Cindy Coleman being investigated for ...

Cindy Coleman being investigated for child abuse & endangerment

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#1 Jan 19, 2008
For 2 weeks now the elementary principal Mrs. Cindy Coleman has been making kids run outside up and down the concrete steps in front of the elementary building for the loss of 10 or more conduct points. Conduct points are points taken for talking out of turn or dropping pencils to not reading as fast as teacher might like. This is not for more serious problems such as fighting or bad language. These kids arent given any breaks and our child say some kids have begged to stop and were told NO by the principle. Our kids arent athletes just kids and cant do this. Our 12 year old children arent physically capable of this strenuous activity. We see on the news everyday on athletes having heart attacks but it seems our local school principle doesnt see how dangerous her new punishment could be. We had hoped none of the kids would get hurt but yesterday a 12 year old child had to be taken to a Dr for pain in her feet and ankles. Authorities with the State Police Child Abuse Hotline as well as Commissioner of Education and the Governor have been contacted. Sure hope something is done about this horrible excuse of a principle.

And we thought it was bad that she was giving out alcohol at the Christmas Party at the school just a month or so ago. Seems she can do NO wrong and our school board just ignores the need to be rid of her.

Monticello, AR

#2 Feb 6, 2009
This school really needs to be deeply investigated. Teachers are afraid to really speak out and parents are ignored about request for children.
give me a break

Mountain View, CA

#3 May 29, 2009
If you will NOT disipline your childeren then some one will. Beat em all with sticks across the buttox. It was done to me and all the kids I grew up with, and we all grew up just fine. Smack you damm smart ass kids ass and they will wise up. there are more kids out there causeing problems today because people like YOU not wanting to disipline your kid. Now you are up set with my post.. why, because your affraid I am right!

Since: Sep 10

Danville, AR

#4 Sep 30, 2010
I don't know a kid that can't run up stairs. Take the video games and the cheeseburgers from them and this punishment won't be nearly as severe. Get a clue your kid is bad and needs to lose weight. This is a win/win situation.


Since: Jul 10

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#5 Nov 2, 2010
last 2 post are ecactly right!!..sounds to me like joe has a PERSONAL problem with that person and trying to start sht...if my kids when they start school act up please run them up and down the stairs or what ever it is they dont seem to like..and be sure to tell me so i can get on there butss too!!..houses get broken into everyday...people get robbed everday...people get raped everyday ...because people dont raise there kids obey laws and respect people and teach morals!!!..TO CINDY COLEMAN... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!..WE NEED MORE TEACHING RESPECT & CAUSE AND EFFECT OF ACTIONS!!

United States

#6 Mar 21, 2011
I can't count how many times I have said that very same thing ... I think that is what is wrong with this county now , Mom n Dad .. for a lack of better terms... are just to scared or just to lazy themselves to discipline these kids today .. Do away with that dang child abuse hotline crap and start taken a belt to that a$$ again and teach these kids right from wrong AT HOME and then there wouldn't be a need for this principal wouldn't have issues at school because the kids would not want what they would have coming to them when they got their lil butts home.


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#7 Mar 21, 2011
it is exactly what is wrong...if i was to ever ask for a teacher to not discipline my kid...its just because i think there to have to instill respect and morals. and good old fashion manors..i will NOT let my kid do nothing other than show respect to is well known a promblem with dad is not a problem you wont...and i think that is lost in the home yelling at there parents..going and getting much slack at home..and also you have to teach why you want them to act the way you way...explain the situation and let them know what happens to the thugs and others that dont have the home life they should..i seen this new show on tv..called...scared straight...its bad kids sent to prison to see why they need to change there life's..cause as the air's...alot dont see nor understand the reaction of the things they do..parents it's time to take control of your house hold again..if you let dhs control will be making visitations to them before to long...crack that whip...make it hard...the old days of hard work and respect are being lost..and its only us parents that can enforce it

Coy, AR

#8 Mar 22, 2011
I would rather spank my kid for doing wrong then him end up in jail because i did'nt.

United States

#9 Mar 23, 2011
I love the whole idea behind that show b_rad_. I whole heartedly agree that if these kids around here especially, could have the chance to experenice something like that I think it might actually set some .. not all , but if it only worked for a few.. straight in life and allow them the chance to become a better kid. And if some of the parents would start taking a lil bit more of a responiblity for the actions of their kids would go a long way also. STOP BEING SCARED OF UR KID .. U are the parent u r suppost to be the adult in the matter start taking charge and do what it takes to mode these kids into respectable adults that you could be proud to brag on !!!! Now dont get me wrong I am not saying beat the h3ll outta ur kids by no means but sometimes it takes a good ole fashion butt whooping to get their attention and let them know you mean business and to show them that hey if you screw up this is what you WILL have coming when you get within arms reach PERIOD ... The theory of relativity .. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction!!!!


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#10 Mar 23, 2011
i also think the police play a big part in this..i dont know how many times i seen lil kids cant be 2 years of age walking up streets in diapers..and the ones that dont wear diapers all in the road..if i was a police officer..i'd pick them kids up take them home then charge there parents with neglect..our cops are worthless tax dollar leeches..almost everytime you pass one.. there riding and talking on there cell phone..i dont understand why these parents dont have expectations of there kids.. and if the parent don't ecpect much from them..what does that tell the kid???..if parents have kids and dont expect great things of them..then please get on birth control..its thing i don't understand..most families in this area.. will jump on every free goverment program or policy they can...EXCEPT birth control...only free one that goes unpursued!..
think before

Mount Pleasant, IA

#11 Aug 5, 2012
some adults need to be discpline as well as kids i know cindy coleman background check is all i gotta say

Paris, AR

#12 Apr 30, 2013
think before wrote:
some adults need to be discpline as well as kids i know cindy coleman background check is all i gotta say
Tell us about her background please

Sheridan, AR

#13 Nov 16, 2013
she's a B**** and that's the truth mistreats all kid white and black ask Fred Smith (the harlem Globetrotter)

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