Old evidence at new trial

May 12, 2006 Read more: Rocky Mountain News 1,113
An Adams County judge Thursday ruled that notes and blood evidence taken by a now-dead investigator at a murder scene 25 years ago can be used in the case against Troy Brownlow. Read more
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Killer Troy

Denver, CO

#1150 Mar 14, 2014
Killer Troy will make a brief (cameo) appearance: The documentary is Sunday night, ID channel, Unusual Suspects, Blood in the Water.

Denver, CO

#1151 Mar 28, 2014
I watched the DVD on Troy: UNUSUAL SUSPECTS. It was horrifying. It was done with such accuracy. There can be no doubt. If only Laine, Gina and anyone else that still harbors sentiment that Troy is innocent could view this fifty minute DVD. It is difficult to watch; I cried. It reveals the Jail house snitch with whom Troy confided as he concocted his plan B that some burly biker guy did it. Troy shows no remorse; he revels in what he did. Troy confesses to the detectives that arrested him. Perhaps in time, I will be able to view the DVD again; though, I doubt it. The only healing that Gwen, Deanna, friends, myself will have is two-fold: 1) That he dies in jail 2) when we all die. In the meantime, I'm 77 and Troy will be eligible for parole when he is 65; hence, Nini's parents will be dead; hence, it is up to those still alive to stifle Troy's quest for parole. I'd like to close with Deanna's sentiment, so well said; however, this forum may reject it. I'll create my own closing . . . well that won't work either, lest it be deleted.

Denver, CO

#1152 Apr 10, 2014
Troy gave the benediction at graduation at Thornton High; he says, "God care for us all." If you didn't watch UNUSUAL SUSPECT BLOOD IN THE WATER you may still suffer from delusion that Troy is innocent. Christians may have to forgive and turn the other cheek; I'm a born-again atheist and his only punishment will be imprisonment. If only they would imprison him in a 3rd world country -- no parole: Death. Die, killer die a gruesome death. "God care" for you, killer who "savored every cut as a "sexual sadist, enjoying "pain and mutilation."
Ninis big sis

Phoenix, AZ

#1153 Apr 10, 2014
I'm pretty happy that Kent and Betty Brownlow have died during Troy Brownshits incarceration! No goodbyes from their adopted, murderous Troy M. Brownshit! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahah; lol.

Denver, CO

#1159 May 17, 2014
Troy has used up his due process (the gift that keeps on giving); thus, all he can do now is wait eleven years to reassert it and seek parole about 2025. I have anthologized UNUSUAL SUSPECTS and MOTIVES AND MURDER unto a 2 page pictorial/print so when he opts for parole it can be shown to the parole board; whereas, I may not be alive so it is up to you (Julie has pledged to be there) to quash his bid for freedom. I (r22037 yahoo) will send you my anthology that contains how to keep track.

Denver, CO

#1161 Jun 3, 2014

The prosecution did not even have to use the snitch's testimony, the detective’s own man, since they had a "mountain of evidence." Troy confessed when approached by the officers in Az. as he came out of a grocery store, to wit: "Do you know why we are here?" Answer: "Yes. It is something I should have taken care of 25 years ago." The scars on Troy’s hand came from a Gatorade bottle Sept. 4, 1980; however, scars came while in prison in Az. Which lie will Laine believe?

Troy wants his freedom and Nini's friends must be there to thwart his quest. Troy's twisted brain is twisted at age 16; his rap sheet reveals it is twisted for 25 years, twisted while in prison and twisted if he gets out when he, once again, will militate against society. Send for my anthology, the link to track Troy, attached which I attempted to post on Topix; however, it appears Topix rejects links. You will find on my anthology Troy’s request for pen pals; hence, you can write and ask him to defend his lies or tell what he told his cell mate, the detective’s snitch. Those with hearts of stone will surely take him to their bosom.

Dad’s grief will be assuaged only by death as he waits for it; however, mom’s grief hastens death; whereas, should the murderous Troy (alluded to as “Brownshit” by Big Sis) be granted freedom, he will be taken to someone’s bosom. Society will be safer with the “big dude” locked for life.

In the event you don’t send for my info on how to get into the hopper to be contacted when Troy seeks freedom, ask to be put on the following address:(It appears Topix deletes links and phone numbers, thus they appear on my anthology) Troy’s mind is twisted when he butchers Nini; twisted for the next 25 years evidenced by his rap sheet; forever twisted so he must never be released evidenced by his conduct that at nearly 40 years old he is a threat to public safety and incarcerated. The notion that Troy will get parole, his freedom, is anathema to us who will live in the prison of grief for life and Nini, who is denied freedom.

Re-posted as Topix rejects (I think) links and phone numbers.

Bothell, WA

#1163 Sep 10, 2014
Wanting someone to be cleared of a crime because you believe in them is commendable, but guilt or innocence must be based on all the available evidence. The evidence in this trial seems to be very clear since the only DNA, other than that of Deanna and her family, found at the site of the murder is Troy's. It is incontrovertible, therefore, that Troy committed this crime. He may well have gone on to live a somewhat decent life never again committing such a heinous act, but that does not erase this act which was done when he was 16 years old. This young woman did not have an opportunity to live her life. She may have been the person who would've discovered the cure for cancer or done some other wondrous creative act that change humanity for the better, but because of the selfish act of Troy her life was ended before it actually had an opportunity to begin. Those of you who know the Troy of today and love this Troy are commended for these feelings and certainly can continue to love this Troy that you know, but don't lose sight of the fact that each of us are responsible for every act we commit in our life. All of the good one chooses to perform in life cannot erase the atrocity of a murder. To murder extinguishes for all time the opportunity that that life represented. There can be no atonement for the act of murder. In my opinion a murderer must be removed from civilized society either by giving up his or her own life or by being incarcerated for the remainder of their life. I personally see incarceration for life as the greater punishment. If the individual intends to atone in whatever measure possible for the act of murder committed he or she can do so from behind bars, in solitude, contemplating the great grievance they have perpetrated against the individual murdered and the family of that individual. The fact that Troy proclaims his innocence troubles me greatly. It is absolutely clear that he committed the murder and his inability to accept that reality and to state his sorrow for what he is done and beg forgiveness shows that he really has learned nothing about the value of human life. It is troubling to know that he continuously lies to preserve and/or regain his freedom and that he will be walking the streets among us again having learned nothing.

Bothell, WA

#1164 Sep 10, 2014
Laura Cleveland wrote:
THE COURT DOES NOT PUBLISH THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS??? I didn't know that! I'm so happy we have AGS (aka the smartest man/women in the whole world), living only to correct IGNORANT PEOPLE!!!
I suggest you look up the meaning of the word ignorant. You are really overreacting to that term because you don't know what it means.

Bothell, WA

#1165 Sep 10, 2014
Karen wrote:
No lets not forget about respect for one minute! Who was on trial? Troy, not his family! There were alot more people affected by this then just the Grimes! They lost someone and so did Troy's family! Will anyone of you people who talk so bad about Troy ever appoligize if the real killer is ever caught??? No because you forgot about RESPECT! You don't know what that is!!!
Eight years have gone by. Has the elusive real killer shown up? He has not. And the reason is because he was a figment of Troy's imagination designed to try and get him off the hook for the murder he committed.

Denver, CO

#1166 Sep 17, 2014
The prosecution did not even use all the available evidence. The detective(s) chose as Troy's cell mate one of their quasi own (i.e. someone to reveal what Troy told him). Troy confessed in detail his murdering of Nanine. They didn't need this evidence because they had a "mountain" of evidence. See my 2 page pictorial anthology and sign in to be apprised of Troy's continuing quest for freedom r22037 yah..…. so you can be there when his bid for parole comes and society will suffer if he is released. He cries out for succor (i.e. pen pals, anyone but Gina) claiming he is Caucasian and not admitting his parents are one Black and one White. You are a gem, Gem 66 (waking up to sex can be great unless you happen to be in prison). I do believe Laura has acquiesced having initially been seduced by Troy’s lies and happy for her sister, Gina, who finds bliss with Troy and Laura pleased with a brand new brother-in-law.“Commend” Laura for believing in Troy’s innocence at first; however, she now takes the opposite ground. I wonder if Laine and Gina are still deluded.

Denver, CO

#1168 Oct 28, 2014
I'm loathe to further comment; but ... , every day I glance at my baby's picture such as the one where she was perhaps 5 holding a little dog; she loved dogs and cats. I won't be around to protest Troy's release on parole; those Nini's age will be around; hence, sign up for notice on Troy's ploy for release. My mail is above this one where I will send you two pages pictorial of Troy's murdering rampage that includes where you can sign up to protest his release. Thanks, dad.
matt bruce

Denver, CO

#1169 Dec 13, 2014
Troy you said for such a little girl she put up a big fight well you are right she was little girl you are guilty guilty guilty.

United States

#1171 Feb 9, 2015
Feb. 8 I received notice of a new reply and I thought: Great, my Nini is not forgotten; however, there was no new posting. I wonder if "matt bruce" is the guy Troy spilled his guts out to while in the Adam's County jail.

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