TrialWatcher wrote:
This comment is for Arlen. I watched both trials in their entirety. What you didn't hear in the first trial is that a "Top Secret" security clearance at Raytheon is given to anyone who applies; Mr. Sosa NEVER has taken a lie detector test; Mr. Sosa was regularly at home from work while the victim's mother worked during the time the crimes were being committed; The victim's mother very often worked late and was frequently home much later than Mr. Sosa when he did got to work (The work attendance records for both Mr. Sosa and the victim's mother were introduced at the 2nd trial, not the first); The "Phyisological" test administered to Mr. Sosa by his retained psychologist measures the time somebody looks at pictures of small girls in bathing suits and his been widely discredited in the psychological community as inaccurate; This "Physiological" test you heard about at the first trial was administered several days before the Dr.'s testimony - At the second trial the prosecution was able to introduce the testimony of a psychologist familiar with the tests administered to Mr. Sosa and that Dr. testified Mr. Sosa appeared to be cheating on each test; Mr. Sosa was untruthful to the jury at the fisrt trial about his fidelity to his first wife, when he arrived at home from work each day, the time period between his marraige to the victim's mother and when he first revealed that to his friends and co-workers; and at the second trial Mr. Sosa was caught in an outright lie to the jury. Had you attended the second trial you may have had your opinion changed, although maybe not.
If you don't have a "Top Secret" clearance, then you best be honest and say that you don't really know what it takes to get one and how's granted. You do not apply for one, you are sponsored and vetted before you are even considered for one.