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#21 Apr 22, 2010
I did'nt think you had one.

East Orange, NJ

#22 Apr 23, 2010
Glad to see there are a few in Elizabeth who can see the "Tails of Two Cities" factions here in our City, but I must say to you Eduardo, I have lived here all of my life which is longer than your existence. Here in the 11th district is where Fajardo, "Head Honcho" of the BOE does his dirty work and I must say, I have never seen you go door to door in this area...can you tell me why?

For some reason, there are those who seem to think that Keighry Head only consist of the North End of this City when in fact the 11th District encompasses a larger area than you and Dominguez see to care about when it comes to voters. Now I am not exactly a fan of Gallman to say the least because he too has spoken with a fork tongue, but I can say under Bollwage he does include all poeple in his endeavor to believe he is a good Council person. However, it is difficult to find someone who is genuine about supporting all people in the entire 5th Ward.

So I too would like to see this debate take place between all of the candidates of the 5th Ward and will look to see if Gallman will finally agree to do so in the near future.

East Orange, NJ

#23 Apr 23, 2010
Hooray, for those who voted "NO" against the nearly $400 million dollar and salary raises of the administration of the EBOE. I am still boggled by the boldness of these self-serving folks to try to fool the public to vote for a budget that is larger than some of the cities in the USA.

What I am investigating at this time, is whether it is a violation of law to have political signs posted in front of the Board of Education Building as well as a parking lot used by the EBOE employees. The seemingly questionable ethics of the Board members as well as Pablo's crew is bold to say the least and should be stopped. There is also a question of the connection to the construction of schools with the TYJ Construction Co., and the Fajardo General Contractors, Co, of which are owned by Fajardo.

Perhaps Mr. Rodriguez should have thought to run for the Board of Education where I am sure he would have won hands down, but setting his sights on City Hall is another story. However if he intends to truly represent the ENTIRE 5th ward and not just a "group of people" quoted in his introduction, we may have a chance to finally see someone with an objective view of what's going on in the City,.

Irvington, NJ

#24 Apr 27, 2010
I wish I could own my own newspaper so I can print lies lol

Pine Brook, NJ

#25 Apr 27, 2010
From the looks of it, the city council will recommend for the EBOE to cut out the appointed, excessive, overcompensated administrative positions and associated salaries. The Board will most likely refuse and instead say they'll be "forced" to cut student programs and teachers, in effect holding the children hostage as a bargaining tool. They'll blame the cuts on city hall, and ask everyone to pressure the city council to release the funds, since "It's for the Kids". Seeing how many friends and relatives the EBOE employs, when they say "it's for the kids" they're not kidding. It's just not for Elizabeth's kids. Too bad that the High School kids in the Elizabeth School System don't get out and demand their programs and teachers not be cut by the EBOE, the ones truly able to allocate school budget funds. If the kids don't say anything, nobody's gonna care, and they'll just use them and take the money that rightly and solely belongs to them.

Manhasset, NY

#26 Apr 27, 2010
I do apologize for not responding sooner... I have been campaigning every non-rain day the last week (unfortunately was not many)... I apologize you have not seen me yet but I am personally knocking on all the doors... I have traveled the 11th district and several homeowners let me put up signs... on linden, anna, walnut, and magnolia... I have sent personalized letters to each person I met and also the ones I missed... For the record, I like Gallman but I do not agree with what he has done in the Ward... The other candidate is another story... Our ward and our city needs a positive attitude and image and that begins with our elected officials... I would be lying if I said I could change everything.... However, I truly believe that if the people see that our leaders are listening and advocating for them, they will care... I keep on hearing many complaints about how they always get the run around when they have a complaint. It breeds apathy and that is evident in our ward. I would enjoy speaking with you so please feel free to email me privately [email protected]

Englewood, CO

#27 Apr 29, 2010
Watched Bob Bowden's 'The Cartel'. No reviews from me, just recommend anyone interested in their children's education go see it. It has strong bi-partisan support. We should have school choice. If I was 100% the anti-Christie before, now I'm only 98% (until my taxes go up). Charter schools and vouchers are worth the discussion and should be allowed a try, before downright shooting them down because of the special interests. They may not be the answer, but public education hasn't exactly proven to be either, they should be an option.
It has Begun

Manhasset, NY

#28 May 10, 2010
Well, I knew it would come but I did not think this early... Someone (my money is on BOE cronies) removed over 30 Eduardo Rodriguez for Council signs over the weekend... several homeowners called me and asked for replacements and i replaced the others... I would say I am shocked or saddened by the childish behavior but we are talking about sad people so I am not shocked.... LOL!!!....

If that was not enough, I had 2 people from his camp knock on mine door and attempt to solicit my vote this weekend... LOL... they were not shy to tell me they both worked for the BOE... they continued on and told me how the mayor does not like hispanics and, as a hispanic, i must vote for LD... LOL!!!.... i wonder what they tell other people....

United States

#29 May 11, 2010
A vote for you Mr. Rodriguez is a vote for Ronald Mcdonald the clown! I was short on toilet paper so I barrowed a few of your lawn signs.

Brooklyn, NY

#30 May 14, 2010
How could the council vote for such a big budget cut on Education, did they cut their staff?, their salaries? let their family and friends off the payroll, I bet their children are getting the education they need. The class rooms are crowed as it is, with all the teachers being laid off what is going to happen in the class rooms. How can 35 plus students be taught to the max of their potential?? If the children are our future? then what future do the poor children of Elizabeth have if the Mayor and the council are cutting the whole education budget? Keep them opressed and take education away leave them dumb, they will not be able to know the difference and the corruption will continue...the jails are not over populated as it is...ufff Save our children, save Education!!!!!!!
Tersa Ramos wrote:
I am so tired of the corruption in the city of Elizabeth. Especially the part of the city I live in. William Gallman our council man has done nothing except for his own personal gain. VOTE LESTER DOMINGUEZ (column A) on June 6!

Englewood, CO

#31 May 14, 2010
Looks like the EBOE guys decided to grace the forums to convince hearts and minds... oh well, unlike us, that’s their job. Good luck guys.

I’m up:

Why am I not surprised that the ones that created the crisis would blame the Elizabeth city council for it? That is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. They obviously play with Elizabeth’s kids and teacher’s lives using them as political pawns. Didn’t your guy Christie create the problem? Nope, can’t blame him, it would be admitting you messed up. Didn’t we the voters create the problem by voting down the budget? Nope, can’t blame them, you need us June 8th. Now the city council is the problem, cause their advice doesn’t suit you? I think we all know where the problem is. One would think you could have easily negotiated with the city council, made a few suggested cuts and have had your trimmed down budget anyway. You’re gonna get your budget, so what’s the problem? Why blame the lay offs only you could carry out on the city council? How the matter was handled was entirely an EBOE decision. It appears the EBOE is the problem, for not being reasonable.

Keep it up, and maybe the citizens won’t want your people in our Elizabeth city council. We’re stuck with you for now on the Board, but better get your act together. Everyone knows your agenda, everyone is tired of your accusations. After speaking with my local councilman I didn’t hear one negative word from him against his opponent, yet I receive flyers weekly attacking him & city hall, like the voters are stupid enough to believe it. Take my advice and give it a rest. Didn’t you get the message on April 20? Our minds are made up. Like I say to anyone who points out my flaws,“don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong, tell me what you would do.” If you have no ideas, but to criticize, then who wants to hear it? It’s all just election day BS. The voter can criticize cause I’m not the one asking for the job, but weighing my options and calling it as I see it. The voter has nothing to prove, and every right & duty to challenge you. If the campaign were a job interview, I would get the impression some candidates would be a dishonest (campaign propaganda), sneaky (stealing opponents lawn signs), and untrustworthy (flip-flopping) employee, I could not entrust with my shop.

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
Abraham Lincoln

Brooklyn, NY

#32 May 17, 2010
A bunch of people point fingers and blaming instead of taking responsibiltiy. Every body wants a piece of the pie, and all they are doing is destroying the Education and hurting the children of Elizabth. Istead of the children and teachers paying the price, why not cut the adminstrators or their salaries?? Some do not have a classroom full of children to teach or cut a couple of the superintendents some don't even have a schools to oversee. There is a lot of misuse education fund from all angles at the top level and of course who pays the price...the CHILDREN!!!...pleeezzzzzeee SAVE EDCUATION!! A concern parent.

Brooklyn, NY

#33 May 18, 2010
Question: If a council person make a salary for that position, why do they have to get S24,000.00 a month for meetings on top of their regular salary?? When I have to attend a meeting at work, I don't get paid extra...that is part of my job function and is in part what I get paid for. Just a thought!! I hope I am incorrect with these facts.

Brooklyn, NY

#34 May 18, 2010
Education- I believe you are incorrect with those figures. I believe an Elizabeth Councilperson makes approximately $25,000 per year. City Council persons are essentially part-time positions working mostly at evening meetings and community events.

Brooklyn, NY

#35 May 19, 2010
The Children of Elizabeth want to thank the City of Elizabeth, the State of NJ, BOE, and the City council. Good Job on the destruction of Education in Elizabeth. I don't see cuts in other areas, it's all against education and the children. Maybe the teachers that were laid off can go on assisted living and let the tax payors pay for their monthly welfare checks...ha ha ha What a JOKE! and the politians still knocking on doors and blowing up people's phones to get their they can sit in a board room and vote on the destruction of Education. Save our children...they need EDUCATION!! I know you can care less is not your child.
ElizabethResiden t

New York, NY

#36 May 20, 2010
Education wrote:
Istead of the children and teachers paying the price, why not cut the adminstrators or their salaries?? Some do not have a classroom full of children to teach or cut a couple of the superintendents some don't even have a schools to oversee. There is a lot of misuse education fund from all angles at the top level and of course who pays the price...the CHILDREN!!!...pleeezzzzzeee SAVE EDCUATION!! A concern parent.
That is exactly what the City Council recommended!

Brooklyn, NY

#37 May 20, 2010
ElizabethResident wrote:
<quoted text>
That is exactly what the City Council recommended!
Thanks for sharing that info, but the bottome line is that some of the council members were teachers, or have a lot of family and friends in the system and they will bump teachers out or lay off the classroom teachers and protect their family and freinds.

As for the Elizabeth board of Education, they are a joke, they should take cuts in administrators positions or cut in pay and save the teacher's job. It should be about the children and education and the children are caught between bullies..SAVE THE CHILDREN SAVE EDUCATION!!!!!

United States

#38 May 20, 2010
Everyone commense the feces tossing!
Young Voter

Wallkill, NY

#39 May 28, 2010
I am a 21 yr old educated woman who has no idea whom to vote for. I mean none of the candidates want to do anything just sit on their chairs and warm seats.

and I am tired of these same knuckle heads who have no idea how to run a city.
The only thing they know for sure is how to be corrupt, hey at least they know a bit of math.

Manhasset, NY

#40 May 31, 2010
I humbly ask the voters of the 5th Ward to VOTE LINE 7C for an opportunity to usher in new city leadership that focuses on identifying ways to inspire, empower and motivate the residents. There has been much talk recently about change but how effective is this if action is not included. None of the issues in our city that we want changed will change unless we make a real commitment to change them.

Many of the city's most troubling issues can be stabilized and improved upon if we all work together for the common goal of reclaiming our community. Improving the quality of life should be a concern of all residents. We need elected officials who not only have the vision to make it happen, but most importantly the ability to make it happen. We need a city council that recognizes that the answer does not lie within a single interest, but in our coming together.

During my campaign, I have tried to relay the message that we need a new positive attitude towards our ward to unite us all and address the numerous problems we face everyday. Positive attitude is the mind-set that makes all the difference in success for our ward. It may sound simple but it makes a world of difference because it is the most important element when it comes to ensuring success.

Unlike others, negativity and lies are not my style and you will not hear it from my campaign. That is not how I want to operate as your future councilman because it does not bring the positive change we so desperately need. I also wanted to set the record straight with all of you since my competitors are printing lies.

The mayor has never offered me a job. I am running because I feel that my personal and professional experiences have prepared me for this opportunity. The opportunity to be in a position where I can raise my voice on behalf of the people I represent; to make sure that my community's issues and concerns are heard loud and clear; and to restore faith in our local political system.

On June 8th, VOTE LINE 7C to elect Eduardo Rodriguez as the 5th Ward Councilman for a professional, hardworking, and passionate representative of the people. Thanks for your support and God Bless you.

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