I was sick for at least two and half months with Sciatica / Hypertension during that time I sent Emergency letters from two hospitals and well informed my Manager about my situations and also through letters that I wrote her, in order for me to return to a fast food restaurant as a Swing Manager I had to heal myself first and as soon as I was at least 99% better to perform my duties I went and spoke with my Manager and showed her other papers of my medicine and side effects etc., I cut my dosage in order to deal with work, I discuss with my Manager that I will work less hours in order to adapt to routine and it was agreed with her, I was called in to the office by my Manager amongst other discussed situations she ask me how much am I making. I did not answer she then said in a bragging way I know how much you are making I said nothing. I told her September 4, 2012 will be five years of working here and I don't have a pay raise she replied what do you want a 20 cent pay raise I said nothing and went back to my duties.
When I arrived home for the first week I returned to work I open my paycheck and it was typed your pay had been changed from a higher amount to a lower amount it stated the amount. During that time I was sick and when returned to work this was not discussed or was I ever informed about this situation. It dawned to me that she knew more of what happen and bragging to me about it. As far as I know the meeting I attended, Swing Manager's with all the managers from about 16 stores with the Owner/Operator everyone had to fill a new job application and I9 Form with photo ID documents, your pay scale, it was put in a folder and returned to the. Owner/Operator who then said this information will be kept confidential at the human resources office and it will not be kept at the stores that we worked so that was a big relief to me.