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Baldwin County Sewer Systems' Stealth Candidate

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So You know

Foley, AL

#1 Jun 6, 2010
The voters of Baldwin county should be aware of the connections of Tucker Dorsey, candidate for place 3 on the Baldwin County Commission, to Clarence Burke and Baldwin County Sewer System. Dorsey and Burke are business partners in one or more corporations run by Burke. You will remember that in 2008, the Baldwin County Commission voted to give East Central Baldwin Water control over sewer in it's service area. This was strongly opposed by Clarence Burke and Baldwin County Sewer System. It appears that Mr. Burke is trying to get his man on county commission. Would this be like the fox guarding the hen house?

For those not aware, here is a bio Tucker gave to the Press Register: "A native of Atlanta, Dorsey graduated from the University of Georgia. He moved to Baldwin County 1994 and has worked locally in homebuilding and real estate, including managing a large residential development company, Magnolia River Management LLC, and assisting in building a regional wastewater system."

The regional waste water treatment system is BCSS and both men are involved in Magnolia River Management LLC with Burke's Summit Const. Co. as the Registered Agent for the company.

There is an anti-incumbent bias with the voters this year but in this case the change could be worse that the incumbent.
Robert C Challener MD

Foley, AL

#2 Jun 9, 2010
Great local concern about integrity of BCSS. Really need facts.. where they can be found and reliably evaluated? Please post information. Thanks!
guitar picker

Foley, AL

#3 Jun 9, 2010
A Georgia grad should be enough to get all Auburn people to vote against him, and well, all Alabama people vote against anyone but their own - sorry Tucker, your Dawg won't hunt down here - go let Clarence throw you a bone.
So You know

Foley, AL

#4 Jun 10, 2010
Their transgressions are many from piping raw sewage into the homes of Fish River residents to unwarranted 68% rate increases to their captive customers. Here is a link to a recent incident:

You may have to copy and paste. BCSS is NOT a business held in high esteem by the residents of Baldwin County. They have no regard for the environment, just the buck. All you need do is Google Baldwin County Sewer Systems and/or Clarence Burke and get the info you need.

To find the corporate connections of BCSS, Clarence Burke and Tucker Dorsey, search the corporate records in the Al. Sec. of State website.
Jim Gaines

United States

#5 Jun 11, 2010
Another concern - Bob James has shared at least one fund raiser with Tucker Dorsey and their advertising is obviously coordinated (it is usually placed side by side with many similarites). Could BCSS be trying to put 2 people on the Commission!
bob stoddard

Foley, AL

#6 Jun 11, 2010
Someone please give me the details of what I heard about Baldwin County being the only one of Alabama's 67 counties that is not overseen by a state utilities board. Do I have the terminology correct? Is it true? Is there some other reason than to allow Clarence Burke to install sewer without proper engineering or regard for the environment? I am convinced that I need to keep Bob James and Tucker Dorsey off the Commission; but I need ammunition to convince others....
So You know

Foley, AL

#7 Jun 12, 2010
I have also heard that Clarence Burke is backing Bob James in addition to his business partner, Tucker Dorsey. If he gets two of his people on the county commission, they, with Frank Burt, will control sewer in Baldwin County and will be able to put sewer plants wherever BCSS wants. Magnolia Springs area fought against a proposed BCSS sewer plant south of their town and won. BCSS already provides sewer service to Summerdale, Spanish Fort, parts of Elberta and vast areas in the unincorporated areas of Baldwin County.

Citizens voted to give the Baldwin County Commission authority over Sewer in 2006. If you want Clarence Burke's buddies to oversee sewer in Baldwin County, do nothing and it may happen.

Foley, AL

#8 Jun 12, 2010
The other day some friends and I attended the fundraiser for the Weeks Bay Foundation. We were pulled aside by two different elected officials who wanted us to know that Frank Burt had lunch with Tucker Dorsey, Bob James and Clarence Burke last week, and then showed them around the office introducing them to everyone. My anti-zoning neighbors all have Bob James and Tucker Dorsey yard signs now. I am concerned that Baldwin County Sewer is getting ready to take over the County Commission and none of the voters know it. I would suggest that between now and July 13 Friends of Baldwin approach this on two fronts: 1.Contact aggressive investigative reporters who can publish/broadcast the facts and long term implications. 2. Anticipate Baldwin County Sewer's success on July 13 and ask our legislators to change the law and put Baldwin County back under the Alabama Public Utilities Commission.
Give me a Break

Gulf Shores, AL

#9 Jun 12, 2010
Unfortunately, there are no investigative reporters. All that the reporters know how to do to collect a paycheck is to show up at the police department once a week to get the arrest reports and to then drive to the County or City government building to pick-up a copy of the minutes of the last Council/Commission Meeting and the agenda for the next meeting. None of these papers want to get on the wrong side of any of these agencies by doing any investigative work. They just want to get the free hand-outs from these people so that they have something to fill out their newspapers' pages.

Foley, AL

#11 Jun 12, 2010
Candidate Jasper Tucker Dorsey’s campaign website at states,“…For the last 13 years, Dorsey has managed the largest residential development entity in Southwest Alabama overseeing land selection, due diligence, planning, zoning, engineering, construction, and sales. Dorsey also assisted in the building and development of a regional wastewater utility. His duties include logistics, construction, and working with large customers such as the local school system. Tucker currently consults with banks that have troubled residential real estate assets.…”

The candidate’s web page simply does not state where he works.Tucker Dorsey is employed by the Baldwin County Sewer Service. This was verified with a call to Baldwin County Sewer Service on April 8, 2010.

Baldwin County Sewer Service is a private sewer company in Baldwin County Alabama that recently raised its rates 68% to $54.50 per month. It is particularly controversial in Baldwin County because of its unusual rate increase, its sewer tap fees, and the frequency of its sewage spills. Clarence Burke, Jr., the President of Baldwin County Sewer Service, has been the subject of numerous state and federal tax liens. Most notably, in 2008, the Internal Revenue Service filed a 3.2 million dollar tax lien on Mr. Burke.

Why would Tucker Dorsey try and distance himself from his business partner and good friend, Clarence Burke? Could it be that if the voters of Baldwin knew of his close business and financial dealings with Clarence Burke and BCSS that they would vote overwhelmingly against him?

Give me a Break

Gulf Shores, AL

#12 Jun 12, 2010
mctoo--you are the best investigative reporter. Unfortunately, if you were to send the information that you have posted here to any paper in the form of a 'letter to the editor", it would never be published. That's what we call Freedom of the Press--the Press has the freedom to print only what they think is in their best interests and getting on the wrong side of potential winners in the next election is not in their best interests.
Who is telling the truth

Foley, AL

#13 Jun 13, 2010
As you know Tucker Dorsey is a candidate for Place 3 on our County Commission. I became a little frustrated when I tried to find out where he worked. After reviewing his website and reading a couple of emails relating to him I concluded he was hiding where he worked. I had heard that he worked for Clarence Burke at the Baldwin County Sewer System. Yesterday I emailed Mr. Dorsey directly and asked him the following two questions:

1. Where are you employed?

2. Is your employment, in any way, connected with Clarence Burke?

In response, his campaign manager called and requested that I meet with Mr. Dorsey. I met with Mr. Dorsey today. It was a cordial, informative meeting in which he answered direct questions with direct answers. He said he wanted to meet rather than answer my email to try to dispel any negative inference that I might otherwise draw because of his association with Clarence Burke. He said he works for Magnolia River Management, a real estate development company. His office is in the Benchmark Homes office on Highway 98 West. He has regular interaction with Clarence Burke as Burke is a primary owner of Magnolia River Management.

I explained to Mr. Dorsey that there was a great deal of concern that his candidacy was nothing more than Clarence Burke trying to put someone on the Commission that Burke could control. Mr. Dorsey explained that it was his (Mr. Dorsey’s) idea to run for the Commission seat and Burke was not terribly crazy about the idea. Mr. Dorsey said he had told Burke that if he got the position that Burke would just have to make necessary adjustments as Mr. Dorsey would be spending the bulk of his time working for the county. Mr. Dorsey explained his potential success in seeking this office would be an imposition on Burke. He assured me that if he was successful in his bid for the commission seat he would be quick to recuse himself from any issue related to Clarence Burke or any of his business ventures.

I explained to Mr. Dorsey that I could not vote for him because he was just too close to Clarence Burke. I told him I might me be making a mistake but I wasn’t willing to risk voting to put a friend of Clarence Burke on the commission. He thanked me for my consideration.

Although I’m not going to vote for Mr. Dorsey, I do think he deserves the opportunity to make his case himself. He does seem like a very sharp and personable gentleman.

I would appreciate your input as to whether or not you are interested in a group meeting with Mr. Dorsey. If a significant number of you are interested, I will arrange a time and a place.

You can reach me at [email protected]

Mike Willis

23357 Carnoustie Drive
Baldwin County Voter

Foley, AL

#14 Jun 21, 2010
Mr. Tucker Dorsey is a candidate for the Baldwin County District 3 County Commission seat. His potential election to the County Commission raises the specter of a serious conflict of interest.

In his campaign information and on his web site he states that he has experience working for a “regional waste water utility”, but he avoids naming who that utility was. Mr. Dorsey was repeatedly asked that question, but refused to answer. This results in the need for voters to speculate.

Baldwin Count Sewer is the only waste water utility that could be considered as “Regional” in scope. It would seem reasonable to assume the utility of which he sites is, in fact, the Baldwin County Sewer Service. This is the same utility that recently made a connection of its sewer line to a domestic water system.

Despite Mr. Dorsey’s silence on this matter, his financial and business ties to Baldwin County Sewer Service owner Clarence Burke are well known and verifiable. How does this relate to his candidacy for County Commissioner?

The Baldwin County Commission is currently the only governmental body that has any authority to regulate private sewer companies such as the privately owned Baldwin County Sewer Service. Having a member of the County Commission with close ties to the business it is responsible for regulating creates an obvious conflict of interest.

Even if Mr. Dorsey were to diminish that conflict by abstaining from any vote by the Commission where Baldwin County Sewer was involved, the conflict would still exist since commissioners have substantial influence over the decisions and actions of County staff.

Be careful how you vote in the July 13 run off! We don’t need a conflict of interest in our county governmental affairs.
Baldwin County Voter

Foley, AL

#15 Jun 21, 2010
Before You Vote for County Commissioner,

1)Baldwin County Sewer System (BCSS) is a Privately owned Sewer Company – NOT a Baldwin County entity as the name suggests.

2)Baldwin County is the ONLY Alabama County that is somehow exempt from regulation by the State Public Service Commission in regard to Private Sewer Company rates and fees.

3)Attempts to form a Baldwin County REGULATORY BOARD to oversee private sewer companies in regard to Rates & Fees have been blocked by BCSS political cronies.

4)BCSS has raised monthly rates on Baldwin County families by over 63% in the past.(in one increase, not over time)

5)Tucker Dorsey has been affiliated with, partnered with, or been an employee of companies directly tied to BCSS ownership for well over 10 years.

6)Tucker Dorsey & Bob James have campaigned side-by-side, used the same political campaign team, conducted joint fund raisers and perchased advertising together as a 'package deal'.

7)Tucker Dorsey & Bob James have received multiple campaign contributions from companies & PACs tied directly to BCSS ownership

8)Because BCSS is unregulated at both the state & county level, they will be free to raise monthly rates, connection charges, maintenance fees and even make sewer hook-up MANDITORY.

9)If elected, Tucker Dorsey & Bob James, along with their staunch campaign supporter, Commissioner Frank Burt, will give BCSS complete control of the county commission.

10)Wayne Gruenloh and David Ed Bishop have served the residents of Baldwin County admirably, putting the county on firm financial footing even through difficult economic times. Baldwin County now has the highest Standard & Poor’s rating of any AL county. Check the record.

We already have oil coming at us from the Gulf…
we don’t need sewage coming at us from Bay Minette!

Sugar Grove, IL

#16 Jun 21, 2010
Frank Burt....the ring leader...has been campaigning for both Bob James and Tucker Dorsey in and out of our county offices. They are running for office as a team....same raisers together. DO NOT let these guys take over the county will be sorry if you do. They have zero ethics and only one goal for the next four years. They want to keep Clarence Burke in business.
Mike Willis

Foley, AL

#18 Jun 21, 2010
To "Who is telling the truth"

If I want to post something on this page, I will post it. If you have comments of your own that you wish to post under your pseudonym, feel free to post them. I will do my own postings.

Mike Willis
23357 Carnoustie Drive
Foley, Alabama
Voice of Reason

Foley, AL

#19 Jun 24, 2010
There is no doubt that there is enough smoke here to indicate a fire somewhere!

Candidate Tucker Dorsey does, in fact, work for Baldwin County Sewer Service and has been affiliated with BCSS owners for over a decade. There is nothing wrong with that. I am glad he has gainful employment.

However, given the fact that he and another candidate, Bob James, are campaigning together, holding fundraisers together, accepting donations from BCSS affiliated contributors and are being openly promoted throughout the county by sitting Commissioner Frank Burt, raises serious conflict of interest issues.

The question becomes "Do we want a County Commission with a deck that is stacked for ANY private interest?"

It is true that BSCC is currently completely unregulated and can do whatever they want with their rates and fees... but that's a secondary issue. I don't think the folks in Baldwin County would want ANY private company (BCSS or any other) to have influence over 3 out of 4 votes on the County Commission. It's not good for anyone but the private company and will lead us into dangerous waters as a county.

Sugar Grove, IL

#20 Jun 27, 2010
Couldn't agree more "voice of reason". Not only would it be bad to have a stacked commission...but BCSS has major troubles with rates (increasing them 60 plus precent)...and with intentionally releasing raw sewer into retention ponds. See article in Mobile Register. They are under investigation for this. Bob James and Tucker Dorsey are running together for a reason. Don't be suckered in!!

Sugar Grove, IL

#21 Jul 10, 2010
I listened to both Tucker (BCSS) Dorsey and his partner in crime Bob James yesterday talk about how they were for regulating sewer in unincorporated Baldwin County. Boy is that a change of heart! And thats the first time I have ever heard that. Must be their last run strategy to confuse you the voter. DON'T BE FOOLED...Tucker Dorsey and Bob James have never been for regulating anything. They are both developers who want a free path to do as they please. You guys at bc voter must be having an impact making them spew such language. I am surprised they can stand up and say what they said with a straight face...but then you have to think about who we are dealing with. David Ed Bishop and Wayne Gruenloh have done a GREAT JOB...and we need to keep them!!
BC Voter

Foley, AL

#22 Jul 10, 2010
The way these guys will impact the voters is right here in 30 seconds... Pass this YouTube link to every voter you know!

(cut and paste it into your browser window)

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