that you were right. All just a bunch of pirates, he and his helpers!

Kingsport, TN

#275 Nov 12, 2014
Immanuel didn't do their homework either. The pastor there has an anger problem, and has caused turmoil since coming. He has done many things that should have gotten him fired. Not all pastors are "called", and some of their actions makes one wonder if they came just for the paycheck.
Let Down

Johnson City, TN

#276 Feb 18, 2015
Well, he resigned last week, I"m told. But not before he could rid FBC of lifelong members, lots of good, hard-working Christians, tither's that have kept the church alive through thick and thin, emptied the checking account and had them cash in a CD worth over $111,000.00 and went through all of that. The finance committee was about to have to ask people to work without pay while they built up the offerings......guess he left before he was asked to help out that way......why would we expect less of him!!! As long as he gets paid, no one else matters! LOL
What he has left are hand-picked committees who will do as he tells them, and Deacons who believe that he can do no wrong and they will follow in his footsteps as he tells them to do. He 'says' that he has been called to another church, Cookeville, I, isn't that his brother-in-laws church?!
And I personally know of 3 women that are willing to testify that he has made inappropriate comments and advances to them at one time or another! Judy Duncan, I hope you know this about him!
Some about being in it for the money!! He should give lessons!
A wolf in sheep's clothing???.......the devil himself?? HE IS NOT A MAN OF GOD!
I pray that any other church that is considering him, just Google's his name and finds out about his bankruptcy, his lies, his trickery, his manipulations, his tyranny! Again, HE IS ANYTHING BUT A MAN OF GOD!!!

Kingsport, TN

#277 Feb 19, 2015
I am so sorry that Macil has again caused problems in another church. Some people had thought Macil would be a good fit at Immanuel, in Elizabethton . Travis Biller ended up being our pastor, claimed his South Carolina house was sold when it was not, and the church made his house payments for over a year until it was really sold. He has anger problems, and has done many things that would get anyone else fired. He even threatened to fight a deacon in the church. Recently, the church spent over 400K, from the building fund, on a breezeway!? I feel sure Biller was all for the expenditure, and had the support of two very elderly deacons + the others who are "yes" men to the pastor. Churches should do their due diligence when selecting a pastor as there are those out there who are not who they claim to be.
Sad church member

Knoxville, TN

#278 Mar 27, 2015
He's doing the same things at Gum Springs Baptist Church in Walling, TN. Churches beware.

Johnson City, TN

#279 Mar 28, 2015
Sad church member wrote:
He's doing the same things at Gum Springs Baptist Church in Walling, TN. Churches beware.
If he's already up to his old tricks, can't your church stop him before he ruins the entire church as he did at FBC Erwin? He will if you allow it. He has no mercy!

United States

#280 Mar 28, 2015
It is hard to get rid of unfit pastors when they "dig in", buy a house, and have support from men who "claim" to be deacons. Immanuel should have learned it's lesson from hiring Mike Foreman as Music Director. He couldn't sing, and announced one Sunday that he was "changing up" the Old Rugged Cross. Visitors who were there that Sunday got up, and left! He was fired only after he had wreaked havoc on the church. Now, they are stuck with Travis Biller who is far from what a pastor/minister should be, in my opinion.
Not surprised

Stanley, NC

#281 Apr 4, 2015
I am so sorry First Baptist Church Erwin is going through the same thing Mulberry Bapyist in Charlotte NC went through. The one thing different is that there is proof he affairs with women of the church and women outside the church. I think his wife is well aware of his shenanagins. There were other churches before Mulberry that experienced him also!!! When is this man going to be stopped before another church gets destroyed?????
Bill Due

Jonesborough, TN

#282 Sep 23, 2015
It looks like Immanuel is packing them in. I guess Biller is doing something right. Is their proof in numbers? Maybe people need to stop complaining and support the man. More than that, go to church and worship GOD!

Kingsport, TN

#283 Sep 24, 2015
How can anyone support a "hot head" who threw a chair at a deacon in the church! He should have been fired but the remaining deacons are either extremely elderly, or don't want to take a stand. As for proof in numbers you can look at Jim Jones, and wonder how in the world, and why, anyone would follow someone who has shown they are not what they claim to be. I don't believe for a minute that Biller was "called", he just "came"!
Johnson Poor

Jonesborough, TN

#284 Sep 25, 2015
David wrote:
How can anyone support a "hot head" who threw a chair at a deacon in the church! He should have been fired but the remaining deacons are either extremely elderly, or don't want to take a stand. As for proof in numbers you can look at Jim Jones, and wonder how in the world, and why, anyone would follow someone who has shown they are not what they claim to be. I don't believe for a minute that Biller was "called", he just "came"!
Yet, if you ask around they are involved in missions now and some of the "troublemakers" have left because they could not stand up to a man who would not back down. Some of their other pastors had been accused of being "too kind" or "too humble" so maybe they got what they wanted (but lost what they had). It is interesting that attendance has picked up and the ship keeps on sailing. It must be an entirely different congregation now.
Johnson Poor

Jonesborough, TN

#285 Sep 25, 2015
And by the way, I consider missions involvement, good attendance, and a preacher with guts to be good things. I also consider a new congregation a good thing when the previous one was full of naysayers. Most modern church members would not be able to handle the leadership of another Apostle Paul because we are all about our good feelings and our comfort. Biller has exhibited righteous indignation and a desire to move the church forward....of course the devil will make enemies for him..... (and I don't go to church there - so this is not biased fan mail)

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