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#1 May 16, 2010
““Nice job City Council.”

Touché, EBOE contributor, and Nice one to you. Had to go and make me break this one down to see if it made any sense. If the city council did a nice job, I would counter that according to you, the EBOE can do no wrong.
“You supported former Governor Corzine in his efforts to increase property taxes in places like Elizabeth. The reduction in Abbott funding from the state for schools happened and now municipalities and school districts all over the state are suffering.”
Um. That one (blaming the predecessor) worked for Obama for only a month or two right after his first days in office. Trying to use it now to blame Corzine is a bit too late. Corzine is gone, but the EBOE is still here, and Christie is here, and you supported Christie in his efforts to undo public education, and not only reduce Abbott spending, but to tick off their supporters in the suburbs. So right now there is no Corzine, it’s pure Christie.
“You attack public education and align yourself with Sen. Lesniak who is proposing vouchers to support Catholic Schools at the expense of public education, siphoning off 300 Million Dollars in NJ Tax revenue that provides a tax break to NJ largest corporations. Why don't you support that same program for early childhood education?”
Um. The really sad part of all this is that the EBOE aligned themselves with Christie, who has just about made a believer out of me in that the Public Education system in Abbott districts needs to be reformed, and if not, removed. It honestly pains me to take that position. I know how many good people depend on it. But if the only reason to keep it is because of the self-interests of a few, and the fear they instill on the many, then if you’re not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem. So like to senator Lesniak, vouchers and charter schools are starting to look real good right about now to me. Looking back and presently, the Public School system is broken, isn’t getting the job done, and won’t right itself. So it has unfortunately left us with little alternative but to try and reform or replace it. The latter increasingly viewed as our only alternative. I won’t talk to that ‘siphoning funds’ comment.
“You ask people to vote down the Elizabeth budget so that you can make deep cutbacks, even though you yourselves are fellow teachers who have been in the profession for decades.”
Um. The candidate the EBOE so generously (~$200,000 generously) and righteously supported, Christie, asked people to vote down the budgets. The people in Elizabeth just happened to agree with him on this point cause we now knew who was asking for the increase. Yes, and since some on the city council are fellow teachers, for teachers they must be real dumb to ask voters to vote down a school budget. But maybe those few care less about their pockets and positions than about their principles.
Eagle EyeDragon

Henderson, NV

#2 May 16, 2010
Nice Try pt.2:

“Your conflict not withstanding, do you not feel that it was wrong to tell people to vote the budget down when the State of New Jersey told you by law you were obligated to approve the budget as it was proposed?”
Um. I’m not intelligent enough to address this one. But. Nobody told me nuthin I ain’t told myself now. I don’t fancy myself no sheep. And, far as I’m concerned the law is that we vote down the budget, it goes to the city council for review and recommendations. Otherwise if the voters reject the budget, and the city council is ‘obligated by law to approve’ the budget, what’s the friggin point?
“Now the actual cutbacks ensue and you say 'This is wrong what they are doing, city council has nothing to do with it and this is the Board of Education's doing'.”
Um. First one you got right.
“We suppose that you will now propose that City council only list cutbacks of people you don't like and you yourselves will probably not vote on the budget at all. It doesn't make up the shortfall, but why would you propose eliminating your own jobs right?”
Um. Wow, you almost wrote prose. Suppose/propose. Forgot the comma, which makes it a run-on sentence though. Hmm.‘Cutbacks of people you don’t like’. Like the ones making astronomical over-compensanted salaries? It’s nothing against them personally, just their astronomical over-compensanted salaries. It may not make up the shortfall, but cutting every little bit of astronomical over-compensanted salary helps. The guys on the city council that are in the schools don’t make astronomical over-compensanted salaries (for their level of education, experience, and years on the job), don’t have an entourage, and do their own work, so why eliminate them? Here again, I won’t talk to the comment about cutting or taking reprisals against ‘people you don’t like’.
“You knew very well that the Elizabeth Board of Education needed to advise us by May 15th that cutbacks were going to take place,... so you postponed your city council meeting, avoiding the need to make any real recommendations on how to approve the budget and continue the good work of educating our children.”
Dumb me went to city hall for the council meeting on May 11th, thinking the EBOE was meeting with the city council, and found out the EBOE had called an emergency meeting that day. The city council was where they were supposed to be, far as I know. And the EBOE was holding a pep rally. City hall was a ghost-town, and the high school was jam-packed with the fearful. I’m clueless about what happened that day, but looks to me like if anybody avoided anything it was the EBOE. They’re good for throwing rocks and pointing the finger at the guy next to them, but that trick’s getting old.

Henderson, NV

#3 May 16, 2010
“Your belief that supporting the budget is politically 'unsellable', even if it means firing hundreds of teachers and staff throughout Elizabeth Public Schools is wrong amid morally offensive to educators and parents. If you are truly committed to the profession, you probably wouldn't have played politics with the children's money. Say what you like about the present people that run the Board of Education...and I have had my disagreements with them as well, THE ONLY TIME there were layoffs was because of Governor Corzine and 'the great' Lucille Davy funding formula for Elizabeth, the State of NJ's fiscal incompetence.”
Boy, where do I start?“Morally offensive?” Naah. I’ll leave that one alone, too loaded. This is long enough as it is.“Playing politics with children’s money.” Yes. I hate that too. Like when the EBOE used the 80-grand of school money on political commercials. It appears we agree to disagree then. Wow, the only time there were layoffs were under Corzine, huh? I didn’t know that, must not have been as bad as under Christie to make the headlines._________
“And now you the City Council, who have aggravated the school funding crisis with a self imposed crisis, one of your own complicity and political shenanigans, you tell the people 'let them eat cake'.”
We know it’s the thick-headed arrogance of the EBOE that created the ‘crisis’. So you backed Christie to try and gain political advantage over the city, and he won. Then you want your budget to sail by the voters. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Nice word selections though: aggravated, complicity, shenanigans. I like it. Maybe with a bit more practice, and some truth behind them, you could arrange them to better effect.
“By spending our money to tell people to vote down our school budget you have wrought turmoil to a great urban school district that has thousands of caring teaching professionals who pride themselves in helping to educate our children on a daily basis. But what would you know about that?”
Ah… the gran finale! I don’t mind the city council spending my money in my best interests. I don’t mind the EBOE spending my money in the kids’ best interests. I do really mind when anybody spends my money on their political advertisements, and their friends and family, on side businesses, etc…, etc…, instead of what I gave them my money for. Now I really don’t know what you’re talking about here, must be an inside joke. I didn’t get the memo asking me to vote down the school budget. I didn’t see it in the paper. I didn’t receive a mailer. I didn’t see a commercial. Not even a flimsy flyer like the EBOE camp puts out. So when did the city council use my money to tell me anything? They haven’t even updated the city council’s section on the Elizabeth website, which is really frustrating and sneaky. I think they’re hiding something!
Now what really pissed me off was that all this time they had me believing they were actually Democrats. They had me going for years. Everyone knows politicians speak with a forked tongue, but these guys took it to an all new low. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that political wanna-bes would have to disguise as one party when in reality they were another. I felt duped, but then I learned that’s all these guys do, is dupe people. They’re worse than a bait and switch salesman. Worse than getting buyer’s remorse. They’re two faced BS artists, but for me at least, that little game is up. Might as well put the red elephant pin on your lapel, and cut out the charade and maybe gain back some respect. So you got your 1600 or so Republican or clueless votes, we’ll see if we can manage to get just a few more real Democrats in Elizabeth out to vote.
Nice try, dude. Nice try.

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