Fifth Ward Council man

Glen Head, NY

#41 Jun 9, 2010
Looks like the fat retard only got 100 votes. I guess he did his job of stealing Dominguez's votes, because Gallman wins again by cheating.
ElizabethResiden t

New York, NY

#42 Jun 10, 2010
It is obvious Rodriguez was in the race to split the Hispanic/Portuguese vote. That is far from cheating, though. It's called strategy. If Fajardo's team had any brains they would have had a black candidate themselves to split the black vote.

Mine was one of Rodriguez's 102 votes. I have been unimpressed by Gallman, but I could not bring myself to vote for a Fajardo puppet.

Manhasset, NY

#43 Jun 10, 2010
I was getting worried that Column B got real quiet... glad to see you came out of your cave.... Why feel bad though... Lester can run next year for Assemblyman and the following year for Freeholder... Plenty of opportunities for Column B to mobilize and spend money and lose...

The people who know me know I ran by myself and I put my name out there... I am not done and I will run again... Do not worry about that....

I am not fat just big boned... LOL!!!!

Coram, NY

#44 Jun 11, 2010
Hey Elizabeth Resident, don't give them any intelligent ideas, they don't have any and bite off of others. They learn and copy as they go along.

LOL Eduardo!!! Anyone who can take an insult and make fun of themselves is a good sport! Careful monkeypetter, Ed is one of... The Team.

Whatsamatta monkeypetter? Nobody pet your monkey puppet? Put your monkey puppet on your hand and get somebody to pet it for you, and you'll feel all better and not bitter.

Eatontown, NJ

#45 Jun 19, 2010
When are the many teachers and support staff going to hear if they have a job for next year? Many many teachers have been given promises of employment but no contract. Their lives have been put on hold until the council and the board come to some agreed budget amount. This is an unfair tactic that does not seem ethical to me.

Coram, NY

#46 Jun 19, 2010
School ends next week. Word is there may be more lay off notices. Post your question on the Elizabeth forum. Look at post #5707.

Brooklyn, NY

#47 Jun 23, 2010
frankster wrote:
When are the many teachers and support staff going to hear if they have a job for next year? Many many teachers have been given promises of employment but no contract. Their lives have been put on hold until the council and the board come to some agreed budget amount. This is an unfair tactic that does not seem ethical to me.
That was a stragedy the board used to get votes and people to campaign for them, The teachers will not be coming back, things are not good. I feel for the poor teachers who are underpay trying to feed their families, and the student who has to sit in an overcrowded classroom of 40 plus students, because the rats have to get all the cheese. They just don't care about the children of Elizabeth. It's a shame!! then people wonder why there is so much crime...well the politicians decided they will keep the future, which is our children in regression and ignorant, so they could continue to corrupt the cities. Save the children...Save Education...a concern parent and tax payor.

Coram, NY

#48 Jun 23, 2010
You are absolutely right Save Education. I too believe there is a strong correlation between crime and a poor educational system. One side blames the other for the problem, and they’re both partially to blame, but the bigger blame and responsibility goes to those responsible for shaping those children, and that's not only the parents (as a popular cop-out). They have those kids from 8AM to 3PM, 5 days a week, they can make a difference if they wanted to. I’m not going to post my ideas on the subject for nitwit political hacks to use for their bogus campaign rhetoric. There is so much focus on politics and not on the children in the schools, that the system has to be undone ‘by any means necessary’, whether it be a city takeover, a state takeover like in Newark, school vouchers, privatization, etc… The politicians don’t care, they just want the tax revenue. The unions don’t care they just want their union dues. The kids and the teachers are caught in the middle and lose out. It is up to us the taxpaying customer to demand our money’s worth and eliminate what doesn’t work. The teachers would still be able to find employment under any of those scenarios, the ones who would get eliminated are the middle men of unions and politicians who reap all the rewards but bring nothing to the table for the kids and society, but the same old ‘we need more money’, but perpetuate the scam.

Newark, NJ

#49 Sep 26, 2010
Hi EagleEyeDragon, I know a little more than the principal of School # 27. In that kind of compromising situation was surprised?? Thanks

United States

#50 Dec 22, 2010
I am so glad That this man did not win elections Running for Councilman For the city elizabeth, For so many reasons But I would like to share only 1, He is not what appears to be. He is the type of politician that if he's not giving a candy to a children he is stealing away from them. He's a fake! At his job as a cordinator of transportation for the board of education, he treats people like garbage, he has no respect no dignity to people under him, not even people older than him, instead he talked them down like your garbage. that's the reason why I am so glad that he didn't won the race for concelman for the city of elizabeth fifth ward, because he would treat to people just the same way he treats us. There's out there Good people To take that position But not Mr Lester Dominguez.

United States

#51 Feb 1, 2011
This is to all members of the board of education of elizabeth. my wife works as a bus driver for transportation which lester dominguez is the cordinator. 1 day my wife arrives at home crying. I immediately ask her what was going on, she ride away told me that she have a conversation with lester dominguez, she said she was so upset with the way lester dominguez talked.
My wife said that he raised his voice at her, my wife said that he talked her down like she was a nobody he treated her like she was a little child, my wife said they didn't show no respect 4 her as a woman as a worker under his supervision, he didn't show no respect as a person older than him. my wife was feeling really really down, depressed, powerless.
Well it's pretty obvious that u members of the board have no idea what's going on in that transportation division. let me tell you hey little bit about my wife.
She's a very decent and hard working person. she's a mother of 3 beautiful kids and a good citizen of this country.
Me as a former marine, I never raise my voice at my wife and never made her feel like a piece of garbage. I always reward her with respect and dignity.
And to think that this young person treated my wife with such disrespect it makes me feel very very sad.
Distinguish members of the board this man deserves to be disciplined. this is something that you should look into it.

United States

#52 Feb 2, 2011
Danny Santos wrote:
I know! I met Lester Dominguez. He came and knocked on my door. This Gallman guy has been our councilman for four years and I just saw him for the first time two days ago. I am definetly voting for Lester Dominguez.
Don't waste your vote on this guy just because he went to your door. I know that is very important to shake somebody's hand and look write in the eye. Have no fath on this guy, he's the worst politician ever. he only appears to be a good politician, wait until you turn your back, he will screw you big time, you can bet on that.

United States

#53 Feb 4, 2011
No wonder they use to call you lester the molester! Well a few years when by since high school and Lester dominguez still is the same molester.
Now his molestation skills are more improved and lethal because now he's a molester with power.
Please dont inbold this man even more.

United States

#54 Feb 15, 2011
Next time you see lester, tell him to wash his mouth.

United States

#55 Feb 15, 2011
Lester dominguez He's like a kid Afraid that someone is going to steal his toy, and he will hurt you if you try to play with.
Can you imagine what he can do In a political world?
Be very very careful Mr. Fajardo, He my turn to be your worst Nightmare.

United States

#56 Feb 28, 2011
Lester Dominguez likes to talk down to weman, his not man enough to speak like that to me. If your parents didn't teach you good manners and ways to address to people, well then so this is the time for you to be re-educated.

United States

#57 Feb 28, 2011
By the way Mr. Lester Dominguez, what you do in Vegas does not stays in vegas.

United States

#58 Mar 7, 2011
Puppetmonkey wrote:
Looks like the fat retard only got 100 votes. I guess he did his job of stealing Dominguez's votes, because Gallman wins again by cheating.
Nobody was doing any Stealing, Dominguez Simply didn't do his work, If he want it to win He should invest in more effort into win. but we all know that mister dominguez he's not the working hard type of person.
He's waiting for the tooth fairy To come and give him votes.
He is stupid as a person, he's arrogant and incompetent as a professional, and as a politician, he is a loser, loser with a big L.
He did not get does 100 quotes Because he did not deserve it, Call it a Act of god.

United States

#59 Mar 14, 2011
Hi, This is my disguise name, this is only to protect myself.
My mission is to destroy Lester dominguez political career not by telling lies but by telling the truth, only the truth nothing but the truth.
My fellow reader I will tell you things That you never thought Mr. Dominguez Would do. At times I will impersonate Lester To let you know Who you dealing with.
Subject: Going late to work!

LESTER D: My boss,(R. Fajardo) Doesn't understand That costs Should be compared 2 alternatives. That old fool doesn't understand that teamwork means you can't pick the side that's right.

United States

#60 Mar 15, 2011
Mr. Fajardo, In the near future You will be disappointed Maybe the biggest disappointment of your life. And your biggest disappointment it's going to be 1 of your students: Lester D.
You are schooling him In the ways of the political world,, You are giving him confidence and power. But soon You will see the true colors of lester D. Lester is a snake, very smooth talker, he almost makes you feel like he's 1 of yours. Just like a very dangerous snake When it bites, it bites to kill. Lester D. His Exactly the same way. Mr. Fajardo, When you lease expect He will Disappoint you. Just like a snake he will bite you.
This its what I see in the near future.

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