68% increase by baldwin county sewer ...

68% increase by baldwin county sewer service

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alabama vol

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#1 Nov 1, 2007
I, for one, was completely outraged at the recent increase by BCSS, who is owned by Clarence Burke. When I spoke with his office, I was told that the Public Service Commission suggested raising rates to improve the "financial viabilty" of his company. It was reported in Monday's Mobile Press Register that the Public Service Commission confirmed that statement was 100% false. We are being held hostage by a company that admitted to running a lot of sewer lines all over the county in anticipation of new subdivisions, and now that those have slowed down, and tap fees will not be paying for it, the existing customers are being asked to foot the bill for what I called "a bad business investment". I want to know what other people think about this, and is there enough support from the community to envoke some sort of "power of the people" retaliation against this. The only thing missing in this robbery is the gun.

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#2 Nov 4, 2007
This is worse than robbing with a gun--this is mass robbery. It just shows what happens when people keep electing politicians because of their name rather than their credentials. We need professionals in the government and not just a lot of glad-handers who find it easier to approve things without doing the necessary research. Combine this waste of our money with the property tax assessment fiasco and we'll all go broke paying for mis-government. It's so bad that I would recommend everyone voting for anyone who is not currently in office because that way we might loose one politician who is worthy but that is a small price to pay for getting rid of all of the rest of them that are not.
alabama vol

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#3 Nov 6, 2007
WHAT I RECOMMEND IS HAVING A MAD MOB SHOW UP AT THE MEETINGS UNTIL THEY BEGIN TO STRAIGHTEN THIS CRAP OUT. MAYBE IF WE HANG ONE A WEEK, THEY WILL EITHER GET THE MESSAGE OR WE WILL RESOLVE THE PROBLEM THE OLD FASHIONED WAY -HA. WHAT A BUNCH OF CARPET BAGGING WEASELS THEY ARE!!!! Personally, I want to see a MASS BOYCOTT of BCSS and not pay the increase. Spread the word to everyone - let's see how much support we can get for this idea. If we all band together and do it we can make a difference.

United States

#4 Nov 7, 2007
Who is Clarence Burke? I've been wondering who to contact regarding this incredulous increase. It is my belief that if we don't pay our bills that eventually a lien can be placed on our property and would at some time be foreclosed on. I may be wrong about this since I am not familiar with Alabama real estate laws in matters like this. I could not agree more that this is robbery without a weapon. It is also my understanding that the water company is about to place a rate increase on our properties as well. Any info out there would be appreciated.
alabama vol

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#5 Nov 7, 2007
Clarence Burke is the owner of Baldwin County Sewer Services. I am not advocating complete non-payment, only giving them a 5% increase over the previous amount of 38.25. It is possible that he may be able to cut off the sewer service, however, if done, he completely cuts off his income as well. I've never seen a lien from a utility company, however, I've never seen one that was privately owned without any government regulation either. Only in ALABAMA!!!!

Bon Secour, AL

#6 Nov 8, 2007
I'm buying an outhouse & not paying him a dime. They can place all the liens they want on my property. Clarence is rich & getting richer.

United States

#7 Nov 26, 2007
It's impossible that this is happening at a public utility!
Can they keep me from putting in a septic system?
If Burke is worried about costs, what will he do when the system is clogged outside my subdivision?

Gadsden, AL

#8 Dec 3, 2007
Unfortunately, in my subdivision in Lillian, septic tanks are against the rules. I am only a part time resident but I have to pay this all year long. There are several people in my neighborhood that are retired and on fixed incomes. This has really hurt several of them that basically live penny to penny.

Foley, AL

#9 Dec 3, 2007
68% increase seems like a magical number since that is what the Baldwin County Commissioners awarded themselves as a pay raise this year. I guess the sewer cost increase is intended to cover that expense. After all, they have to get the money from somewhere and they just can't rob a bank like real criminals.
Vivian Pelle


#10 Dec 4, 2007
As a part time resident of Foley who owns a home but only lives here approx. 5 months a year I am now paying $130.80 a month for sewer service while my husband and I are here. This is more than outrageous. I don't how it can be allowed or why the people of Baldwin County don't band together to stop paying all together. If everyone would just stop sending them payments their pockets would run dry.
I have another home in northern Kentucky and our water AND sewer combined averages $20/month and has for years and years. I thought the $32.50/month we have been paying in Baldwin county for sewer only was terrible but this increase smacks of criminal abuse toward every citizen being robbed. We too are senior citizens. Can anyone tell me how this can be allowed?? Is anyone willing to form a group and hire an attorney? SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!!
alabama vol

Foley, AL

#11 Dec 6, 2007
Look up the number for BCSS Everybody needs to call several times a day and complain. I know it's been a while since this was announced, but Mr. Burke needs to know that there are STILL a lot of mad people concerning this. I really don't care if we call enough to tie up regular business with our complaints. ALL IT TAKES IS A MINUTE TO CALL AND COMPLAIN. Just call and say that you want Mr. Burke to know we are still mad over the 68% increase, and we're going to put an end to it. They need to hear this 100 times a day, and he needs to know that we have the power to disrupt his normal business operation with our complaints. IT MUST CONTINE FOR DAYS AT A TIME. Come on everyone, let's direct our anger at the source!!!!!

Foley, AL

#12 Dec 12, 2007
Either pay or don't flush. It will go up again next year and there isn't anything you can do about. Sell your house and move NOW.
alabama vol

Foley, AL

#13 Dec 13, 2007

Foley, AL

#14 Dec 13, 2007
I moved here from Maryland which is the 5th highest taxed State in the Union and my water/sewer bill was just about the same for 3-months as it is down hear in Foley for 1-month and my gallons of usage (and I've compared them) are almost identical. Next to the very high sales tax (Foley-8%, Gulf Shores-9%, Maryland-just increased to 6%), the cost of water/sewer is the biggest scam and I'd like the powers that be to explain why the delivery of water and the treatment of sewage costs so much more here than it does elsewhere--and, if they can't explain it, then who is getting paid-off?
Baldwin County Resident

Seymour, TN

#16 Jan 10, 2008
I've lived in Baldwin County my entire life, but by husband and I just built our first home and until now we where on Daphne Water and Sewer which was very inexpensive. Our BCSS is out of control, this is crazy $60 a month for two people's sewer. I"m not sure how they can get away with it, but I plan on calling often to complain. Is there anything that can REALLY be done to solve this problem???

Foley, AL

#17 Jan 10, 2008
"Is there anything that can REALLY be done to solve this problem???"

Find out who all the incumbants are in the next election; write their names down on a piece of paper and take it into the voting booth with you; then, vote for whomever is running against them unless you know for certain that a particular incumbant is advocating a reduction in sewer rates.
Mr Informed

Foley, AL

#18 Feb 3, 2008
No they cant keep you from doing anything you want to do on your land, within code. If the "system" becomes clogged they take actions to unclog it. Their "system" outside your subdivision is pressure. There are not many cases where that type "system" gets clogged. How about you do some research before you go spouting off at your sewer hole!

Foley, AL

#19 Feb 3, 2008
It's obvious that the "sewer hole" is Mr. Burke. He's the most invisible man in the county, and understandably so. One thing is for certain, he is in the right business. It appears that he lacks the fortitude to show himself in public and address this issue to his customers. Personally, I just think he's chicken.
alabama vol

Foley, AL

#20 Feb 7, 2008
FOR THOSE OF YOU INTERESTED, CLARENCE BURKE OWES THE STATE OF ALABAMA OVER $300,000.00 IN STATE INCOME TAXES. It is filed in the Probate Records in 2007. He threatens to cut off sewer for those that are behind, yet he owes so much in taxes. He wants us to pay, well, WE WANT HIM TO PAY TOO!
distant observer

Gulf Shores, AL

#21 Feb 7, 2008
If you do not meet county requirements for a septic tank you must tie to provided sewer service. In the event that your septic tank fails... in most areas you must tie to provided service. BCSS is no different that the phone company of old. They ran lines in anticipation of growth. They knew the local requirements and designed a business plan around it. Do I like it? no, but BCSS isn't the problem. The regs requiring sewer service coupled with explosive growth eliminated the possibility of a septic system. If you're to blame anyone, blame the county commisioners of old, the ones that directed developers down this rather crappy path.

No pun intended...

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