Man arrested in student's accidental ...

Man arrested in student's accidental shooting

There are 12 comments on the El Paso Times story from Apr 27, 2007, titled Man arrested in student's accidental shooting. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

James Peter Bohlin, 18. An 18-year-old El Paso man has been arrested in connection with the handgun used in the accidental shooting death of Chapin High School student Aaron Wayne Sinegal, El Paso police ...

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Dillon, SC

#1 Apr 27, 2007
On March 31, Sinegal was hanging out with friends when he showed them the gun at his home in the 4700 block of Rolling Stone. Sinegal was returning the weapon to his bedroom when his friends heard a gunshot. Sinegal died of a gunshot wound to the head.



El Paso, TX

#2 Aug 10, 2007
a bitch dont say that he was my best friend

El Paso, TX

#5 Apr 3, 2009
im innocent

Temple, TX

#6 Sep 22, 2009
what a tool, how do you shoot yourself with a habgun unless your at a gun range or activly engaging???, magazine has to have ammo 1 magazine in gun 2 safety off 3 bullet in chamber 4 pull trigger 5,,,,well he was probly a wannabe gangstah lol those guys are not smart

Toledo, OH

#7 Sep 23, 2010
Yo what a stupid dude, he needs to not load the gun or put the mag in and chamber dat shit when he at da house. Why arrest someone for a suicide anyway. Messed up situation.
Aarons friends

United States

#8 Oct 24, 2010
He was a gangstah and young he wouldve joined the army or navy or marines or af. Then he would have grown up and been friends with bohlin. Bohlins on fb and has a army uniform on he may be army. Aaron and him wouldve been sargants one day together and represent honor hill. Maybe same unit been drill sargants together and ran benning one day. Bohlin feels like shit can't you see it in his eyes. He's tryin to prove himself. Worthy of aarons life bieng his responsibility. Aaron was oppressed by his father n family. James will liberate his honor and provide other oppresed people with freedom. Hope bohlin does somthin special one day. He's probly a nco already cuz even though I live in Florida I know people when I see them. He's full of potential and honor. Crossed rifles and blue cord are hard to get. I'm Corp
of engineers ex sf. I see his eyes they show hurt and responcivility( a word I engineered and discovered during ocs) and responsability. I want him in my unit one day. Good luck bohlin if you ever see this it wasn't ur fault. Don't get drunk again thinkin bout ur friend that u knew since u were a 6 ur old. When he was in ur town when u were in 6 th grade(google) n y'all let off fireworks it was a good idea. Not a bad one n all the ATM( lol) fireworks didn't create the monster he was. It is not ur fault nobody in Mexico frees oppresed juarenos juarelitos and juarenzez. I grew up in ep and know what y'all probly were like. Don't hurt. Move Quit tryin to prove. ur
shit just live
n don't forget but just don't regret.
Jaymeson lol don't get
down. As ur
drill Sargent u wouldve
encouraged you
instead of did what Vance did. Google and facebook. You should delete ur fb btw. Not sure why ur Cpt let's y'all have em I don't and I'm not....... 82??;). Let go. I see you. And I been in combat. Not recognized for it but I have non authorized PTSD as well. I'm sure udoo too. Ull be fine. Don't get drunk it makes it worse and work on u better and lowers ur inhibitions so u beat up mexicans like ur close
u have had. Fb agin. Be good brother. Don't finde
out who I am cuz googleography can probly do it for u. And get rid off ur I phone in formations u get on it. It's the only shitbag thing u ever do. Other than that ur a stud. So get rid of it. Lol. Floridas nice hope too see u down here one day. West points for pussys goto ocs man as a company cmdr.(Not uRS) I reccomend that for u. Ur a warrior that can pretend to be a straight laces "combat
exp" dude
good job. Where ur at they don't like str8 laces
they like douches n shitbags that are good fuckkers and Shooters cooks lol explain later drinkers(don't) put water in ur bottles n reseal em with super glue
and place em back when ur men get them they'll put em back down for lack of pride lol. Don't juice up and get ur shut strong naturally when u see
other vets juice up it young thier old. Eat goat n chicken. Anyway fukk bitches get ur extra pays that equal 0-2 pay someimes
and 0-1 alot of the
rme n 0-8 pay every once in a
while in equipment n perks
forget bout the
school crush. Briannas a lesvo anyway
that fag she with is
dumb and u can ruin em when u
got mi for one
day on his shit and he's a closet gay. For real. Fi to west point and I'll literally beat ur ass if u come back when ur 30. Have fun in divis the divsuin on ;). El depressi 82 is ur unit motto right.?
whats wrng with u people

El Paso, TX

#9 Oct 24, 2010
as much as u guys all wanna call this guy an idiot he was someones's son... he nvr missed his lil brother's peewee football games, great cristian family, from what the parents know someone at school had threatened him and some friend took the gun ovr to offer it to him, assumin it was peter, I know this really devistated the family may he rest in peace
Aarons friends

United States

#10 Oct 24, 2010
Aaron wouldve never made it. Btw he wouldve fought during. Basic and or airbone he wouldve deoppend. He wouldve. Not made it to age u news to be to gone to honor hill with "your very watched and closely followed platoon" they were cameras even in 1st platoons stall installed by non tradoc room to watch 3 and 4 movements even in thier. Ghillie suits were watchin u while u were bieng peer evaluated. Ur dad doesn't have long in the military he "will be out" once ur in ur #### to prevent confusion in ur type of gap unit. Aight I just made a certain school hard for u illll see once ur done with the cold ass(on purpose) selection. Not all south America is hot as fuck. Or as u put it. It's fuk fuk fukkin cold man. U could ski in this weather if we had snow up in this shit. Chill out it's October lol. Ur gonna be fine in the cold once ur genetics kick in. Not ur Indian ur dominant genes. Ur test levels will go up in the cold cu ur testosterone levels as u had prince in Dallas show u are really low. Thanks Mexico! The reason ur bro like it cold is cuz subcinsiously his lh from the endocrine syst and cold reacts with skin in a waythat punctures the wall hpta has up( shbg) raise his test levels rise with his scandanavian genes.and urs
can too but u like it hot. So ur test levels react with Mexican genetics to lower hair follicle count through testosterone mechanisms(
I understand endocrine sstem more than u) aight I'll stop fukkin with u. I'm a sarge and in a military "civilian" group. Don't wigg out but ecerythng I said is still true. ;). Have fun n ur course of action. And "don't" quit by printing urself off a commision by attending Wes pointer ;). That's Fay. ;)
and I know I sound crazy but when u have see what I have seen and steal phones for fun n shit cuz ut a
stud with a shitbag tendency to get on ur phone then it makes u look bad. Don't worry this will get deleted
when it's time to
delete it
Aarons friends

United States

#11 Oct 24, 2010
Mexican con soy la army lol aarns friends from where u know what see u. U better make it shitbagger or I'll come to u and kck r ass
we don't bed anyone
but a
civilian with
experience that he went and got in a place like ur from agaisnt some real fighters is hard to come by. Have gun. Blake wynn and alex Cooper u need to leave behind. That old ass unit u had is dumb. Dint fuck around when u go home either. We atchin ur ass like a hawk. Ur phone n pica are nice btw. Did u like paranormal ? Call it brother
n Brianne only a month ago. U only text ur family and friends from basic
ur el paso friends forgot who u are. Fukk (lol) em buy all the busineess they work for one day when they all at nn fedearal employees full the federals employees any at u can when u get older. Aight if
come visit u tell u lost ur phone btw I'm nobody n I'm a tall white joy captain in uniform from 82 when u seee when we get
out the movie
have fun bro welcome to Florida( maybe ) stop
tooting ur own horn. Maybe this will be deleted when u get older
and not a
fng anymore
Aarons friends

United States

#12 Oct 24, 2010
Ll here u go. My phone (son fukkindo it)

United States

#15 Oct 24, 2010
Look James is dumb Aaron is dumber lol. This sparked up convo is dumb. I used google and can't find anything. James says he's innocent. I believe the dude so if he feels anything it's probly not guilt it's anger cuz y'all keep topics like this alive making rumors after he's gone into the military or whatver or even if he is a hobo. Who knows for sure. My friend needs a good dentist and I saw his name pop up cu his name is JAmes b as well. Caught my eye this convo did. Or forum. In new Mexico where I was raised it would not have been illegal and he said in his short and to the point comment. He is innocent. Who cares anyway!

United States

#16 Nov 18, 2010
Really dumb posts, u must be really bored to post all that bull bet none of the posts are by parties involved.

Deleroius gossip and stupidity

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